Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Charities TRUMP Ask Obama 5 Million Dollar Question? "Why Not Do It for US?

Charities TRUMP Ask Obama 5 Million Dollar Question? "Why Not Do It for US?
Charities Trump-CHARITIES Incentive on Obama's Transparency worth 5 million!

Unbelievable, Incredible, the 5 MILLION DOLLAR question for Obama to come clean on his College Records, which very well could show Obama entered United States Colleges as a foreign student and his Passport Records that could very well show Obama traveling as a foreigner to the United States.-Donald Trump Didn't Disappoint -

In a brilliant move that has the mainstream media's gut in knots because it has once again opened up the Birther Question so dreaded by nearly everyone on the eve of the Election, Donald Trump has issued a challenge that can benefit many, and indeed has little dollar value to himself.

Democrats have long been hounded by the eligibility of Barack Obama from within from (Judy v. Obama SCOTUS 12-5276) and without their party. The United States Constitution demands the President and Vice President be a natural born citizen - Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

Cody Robert Judy a candidate for President in the Democratic Party has been shouting house-top to house-top that the Birther issue is NOT put to bed, and Republican's would raise the non-transparency nasty little head of Obama's identity fraud passed out at the White House Press Room by Obama come crunch time.

Well its happened officially Republican's are Birthers for Halloween and Obama is either the stingiest Occupant of the White House for not saying "Heck Yeah..I'd love to contribute 5 MILLION DOLLARS to this Charity Mr. Trump.. now shut your mouth." (smile)
Or, Obama/Barry Soetoro and the faithful in his identity scandal have something to hide.

I'm mean October surprises of surprises, this is BIG, and I for one cannot believe it! I was so relieved to hear it wasn't some lame past put to bed "divorce" papers between the Obama's before he was an Illinois Senator, that begs the question, "Who cares?"

It takes real courage for Mr. Trump to do this, and when you look at the root of something like this, you really have to think about the men who pledged their lives, their talents, AND their fortunes to the cause of the Constitution. There's fewer who do that have been made by the opportunity of America than we could possibly list, but we do know one Republican candidate Mitt Romney worth a quarter of a billion unwilling to issue any such challenge? Wonder Why?

Loyal Americans everywhere from the hospital to the construction site to the battle field, are indeed working and depending on their leaders to protect and honor the Constitution. I have hoped for something like this from wealthy people in our Country. It might have been better coming from Mitt Romney but it never did.

With an offer like this to Obama, I have to say Donald Trump loves our Constitution. Democrats know how much he has contributed to their campaigns in New York and Republicans know also how he has backed Mitt Romney for President, so what's the down side to this offer that could really help a Charity?

Is coming clean with your identity a down side if your in the White House? Especially after handing out a forged long form birth certificate to all of America?

Well, if your the main stream media covering up Obama's past it might mean they have sacrificed a little bit of journalistic integrity. Obama's not going to starve in the street he's always got his Illinois Senator pension of over $150,000/yr to live off of, but I really don't want Presidential libraries stained with Obama's name on one, or to support his retirement as a past President and I know millions of Americans feel the same way.

There's not just 10 people in the boat here Obama as much as you'd like to think that.

I don't think its any big deal for Obama to come clean on his transparency promise for a 5 million dollar contribution to a charity. If Obama does, he certainly does so just for the Charity, because Obama is not a natural born citizen - born in the United States to Citizen parents.

Let's look at the upside.

It isn't really very often when the Constitution of the United States is ransomed by the office of the President, but that's exactly what Obama has done if he doesn't shut Donald Trump up, and America knows it.

Every Charity in America knows it. So why not shut Trump up and see him 5 MILLION to a Charity of your choice in a tight economy when giving is much harder than it used to be?

The whole Judicial Branch of Government has been put in the spot-light for railroading out of the Judicial Branch the Constitution to litigants, such as myself Judy v. Obama 12-5276, and making such a mockery of what now are becoming pathetic excuses to take a stand for the Constitution.

First they said it was "STANDING". Obama's own lawyers said " Well, the litigants are not running for President" and a VERY BIG Appellant Court the 10th Circuit actually verified that was indeed a reason for denying Barnett/Keyes v. Obama citing none of the presidential candidates who were running in 2008 were running in 2012, so their complaint was moot.
Reconsideration issue to UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT

How else can justice prevail when the Judicial Branch makes such an important issue of cash in a campaign? The good ole fashioned answer is "Cash", and its Donald Trumps not yours or mine, probably because we don't have that kind of money.

Well, the Democrats have had so many chances to abandon Obama over his Achilles heel they have known about for so long, that now they have created a talking point that could dominate the Candidate until Halloween. This can't be good for Democrats, no way no how, and I don't think its going to do Hillary any 2016 favors at all.

5 MILLION DOLLARS is a lot of money, and Charities of Obama's choice are waiting. Will Obama give to the Charities he once championed and knew so much about as a community organizer, or has Obama become too big to remember his roots, accustomed to his life on private jets, lavish parties, champagne and suits of fine apparel?

I just have to say after Obama roasted Donald Trump at the correspondence dinner here, you have to wonder if Trump has had the last word? Indeed I can almost hear Obama now shouting MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY.

If you ask me, Donald Trump has shown all of us how one man can make a difference. I'm really happy about a rich guy who can put his money where his mouth is,especially when it has to do with the United States Constitution which affects every single American every single day.

Donald's just raised the bar for every candidate in the race for President which we very much needed. Thank you Donald Trump!


Cody Robert Judy

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