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Shut Down Shot Down Sexy- The hottest song in America right now


Shut Down Shot Down Sexy- The hottest song in America right now

Maybe its a precursor to come, but all ready Cody Robert Judy knows what its like to be 'shut down and shot down' by the 11 Courts on the eligibility of Barack Obama. There is yet one last Court that will weigh in on what some have called the divining case in the history of America. The United States Supreme Court is really the Court that should weigh in on the eligibility issue and case of our time Judy v. Obama 12-5276, and not use the excuse that 'standing' wasn't achieved for the last four years in order to wave justice good bye.

If this case is given the 'kiss-off' by the highest Court in the land, then there is no telling what the government is going to do to you. If justice won't protect the individual freedom certainly has been lost. The justice of the Republic has always been seen in the strength of the individual to stop the mass from rolling over top of rights and protections well established. Protected by the Constitution, and if that is shucked off by the Court, well it will be only a short time when most of the mass finds out that they are individuals being run over.

Of course, once it's lost, it means the devil to get back. Most media outlets have thought 'why should a smaller campaign be able to constitutionally check a larger campaign?', what gives a smaller campaign that right?

You know one thing for sure, the United States Supreme Court is not going to have to worry about the media telling America about this case before it is adjudicated because there hasn't been a single story written about it by an outside reporter. Yeah, that's anonymity that can't be mistaken. Nope the Supreme Court will rule on this with their own conscience and we all will know it wasn't the demonstrations outside on the lawn that influenced their decision.

What gives any individual the right to stand up against the government if the government decides to "take" your microphone? Or take your house? Or take your Car? Or take your children?

You might have the chance to use your 'individual' right at this time, thinking that being part of the mass in rolling over Cody Robert Judy's Campaign is 'good riddance', but hold that thought while you ask yourself, "Do you really want the Constitution to perish, and your rights as an individual to perish along with Cody's?"

Well, we're not "all" serous here at the Campaign Headquarters and while we take time to comment on issues we also take time to sing and to celebrate the little bit of 'rebel' in everyone of us in America. We are you know? Rebels.

That's right and never has a Nation of rebels come so far. Sometimes it is good to remember where you came from. It wasn't all 'prim and proper', so let's celebrate our rebel a little with this song because America has a reputation to protect, and we sure as hell have a Constitution to protect last I checked that every politician in Washington DC had sworn an oath to.

Let's hope the United States Supreme Court remembers that oath, and remembers that the qualifications for the office of President didn't include producing birth certificates, draft registrations, and social security cards that represent forgery more then legitimacy and fraudulent actions more then honest ones, as well as hiding every college transcript that might confirm Obama's transplant status as a foreign student in a sovereign nation under God.

Now for a little fun-

Shut Down Shot Down Sexy is the hottest sexiest song in America right now. Its colorful and packed with wonderful lyrics about a guy who gets ‘shut down- shot down- by a sexy women’, now how many guys can relate to that? That’s what I’m talk’n about right there;licking your wounds. Another exciting original by The Cody Robert Judy Band that every DJ in America should be playing right now because everyone at home can say they’ve been “Shut Down Shot Down Sexy”.

Shut Down Shot Down Sexy

Preamble Dispatcher Voice:
“This is an all points bulletin- suspect considered to be armed and dangerous- female, American. I guess she’s packed and loaded – 34D-30-32 She loves freedom and liberty- says she’s wearing a bikini- likes dancing and rock n’ roll- I’ve seen dangerous but this is “WANTED”- Shut Down Shot Down- approach with extreme caution- God bless America.”

V.1 Maybe you remember
The call I gave you in September
You said you didn’t want to play
Said you were just too busy that day
Now its easy to recall
Because my heart you let it fall

Vs.2 I never let it go I tried again
Because with my women it aint no sin yeah yeah
Maybe she’s tired of hearing from me
But she’s so beautiful you see
You know I don’t like to fight
But for my Baby it seems right

Vs.3 You might say I’m out of form
But my Baby’s arms are nice and warm
To her heart I seek the key
For her love is like a tree
Now you wouldn’t understand yeah yeah
How much I wanna be her man

Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames, Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames
I don’t wanna be shut down by you, I don’t wanna be shot down by you I don’t wanna be shut down by you
Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames, Shut Down Shot Down I’m burning in flames

If you missed the last Campaign Commercial, here it is:

Also a big shout out to Tracy in Maryland for doing a terrific job in her Ballot Challenge this last week. We are including the personal email sent to Tracy from Cody Robert Judy

Dear Tracy,

Just thought I'd write a note to you and say you did a great job. I don't think any attorney could have done better. The beginning was great where you included a little family history, that really brings it home and personalized it for Maryland like no bodies business.

Well, great job, it will be interesting to see the 'ruling' as the Judge sure had the book thrown at him. Those Judges have a hard time reading crime when a citizen is reading it to them rather then an attorney general sadly, especially in this case.

The only thing I didn't like if there was one thing that seemed like a burnt french fry in the batch of good ones, pg. 32 "Since President Obama..". Gosh I can hardly stand for the honor of the office to be bestowed upon a Usurper. Yuck.

Other than that you can be certain that you have done something here Tracy that your whole family can be very proud of. You did something our whole Country in its patriotic duty should be very proud of you for. If elected President I intend to award every Citizen who filed a complaint in the Obama Ballot Challenges or Courts an Honorable Patriot Award for distinguished citizenship.


Cody Robert Judy

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

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