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What Can You Do for Your Country? 10.5 Answers for Free

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Your Country
10.5 Ways to help Your Country and Cody for Free

For many of us, our concern lies in getting lost in the big world. What I mean by that is so many people view the political world as super natural, overwhelming, too big and vast to make a difference. A feeling of hopelessness sets in and the mind set of trying to move the Atlantic Ocean to the Mojave Desert with a teaspoon and a little red wagon. The water evaporates before you can get your next load out.

Well, we here at The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign know how you feel. That is why we have come up with 10 ways you can do something for your country in promoting our campaign. You see, this is our campaign. Yours and mine, and this is our Country. So let’s take it back one teaspoon at a time.

One thing I want to share with you about Cody. He doesn’t complain much about working. Every day I see him involved in a labor of love. That’s a great recipe for success, because it doesn’t matter how much you get paid, or even if you get paid because you’re doing what you love- what makes you feel good. I’ve never seen anyone who gets up time and time again after getting hit so hard many of us would just stay down.

When it comes to the freedom and liberty of our Country he’s the guy I want working in the kitchen for me. I was very impressed with the fact that Cody was a candidate who was standing up for the values of our Constitution with the eligibility and constitutional requirements for a United States President. Hey, it’s the most powerful position in the world and our Framers and Founders didn’t put in there you had to be a rocket scientist to lead our Country.

What they did put in there was modest, an age requirement and the ‘natural born citizen’ requirement that is not required for Representatives in the U.S. House or U.S. Senators. I happen to think the Framers of our Constitution had some experience with governments they didn’t like and I trust that for someone to devote their fortunes and lives to creating a government for the people and by the people there were some powerful motivations behind that.

The bloody American Revolution cost many everything they had but they felt they would rather die than live under the oppression of any government that wasn’t the type of government we have. A Republic, remember? We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which we stand, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

The Republic signifies that our democracy was one bound by a covenant we called our Constitution. That’s why we could actually consider justice for everyone. Our Constitution guaranteed ‘individual’ rights. Being a Citizen in America is as good as being a King or Queen in any other country because the opportunity is there to progress. Any child who had citizen parents and is born in the United States has a chance to be President. Of course the chance is slim, but it’s there.

The United States has become so popular with that possibility, that ignites the fires of the imagination, that people all over the world have envied it and thought they would like to have that possibility for their children. Many have come over from foreign lands and we are a Nation of many diverse immigrants. We as Americans provided away for other people to join us in this great cause by applying for Citizenship.

It’s amazing we don’t have Palestinian Americans or Italian Americans fighting to be their own Nation or State within our borders and the reason why? Within a guideline of rules we call our Constitution, everyone has a pretty good chance or opportunity for success in following their dreams.

One of the guidelines is that first generation Americans who have been naturalized for a period of time can become representatives in government all the way from City Counsel to The U.S. House, and U.S. Senate. What a remarkable opportunity! Those first generation Americans who have children in the United States can look for their child to have the opportunity to one day be The President of the United States.

While the path to the top is marked by two generations, some have protested wanting the first generation of Americans to be able to be President and calling that principle of our Constitution unfair, discriminating, and some have even used the word ‘racist’ or ‘elitist’ in order to promote their position. Of course one only needs to consider that a nation offering so much opportunity would naturally spurn jealousy, hatred, and envy in many who rule their people with an iron fist not offering the same opportunity.

So what would prevent a country ruled by a Dictator, Tyrant, Emperor , or King from coming over to America, becoming a first generation American, and with his treasury financing either himself to the Presidency or financing one of his loyal subjects, and then through that office, destroying in any way he could the opportunity America’s Constitutional Republic had provided?

Some question if the President has that much power? If he does maybe we should put another check and balance on him through the Legislative Branch? Well, America has a pretty good check and balance system, but there are things that at times have to be done quickly that a Legislative Body just can’t get together and agree on in a short time period. The Executive Branch provides a check and balance to political paralysis in times of great crisis or invasion.

Cody Robert Judy has defended that basic concept of our Constitution and America is a safer place because of it. If you don’t think Cody’s law suit against McCain and Obama made any difference you’d have to consider that right now every Representative and Senator has Cody’s testimony sitting on their desk. That testimony sits on their desk like a great big sword that rattles “Don’t Tread on me”.

You could easily say, the words that Cody has used represents the sentiments of our Framers and Founders who also had to scrap and fight for every right they benevolently passed down to us as opportunity. You’ve heard the phrase build your house on stone not on a sandy foundation. Cody’s campaign is built on a sure foundation and anyone not representing in their campaign the eligibility as a top priority, has built their campaign on shaky ground. That poses a real security problem. Right now when things are shaky, we need to make sure we secure our foundation.

Some say you have to be rich to make a difference in politics; Cody is living proof that all you have to really do is care, and those who care are indeed rich. With that interest and value, everyone’s part becomes a teaspoon of water in the ocean of our Citizenship, and yours is just as valuable as mine. So here at the campaign we have thought of 10 ways you can help that are pretty easy and either won’t cost you anything, or will cost very little, but can have a real value to our campaign.

10.5 Ways to Help Your Country and Cody

1) Most cities or towns have a free newspaper you can advertize in and they offer a number of letters for free. They make their money on ads placed amidst the layout of classifieds. Call them up and place an ad in your area with the key words. Cody’s philosophy- a couple of bites of a banana split is pretty satisfying.
a. “Cody Robert Judy for President 2012- YouTube Station: Code4Pres

2) When you call in to your favorite radio station requesting a song ask the DJ if you can give a ‘shout out’ to your favorite candidate for United States President?

3) Copy and paste your favorite of 125 + videos Cody has on YouTube or links to his blog to your facebook or Twitter account. Don’t assume all your friends even know about Cody and are a click away from his web site links like you are. We all know what it means to “Go Viral” !

4) Have a junk sale, virtual cake sale, CRJ Rocks sale where you write CRJ on a literal rock, and contribute the proceeds to the campaign on a day where you’re just not doing anything and want to.

5) Post a note on a community or professional Card Wall or Back Board, Lunch Room, or College Note Board in a professional or appropriate notification of information for the group. It always helps to do this someplace your at every day so you can keep a good eye on it and repost if it’s been used.

6) When you write you r favorite singer, television actor, movie star, or sports figure, comedian on their fan page or facebook, ask them to consider helping Cody Robert Judy for President in 2012. Who says they want to see their opportunity to America wasted any more then you do?

7) When going to your upcoming Halloween Parties, or next fun party, paint CRJ in red, white, and blue letters on your body somewhere. Everyone will ask you what NFL Team that is and you’ll have a conversation piece with the good-looking guy or girl asking the question.

8) Ask your Evangelical or Spiritual Leader for suggestions on helping you to inform the congregation you belong to. Religious liberty is a good conversation piece for a sermon and many churches offer Congregational Boards or News Letters for information to their congregation. If the endorsement is seen as a hurdle offer to round up all the candidates web sites and print them in a paragraph for the Church Members as a resource of information.

9) Let’s call this a “Coming Out of the Closet” party, because frankly we were put in the closet. So when your friends are all gathered close and you’re talking about things you’ve never told anyone about. Tell them you have a confession to make, “ Your happy about Cody Robert Judy running for President, you’ve been baptized a Birther, and your slate has been wiped clean!”

10) If you haven’t text a family member or friend anything remotely responsible for years, text them and just say, “I’m working as a volunteer for the Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 Campaign” and that’s why I haven’t been in touch. They will give you a pass for the next year and a half for not keeping in touch.

10.5- Pass it on! Help Cody Robert Judy by Contribution

Cody Robert Judy for Pres 2012 U.S.C. High Standard with MLK Jr./JFK Memo

Thanks for watching! Now pass it on ;)

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