Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cody Robert Judy makes a comment on Orly's Q. to Newt on Politico Article




For all those comments that have 'jacked' the Birther Movement, which is really the Constitution's demand for a good reason, and don't tell me any of you haven't benefited enormously from The Constitution as well as realizing it’s the only doc that binds 50 States together without which we'd be looking like the Europe or Africa right now, your arguments smack of ignorance. Obama's Eligibility has never hit a Judicial Court yet on the merits, those 100 or so you all say we lost, was due in part because Obama got the jump in 2008 and no one knew he would be the nominee until late. 2012 is a little different; we head him off at the pass objecting to his being on any State Ballot.

The worst thing about the degradation of Birthers is thinking that somehow Obama has the right to use a fraudulent social security number that makes a failure in our own E-Verify System, and backs that up with that long form fabrication. I mean who are you all defending and if you’re defending them why don't you let out all of the guys in prison and protest them being in the joint that have stolen identities and defrauded people like your Grandmother!

And don’t pull that easy ‘racist’ card out like you haven’t done a days’ work in your life. I’m a plaintiff in the Georgia Case. The administrative hearing in Georgia was the very FIRST trial ever that evidence was documented on the merits of Obama’s identity fraud and dual citizenship that prohibits his White house occupancy. Now that was not really a Judicial Court but was an Administrative Court.
That action however was a necessary hurdle that we never had the opportunity to clear in 2008. You all tell me someone who jumps the gun in a race and heads off 50 yards down the track is going to win. Oh yeah, he might win the 100 yard dash, but we are gonna catch him in the 440.

Gosh, do all these Anti-Birthers have some grudge against keeping America’s elections free of corruption? Obama is not a natural born citizen and neither was McCain who lied to everyone and said he was born in some military hospital in Panama. He was born on foreign soil in a foreign hospital and it took an Act of Congress to make him a Citizen and another Act of Congress to make him a Natural Born Citizen. That’s the process we call ‘naturalization’ and it has nothing to do with the laws of nature. Yes it affects both parties and guess who promoted McCain’s Eligibility? That’s right Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama.

Now would you please tell me why, with that ounce of brain you have left that has a conscience?

And before you all pounce on me as some racist, please bear in mind that I was the only Presidential Candidate that sued McCain first… and then Obama in 2008. It is a Constitutional issue, not a racist one. So get over it and educate yourselves on the facts that we don’t want foreign allegiance in the highest office of the United States! Reason why? It’s much easier to use our nukes against our own people in a black mail game against the whole Congress, and drain the treasury. Does that sound like a National Security problem to you? Yes and it’s a BIG ONE.

Obama’s spent more now in our treasury than all President’s combined from George Washington to H.W. Bush. What? Do you all want to see the first part of that conspiracy theory come true before you’ll believe? I mean nearly 5 Trillion dollars is a heck of a big down payment on believing. Don’t tell me you wanna see a mushroom cloud in New York City. That is not cool, and neither are these attacks on Patriots who are defending the same Constitution that all of our servicemen have died for. Don’t make their sacrifice moot in the argument to conceal corruption Nixon wouldn’t have thought of doing.

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