Friday, November 16, 2012

The Change in Hope Americans Have

The Change in Hope Americans' Have.

Obama campaigned in 2008 on HOPE and CHANGE and the last few days I've seen how much damage has been done to the "Hope" of Conservatives for Change.

With my complaint now in the United States Supreme Court, that was received by the Court on election day, the letter from the Court Clerk for me to change a few things and resubmit it within 15 days of that letter, which I have now done, it seems the worst part has been trying to convince people who should be 'hoping' for this that there is still hope.

My post yesterday exemplified the facts we have faced for the last four years in the reasons that all the Challenges to Obama's Eligibility have been dismissed, and that this case is different in "Standing" and "competitive standing" then anything the United States Supreme Court has received on Obama since this eligibility challenge on Obama started, but it sadly seems there is very little hope.

Hope is something Obama has worked very hard at destroying and he has done a good job at that. Hope in "justice for all " is a theme Obama repeated during his campaign over and over. He repeatedly barked that "everyone should be playing by the same rules", but Obama is not playing by the same rules as a Constitutionally qualified candidate.

Obama is not a natural born citizen. He is not qualified to be President. Approximately 150 law suits have been brought up on that issue but the greater portion failed on 'standing', a few on 'jurisdiction', and a few on other technicalities. Of course these are legitimate legal concerns that must be honored.

However, it seems people are more about losing hope then in simply seeing to it that the technicalities were taken care of, and the competitive standing was satisfied and bringing that to the Supreme Court of the United States, which leaves me scratching my head as to why?

The power of the Constitution I believe is alive and well. I do believe in the United states Supreme Court. I have hope in the Justices and in justice being delivered.

I've been screwed over by more courts then I care to mention right now, so I have to ask myself where my own hope comes from and how come Obama has not destroyed mine?

Today I received a $30 dollar contribution from Florida from Barbara who has hope. I was so inspired with her energy and willingness to help in this United States Supreme Court challenge.

My left hand tendinitis is so bad its difficult to do a belt buckle up, but my smile hasn't changed because of the spirit of hope which I am given.

When I started this in 2008 I had no idea where I was being led. Now in 2012 ten days after the election, Mitt Romney has conceded the election, and here I am in the United States Supreme Court with a motion and case in front of them on Obama's eligibility from a Candidate for president.

America offers this hope. Our Constitution offers this hope. My complaint offers hope, that justice can be appealed to. This 'justice for all' is a big deal in America. It inspires hope.

Ultimately I do think God inspires hope. He can take discouragement and turn it on its ear so fast you'd wonder why you paid it any despair. Hope can certainly be tried in the fire to prove itself and those who have it.

George Washington cultivated hope. He said, "I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man."

Wow..does anyone think Obama has that aspiration? With Fast & Furious, and Benghazi evidence coming out and that actually failing the Republicans in the Election, one must wonder at the root of Obama's honesty that they kept sweeping under the table.

Last night I read in my daily Bible chapter something that struck me as evident today. Psalms 12:8 "The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted."

I believe Obama with all his lies and cover-ups is indeed the vilest man the United States has ever seen and the result of that we are seeing the wicked walk on every side of the isle... Republicans and Democrats.

There are many reasons that 'hope' has taken a nose dive and there are many people feeling that today from Israel violence erupting with Hamas affecting peace in the Middle East to Petraeus sex scandal going deeper into a Benghazi cover-up and the Hostess Brands Inc. affecting 18,500 employees Company released today, we can see for certain how much hope is seemingly destroyed in one day.

As certainly as we have ever needed our law to count for all, our United States Constitution to stand, this is the time.

Until the United States Supreme Court denies my 'Motion/Petition for Rehearing' we do have hope that it will be accepted. As long as there is a Court to receive this we have hope.

Let this hope work for you and help me in this effort please.

Cody Robert Judy


  1. Has it ever occurred to you that this IS God's plan? That what YOU are doing is in defiance of it?

  2. Yes..
    but in your line of thinking GOLIATH was unchallenged for many days and as long as he lived it was Gods WILL AND Israel was in your mind in defiance of Gods will.
    As soon as GOLIATH was knocked out,.. would you consider Israel to be in defiance of Gods will?

    Would you consider any 'defense' contrary to Gods will?
    My actions are 'in defense' of the Constitution, not apposed or in infringement of it.