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The Tea Party Letters- Whats WRONG with the #%^*%(*# Tea Party!

Many people agree with the principles the Tea Party has set out to uphold, especially given in the Constitution. One might ask, just exactly what is wrong with the *)^^^*&^*( Tea Party then?

Well, the following letters are an example of what happens when the Tea Party moves from the 'practice field' to the 'game field'. All the principles and goals dissolve right back onto the side-line.

Its really puzzeling to me that people would elect a rich man (Mitt Romney) thinking that he will make them rich. That's as big of a sale as Obama's Eligibility is to Congress. I mean pure mathematics would tell you that not everyone is going to get rich, and if they did, there would be no rich.

That's why it floors me that at the very least people do not see that 'principles of our Constitution' is the best thing to bet on for our future and for our economy.

Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 20:36:47 -0400
From: Mr. D
Subject: Re: Romney/Ryan- How Conservative does 1 wife make you?

Mr. Judy,
You may know I have been a supporter of yours and Romney was my 5th choice.

Its time to take reality by the short hairs, grit our teeth and hope Romney is just half as conservative as he is campaigning.

The time for trashing conservatives, Republicans and even RINO's is over for this cycle. There will be more primary seasons where we can work and grow to get the establishment to start producing Conservatives.

But right now buddy, what do you expect to gain by discouraging voters? The only end to that means is another 4 years of Obama. I doubt the country will survive that.

At this point I would not care what anyone can report on Romney or Ryan. There is no chance Obama would be better, none.
Every conservative voter you scare away form voting is equivalent to a 1/2 vote for Obama.

I know you don't want that. So lets do the country a favor, lets direct our wrath towards the real enemy. There will be plenty of time in the future to continue our battles with the GOP. Now is not the time.

Thanks Cody,

From: cody judy
To: Mr. D
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 12:34 AM
Subject: What's worse than Obama winning?

Dear Mr. D,

Let me explain something to you, the time for calling people out on the carpet on the basis of the Constitution is never over, and it was less then a month ago that I finally after going through twelve Courts of law since 2008, got a case in the United States Supreme Court. Can you imagine all that work? I don't know if you can, but I'm sure you could recognize a few houses burnt up with the cost.

I'm trying to recall exactly how much the Tea Party has helped me in my campaign thus far? I'm thinking right now, that its about the same as Mitt Romney has and I call him "not-one-dime" because he has such a poor reputation for standing for the Constitution. There is definitely different ways to be rich and poor, and he proves his poverty every day covering for Obama's known fraud and forgery.

So, what your asking me to do is quit when I just barely arrived? Well, with all due respect I'm not going to stop until the United States Supreme Court says it's over. While you may have started 'looking the other way' with Romney on Obama's eligibility, the biggest fraud,forgery and scam in the United States history, I Sir have not.

You may say "anything is worse then Obama, well, that's not the worse thing Sir. Obama's a known "unqualified candidate & Pres usurping the White House", let me tell you what's worse. Someone who "covers" for that guy like Ryan and Romney are doing now.

You may not think its worse, but I assure you in the hospitality of sin and a domestic enemy it is. Perhaps that is in God's eyes and yours are blind, as others are as well, to the concepts of 'hypocracy', to which my statement in the video "Take the Blinders off" is note worthy, but I assure you Mitt Romney is worse then Obama.

If he gets in power you will recognize the fruit of a bad seed that was grafted in the root of Obama, and the concept itself invites Romneys loss with Obama's Billion dollars. So if Romney loses after we let Obama go, what will you say?

No one could stop him?

Well if you don't mind Sir, I pray you will do me the favor and ignore my criticism of Romney and Ryan as losers to Obama already. For you see Sir, they have lost to Obama already and the devil of the Constitution already knows it.

What the devil to the Constitution also knows Sir, is how close I am.

Let me ask you a question to prove yourself. If Obama is outed by the Supreme Court Justices and I became the Democratic Party nominee, who would you vote for? Me or Mitt Romney?

If you answer Mitt Romney, then you are no friend to the Constitution to begin with Sir, and why would I take the advice from someone so unfriendly?

Believe me Sir, your not the first and you won't be the last with advice from the devil to the Constitution. While I understand compromise in the political arena, I also understand at times even Jesus drew a line in the sand and that was a line he was willing to die for.

Of course, I appreciate your time and thought and would advocate to you my sincere desire that I not turn back from the course, but that I see it through. I do thank you for your one time support holding me 5 times greater then Mitt Romney.

You mentioned directing wrath at the real enemy, well, I certainly do not see where I have eased up on Obama and candidly turning it up a notch on Mitt Romney who well deserves it. This is politics as it serves the people to get what they want. As long as Mitt Romney has your vote in the bag he won't give you a thing and he'll take so much more and call himself clever.

At any point you think or feel I have eased up on Obama, please let me know, but let me tell you what a dis-service it is to our Country for the Tea Party to not pursue pressure on Mitt Romney to unleash the elephants on Obama, by a sincere threat to leave him with your vote.

If you think that pressure will come from saying, "Please please Sir after 4 years of silence, but rest assured I'll give you my vote anyway", your sadly mistaken and worse then that you've underestimated your own power Sir.

I assure you Sir, the Tea Party HAS THE POWER if they will use it. Mitt Romney will cave-in to it if they use it for me , he's famous for caving in and changing his position, as you know. Come the general election your certainly welcome to vote your own conscience but don't waste the good plays you have before the game is over.

That's the winner, but I need the Tea Party to have a little more security in themselves instead of being gripped with much fear of losing. I am a winner already, for I'm not grafted into the sick root of Obama.

Cody Robert Judy

And please log on to and make a contribution to this campaign Taking A Stand, the title of Cody's book.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

Hi Cody,
We will just have to disagree on this.
Doing anything that helps, assists or allows Obama to keep control of this country will do my grandchildren harm.

If our objective is to make this country better, every move we make must be directed at that goal.

This is a long and endless battle we wage against the left. They never tire and they give an inch. I'll never give them an inch by helping them defeat any Republican or Conservative or even a RINO in any election.

If we continue to do our job vetting and holding the Republican party to our standards during the primaries, hopefully the day will come that all conservatives will be able to support the GOP candidate in the general election.

There are no perfect candidates or people. It is our duty as constitutional activists not stand on the side line or destroy candidates we deem imperfect. That of course would be the perfect road map to destruction.

So while you make some good points that are herd to disagree with, the bottom line is, whats best for the country, not what's perfect.
And I'm not now or will I ever be willing to hand this country over to the Marxists while I wait for the perfect guy.

You may do that, but I will use all my effort to get Romney and Ryan into the White House. The difference is huge.

Keep up your tireless efforts Cody, I know you are an honest and principled guy. I just won't be on your team if that team helps in any way, the usurper stay in power.

Warm regards,
Mr. D

Thank you Mr. D for your thoughts, and I'll keep working on the Democrats and Republicans for our children and future generations. Your absolutely right in that there are no perfect people or politicians.

Hey you know why the bury the lawyers 10 feet deep rather than 6 feet deep? Well, its because 'deep down' they are really good people.

God Bless you and God bless America

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

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  1. I am a conservative tea party person who is doing everything I can to get Obama off the ballot and on his way to jail before November. I see a lot of things happening behind the scenes to indicate an "October surprise" one way or the other. And there's no reason to believe it will be planned or it just happens because of the panic due to the horrible thought that Obama could possibly win the election.