Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Contested Election Petition FILED IN U.S. Supreme Court- See What's Happening!


The Petition for Rehearing the Writ of Certiorari has been mailed and emailed to the United States Supreme Court today- Nov. 13,2012. This Petition to the United States Supreme Court is Judy v. Obama Case No. 12-5276 and it is contesting the eligibility of Barack Obama's qualifications as a candidate for President of the United States by myself as a candidate also for the same office.

Some have asked me if this is for Mitt Romney or a recount?

In answer to that question, no, this is on the eligibility challenge of Obama. Its important people understand that I do not have control nor is the SCOTUS Judy v. Obama 12-5276 action about a 'recount'. This is not about Mitt Romney winning the election.

Mitt Romney conceded the election and its important people understand that when you do that, its considered a verbal contract and is legally binding. I don't think that if there were 40 million votes not counted for Mitt Romney that they would count, or need to count them, because of his concession of the election.

I have not conceded the election because Obama was ineligible. I have contested the election basically for Democrats who voted for an ineligible candidate who were not qualified, so basically have contested for the greater half of the Country.

The Petition for Rehearing has been sent today. People have to understand that Mitt Romney is gone and if Obama is declared ineligible it will not bring Mitt Romney into the White House with a win, and that is due to his conceding the race. Its a difficult situation and one major reason its really a stupid business decision to concede a race before all the ballots are counted., especially to be seen as a 'good guy'.

That's probably one "not so smart" business decision Mitt Romney made and my decision not to concede the election is bringing lots of ridicule, name-calling, derision, anger, and generally a stomping and gnashing of teeth from many people.

The only thing I can say is "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names and faces I'm pretty used to." ;) I've never thought being a "derogatory name" was part of making sure a bad situation was made right, especially when it included adherence to the Constitution of the United States. So what's going to happen?

There are many things that could happen including a new election, but it might be open and would not consider Mitt Romney's 2012 votes that were conceded. If Republicans and Conservatives want another 4 years of Obama the best thing they can do is NOT HELP ME.

If they don't want another 4 years of Obama the best thing they can do is to take a stand with me for the Constitution, help me by contributing to the campaign or spreading my post, so others who have a little extra money can be made aware of this.

If you decide that you do not want Obama the next four years, then something has to be done about the election and Obama's eligibility is the best chance for that and that's where my actions come in.

So, very important to understand every Mitt Romney supporter has a choice right now, a new one.

Obama another 4 years or help me. Secession isn't going to work, though some petitions are going around, your not going to get over half a State on a petition and besides citizens need to consider that is exactly what Obama wants right?

The U.S. split up, the Constitution gone- seems like it fits into his plan? Maybe that's not the best thing to do. Maybe the best thing to do is to take a stand for the Constitution like I have been doing.

I really think the best thing we can do as American's is very simply take a stand for the Constitution. Please join me, help me right now, because this is the right track to be on and I have 'standing' in the 2012 election and the 2016 Election.

A Mitt Romney win would have made my challenge 'moot' and Obama would have gotten away with usurping our Constitution. Thank God that didn't happen!

Here is the legal Petition for Rehearing Legal Docs that were mailed/filed/emailed in the United States Supreme Court.

Please make a contribution and help me in this effort today. Here's the contribution link.

Thank you and God Bless you... and may God Bless America and preserve, protect and defend our Constitution.

I want to personally thank the Robert E. Dwyer, the one man who contributed to our campaign $1 yesterday from North Carolina. His heart was in the right place and I am personally very thankful to him.

People might laugh, joke, and make fun of it all they want. As for me and my house, I don't think the Lord would ever laugh, joke, or make fun of the widow's mite.

I understand there are many places for your dollars to go, but this patriot from North Carolina realized that we are fighting for the future liberty and freedom of the United States of America as a Republic under our Constitution and his one dollar our Campaign received yesterday paid the postage for one of the legal envelopes that contained the Petition for Rehearing to the United States Supreme Court, sent today to Obama's Defense attorney.

Not bad Mr. Dwyer. ;) Thank you Sir. I hope that you print this out, because I'm betting that in a few years there will be quite a few people who wished they had that honor, and who knows, you might sell this letter of yours on E-Bay for $50,000. ;)

Now to the rest of the 300 million Americans out there, will you match Mr. Dwyer's contribution?

Post UPDATE: I just did an hour interview with Ms. Sharon Rondeau from The Post & Email www.thepostemail.com regarding this so would encourage all to look for that cover story tomorrow.

Cody Robert Judy



  1. You're not representing this Obama voter. You're delusional. Give it up.

  2. @anonymous - Well I suppose your not a fan of the Constitution then and would rather your rights be trashed.

  3. Im behind you! These obama voters are just stupid people. Obama is a cancer that has to be dealt with. I personally want to see him jailed for this usurpation.