Thursday, June 7, 2012

Press Release: Judy v. Obama Georgia Supreme Court Docketed June 7th,2012


Three Bullet Points:

1) Cody Robert Judy v. Barack Hussein Obama has been docketed in the Georgia Supreme Court Case No. S12D1584

2) Within the Application for Review is Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse which concluded there is probable cause that Obama’s long form birth certificate released by Obama is a forged document as well as Obama’s selective service draft registration.

3) With the three questions asked in the Supreme Court Application the Justices will have a candidate with standing, asking about the precedent of the U.S. Supreme Court on ‘natural born citizen’ and the ground work that a denial basically sets starts precedent for a release of anyone who has committed fraud or forgery.
The questions asked a Supreme Court are not to be taken lightly. They involve deep rooted issues that often affect each and every person and touch families in the living room.

Our United States Constitution is a document that is considered whole. In other words, deconstruction of any one part of it is a violation of precedent and the rules of construction. In laymen’s terms you can’t start withdrawing bricks from any wall and expect not to have sirens go off.

De-construction of the Constitution is exactly what Obama subscribes to though and has done so since swearing by oath that he was a “natural born citizen” qualified for the office of the President.

While Court clerks and Secretaries of States’ are the gate keepers, they don’t profess to be able to stand up to someone out right lying to them under oath. That is essentially how Obama has managed his way into the White House since his late summer win over Hillary Clinton in 2008 and subsequent win over Republican Sen. John McCain.
Drawn into the summer, gave Obama a big strategic advantage. Why sue a candidate if he’s not going to be the nominee? Who knows if a challenge should be mounted? I’m sure you get the point. By the time Obama was declared the Democratic Nominee his snowball chance was rolling with loads of cash to protect him from Ballot Challenges in every state, and any Presidential Candidate chances of getting to a Supreme Court that had not already received Obama favors, ie Sen. John McCain’s Sen. Res. 511 declaring the Panama son an American ‘natural born citizen’, co-chaired by Obama, was left to write-in candidates or third party candidates.

In 2011 the 9th Circuit Court of appeals ruled that Presidential candidates have standing, but those challenging in 2008 didn’t seem to be running in 2012, so couldn’t claim continued damages. Retrospective damage was dismissed by the Court in the ruling of Barnett v. Obama.

2012 dawns a new light. While the Birther movement has continually been scalded by the media and stung as fringe, the true sting is an assault upon the qualification of the President to hold office demanded by the Constitution which is as was said not a document that invites further construction without a 2/3rd majority of Congress.
The 8-12 challenges to the clause even from the onslaught of Obama’s political career in Illinois outlining the qualifications of the Office of the President in the legislature have all been soundly defeated.
Why main stream media doesn’t champion those defeats in the legislature and accredit the Birther movement to the sound principle championed by the Legislative Branch to Main Street is pretty good writing on the wall that spots a corporate agenda.

Today, June 7th,2012 Cody Robert Judy ( a presidential candidate in the Democratic Party) v. Barack Hussein Obama has been docketed in the Georgia Supreme Court in a application for review. What makes this case so unique is it is brought by a Candidate for President that started at the lowest level – A Ballot Challenge, for the court that means it has roots, and now that is in the highest court of the State of Georgia that ultimately is charged to protect the United States Constitution, things could be different.
You can’t find an Obama eligibility challenge anywhere in 2012 that has a Candidate for President in the same party, coming to the highest Court of the State, with time for their decision to make a difference before the Democrat National Convention in September. Supreme Courts have a reputation of making sure if they do rule on a case that their decision is not moot.

If the prospective of the Occupant of the White House being a total fraud offering forged documents as accrediting his qualification isn’t enough to unhinge your gate and you think Cody’s just spouting his mouth, wait just a minute there’s more. You probably have heard of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse that consisted of 2200 hours of law enforcement investigation on Obama’s long form birth certificate?
Cody Robert Judy was the first qualified Candidate for the Office of the President to grab hold of that law enforcement investigation with the integrity of upholding the law and on March 2nd,2012 placed that whole investigation into the Superior Court of Georgia’s consideration which now the Supreme Court has as a staggering dismissal on their plate.

A good read of the questions presented to the Supreme Court shows the corner Obama has placed upon Justice in the United States. If the Court hears the case and agrees with precedent, Obama could be placed as a ‘disability’ to the Constitution and Congress could be placed on Notice to act on his removal as a ‘disability’.
If the Supreme Court doesn’t act, legal construction exist to free anyone in the Georgia penal system or for that matter the United States, to be set free sentenced by the law on crimes of fraud or forgery, because what’s good for Obama ought to be good for any prisoner convicted or sentenced by the law, if allowed, Obama skirts. That quandary exists in Cody Robert Judy’s 3rd question to the Justices in Georgia.

Obama’s probability to have it both ways is the sort of non-transparency that has existed from Obama’s first executive order sealing all his documents. Only problem with those executive orders is they are no good unless they are signed by an eligible President under the Constitution.

Stay tuned for more action.

Links to Application Reviews Questions:


The Cody Robert Judy for President U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign


  1. I wish you a resounding victory!

  2. Does the case being docketed mean that it will be heard by the full court? Can the court still refuse to consider?

  3. Hi Pam- Thanks for your questions. I'm sure many would like to know the same thing.

    First- Does the case being Docketed mean that it will be heard by the full Court?

    The answer is "Yes".

    There is not a single Justice that will read it and give his/her opinion to the rest of the court. Everyone of the 7 Justices will get their own copy and will vote on hearing it in a Court Conference.

    Second Question- Can the Court still refuse to consider? Short answer is "Yes" which happens with a 4 to 3, or more,majority ruling not to hear the case.

    The best thing I suppose about being docketed is it does become part of the historical record. Obama has never been challenged on his 'eligibility' simply because on 100% of the challenges the Courts ruled on issues that have to be balanced with law, and that law simply found itself on Obama's side.

    The two laws I understand that Obama has had on his side were "Standing" and "Jurisdiction".

    100% of the law suits on his eligibility have been brought by plaintiffs who either were not running for President in a relevant time, or Courts not considering they had proper jurisdiction. I'm sure there are a few other reasons but the point is my law suit represents something that has never happened.

    1) A Presidential Candidate claiming his opponent, in the same party, is not qualified per the Constitution, in time for a decision to make a difference.

    2) This certainly has reached the highest Court in Georgia, who is responsible for all of its citizens being able to vote for a qualified candidate.

    3) I was able to get a law enforcement in the record stating basically I was correct.

    There may be other issues I'm sure the Court might consider against me, however, lets just say that in this law suit many questions that amounted to dismissals on 100% of the eligibility challenges thus far, have been answered for the Court in away that will provide them the right horse to ride.

    That's the cowboy in me coming out. ;)

    Have a great day


  4. Appreciate your answer & time. Thank you.

  5. Your very welcome. Certainly hope that with the very short time of 2 1/2 months we have left before the Democratic Party National Convention the first part of September that this matter is resolved.