Thursday, October 25, 2012

TRUMP Hits 2.6 MILLION in 24 hours - Will Obama Come Clean or Crash?

TRUMP Hits 2.6 MILLION in 24 hours - Will Obama Come Clean or Crash?

One day after the charitable proposal Donald Trump made to Barack Obama in which Donald pledged to donate 5 MILLION dollars to a Charity of Obama's choosing near 2.6 million people have seen the video posted on Trumps YouTube Site.

I posted that video after 357 people had seen it yesterday around 5:30 pm, by any YouTube Channel Standards that's pretty amazing, especially considering Trump's YouTube Station has been in existence since Feb 2006 and has approximately 7.7 million hits with a total of 110 videos on the Station.

The MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT is by far and away the Donald's biggest hit on YouTube!

It was featured on FOX NEWS in an 8 minute interview with Greta Van Sustern here if you missed it:

Sean Hannity got into the action with Ann Coulter here both of which received Tweets from me here at around 6:30pm
( @kingsthings ) ( @AnnCoulter ) (@FOXNEWS ) ( @seanhannity Donald doesn't disappoint,offers BIG on O's transparency. …

Ann Coulter, who I must say looked even better then she usually does, (she has absolutely gorgeous hair and should be making commercials for some high-end beauty hair products,make-up,perfume, you name it she could sell it) makes a good point about Gloria Allred trying to dig up dirt on a sealed divorce case Mitt Romney testified at on the value of Staples Stock when the head of Stables was getting divorced.

True to form in Allred's case who Trump also mentioned some experience with negatively, Obama's first Illinois Senate Seat come under the unearthed divorce case 5 years prior, of his opponent Republican Jack Ryan revealing a sex scandal involving his ex-wife after which he withdrew and R-Allan Keyes stepped in, but lost the election to Obama.

Personally, I think its pretty sad when the American Public takes more stock in a tattle-tale than the walk and talk of a man humbled by his mistakes representing greater understanding and wisdom than before.

I've said this before and it works a little bit more like the Democratic Party position on Mitt Romney as far as not having the understanding of "real" Americans because Mitt has lived such a favored or upper class life so long: that is, "How could any President who hadn't been divorced understand what half of America has gone through?"

I mean there is something to be said about what a person gains in the experiences of life, that amount to wisdom and understanding. "Wisdom" is the accrued knowledge gained from or through experience while its said that "Understanding" puts ignorance to shame, breaks shells, reveals secrets, and creates possibilities. The two gems are in fact used in the Cannon of the Bible to describe attributes of Jesus Christ.

If Mitt Romney were to lose his lovely wife Ann for example during a term as President, how would he handle it? You can be sure he would be devastated and how has Mitt Romney handled personal devastation before?

Sometimes the test or trials of an individual are indeed given so to be able to handle circumstances and situations of the future. How many politicians have experience of losing everything and could still be elected?

I certainly don't pick on Mitt Romney without leaving Obama out of the same equation for I truly believe Obama has led a much more posh life than has been the exaggerated and public narrative, but the point is I truly wonder about the American People sitting back and digesting the fact that often the trials and tribulations of a man are what make him a good leader, rather than the reasons not to elect him.

In "The Terminator Salvation" Hollywood Movie, John Connor gets a donor heart from Marcus, a half man half terminator whose says, "Everyone deserves a second chance", and its understood that the second chance is usually always a mutually good thing.

I can't help but think perhaps Donald Trump has given Obama a second chance the question remains, "Will Obama Come Clean?"

(Marcus,"Eveyone Deserves a Second Chance.. this is Mine" I am only human)

Cody Robert Judy

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