Monday, June 11, 2012

Flash Fire on Facebook - Game Changer Judy v. Obama GA. Supreme Court


Just in case you missed it, Bruce Goldwell, founder of The Patriotic American and a best selling author, released these images that are quickly becoming a Facebook flash fire!

700 Shares in less then 22 Hours.

Just in time for this image to Kick off..8 hours later..

MSM is not going to put this on the 6 O'clock news. The only way your friends will know about this is if you share this post. ..

I (The Patriotic American) spoke personally with Cody Robert Judy about his Court Case in Georgia. He is the first person in America to include the findings of Sheriff Arpaio's Cold Case Posse in his Court Filings. Cody also has STANDING which is something the Courts have said for 3+ years is required for anyone to challenge Obama's eligibility. This could be the "game changer". Paul Revere carried a lantern to signal the British were coming. Cody is carrying the lantern that says American's are coming. It's up to us to help him hold the lantern high. SHARE THIS POST.

The links for Cody's Court Case are on this blog post:

Cody Robert Judy is making a stand for Freedom. Let as many people as you can know about this. This could finally be the end of a horrible nightmare for America. Let's hope so.

Link to Georgia Supreme Court Case:


  1. 'Against all Enemies'foreign and domestic."

    Where are the patriots in government standing up to the domestic enemies of America? Our misleaders are ominously silent.

    We are under attack, from within.

    Let’s fight back!!. Passing this on,,


  2. I am not an Orly Taitz fan but she just asked for an independent member of the bar to attend and watch her case tomorrow to look for fraud. This sounds like a pretty good idea.

  3. The funny thing is though, Cody....

    When the Vice-president and Congress, all recite that oath of office...when they get to that line "against all enemies foreign and domestic" it's that NEXT LINE that always has me scratching my head!

    ..."and bear true faith and allegiance to the same" the same....WHAT?!?!?!?

    The same Office that they're entering into, that they're swearing to uphold....

    ....or to the same Enemies, foreign or domestic, that they're swearing to preserve protect and defend the office, and the Constitution FROM?

    Maybe it's a NON-issue with you, Cody, but...

    ...then again, it makes you wonder, if, when they come to the NEXT LINES talking about "without any mental reservations..." that they're actually saying THAT ONE with they're TOES crossed, (because one hand is on the Bible, and the other is up in the air!)

    and they actually MIGHT have their toes crossed, saying THAT PART...that IS....if they have anything inside thier noggins to be ABLE to have a "mental reservation" with...

    But, supposedly...the "powers that be" got that part covered, right?