Friday, February 10, 2012

A Birther Consolidation Behind My Campaign- Cody Robert Judy


Obama eligibility: reactions to ruling
I sure enjoyed the article, keep up the good work. Just for a reference and also as a Plaintiff in the Georgia case with Orly Taitz Esq., here was my letter to Sec. Of State Brian Kemp.

As I read some of the comments I thought that the biggest problem facing The Birther Movement is a consolidated advertising force behind a specific candidate.

The reference to McCain in this article, [Likewise, the Senate resolution somehow “declaring” that Senator John McCain, R-Arizona, was a “natural-born citizen” could have no force or effect. Only a Constitutional amendment could possibly suffice for that. ], should not be under-valued, as he received first his "Citizen" status by an Act of Congress and second his "Natural Born Citizen" status by a second Act of Congress. The process is called "naturalization", and I believe the failure of many birther attorneys is to recognize the haphazard racist quagmire that is an easy leap by the Media when this is understood.

I sued McCain as a Presidential Candidate and Obama in 2008 so don’t fall into the trap set by the Media for the ‘racist’ label. That is an asset to the Birther Movement that has been unrealized.

The Birther Movement should consolidate its efforts and get behind me in a informing political advertising campaign made legal with my bid for President in 2012.

Failure on this issue may be laid at the table of the American People who are Birthers and have failed to contribute $5 to my campaign. If every Republican and Independent did, as well as at least 1/3 of the Democrat Party Obama has laid waste to, the Constitution would not fail and our campaign would be bigger and better funded than Mitt Romney or Obama.

Knowledge is the key and word of mouth is free. A Presidential Candidate can advertise at reduced rates and any network could be sued big time for a great deal of money if they denied a Presidential candidate from advertising in a discriminating way.

The problem has been a disagreement on how to bring the public into the arena of Obama’s ineligibility and the solution is now understood.
Please contribute to my campaign

Cody Robert Judy

Cody Robert Judy

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