Thursday, October 27, 2011

Come On Mr. Joseph Farah of WND Eligibility Confusing New Birther In Town?

In contempt of:

Come on Mr. Farah, talk about making the principle of the Constitution confusing, and the disinformation of “Big Media”, and can I believe you actually wrote, “It matters not where he was born”, after what has to be a multimillion dollar campaign of bill boards, “Where’s the Birth Certificate”?

With hardly a word about Obama’s father for 3 years and WND focused so hard on Hawaii and determining Obama was not born there, now you’re ready to ‘can’ it and rely on what Obama’s Certification of Life Birth (COLB) said all along, that his father was not an American? What are we suppose to tell all the people that contributed to the bill board campaign?

We had the information all along with the COLB, and now we are running the “We don’t need the Birth Certificate” Campaign?

What makes this so offensive and completely unacceptable, even revolting, is the example of your disinformation of Minor v. Happersett considering the NBC criteria there was no question about the “person born in this country to citizens of this country” , see at approx 4:40 seconds on.

They did not excuse being ‘born in the U.S.” as part of being a natural born citizen, any more than was excused having citizen parents in the case. Why is it so hard to defend the two prong test of natural born citizen for you: “Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents”? Please enlighten us all.

Time and time again it seems WND wants to make this a partisan case, Republicans holding a firm grip on the fact that McCain was a natural born citizen and Obama is not. The disinformation continues: Omitting the fact that U.S. Sen. Res 511 was “non-binding” or not constitutional because it was not signed by a president or passed by the House. Omitting McCain was given his ‘naturalization status” with the act specifically passed by Congress for the Panama Canal Zone 11 months after McCain’s birth.
Now we see, not one but two acts of Congress here. One gets McCain naturalized from being a native of Panama, which we classify as ‘naturalized’, which then precludes him from ever being a natural born citizen. Then as if adding insult we see you defend McCain’s 2nd ruse, stunt, or ploy in gaining natural born citizenship by a non-binding act of the Democrat majority U.S. Senate co-sponsored by Obama and Hillary. My God Sir, are we all that stupid in your eyes?

Your wile of law and our Constitution deserves a better usher not to mention your outright collusion with the Big Media about myself as a presidential candidate who sued both McCain and Obama.
What’s your theory of making it a Constitutional Issue rather than a partisan issue? It won’t sell newspapers or interest readers? Oh yes, everyone Obama has a primary challenger swept under the rug by WND based on what? You get to guess.

Rather than rally the troops to 50 some primaries challenging Obama in every state within the Democrat Party, WND, is content to place it all on a Republican candidate in one big general election? Let me get this straight, 50 fights is less or more than 1? Not to mention over the course of the 50, maybe, just one of those Rhino speaking Republicans grows a pair of nuts on a tree and comes in hard for Congressional Hearings stirring the base as Donald Trump did… Oh yeah, don’t forget about the numbers he had, or the fact you have got to have a candidate who sued McCain to avoid the racist charge of the Big Media! I am that boy.

It’s plain that you’re contempt for our Constitution hinges on contempt at seeing a conservative democrat elected over a Republican rat-holing our Constitution somewhere below economic policy. That Mr. Farah is a pretty good definition of hypocrite or in other words, exactly what Obama is. While disparaging Obama you’ve become exactly what he is. Maybe it’s time for you to change, and for this we can all hope.

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