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Have Republicans learned the Value of the Rights of BEING a Minority?

Have Republicans learned the Value of the Rights of BEING a Minority?

What has changed with Obama’s Win? Obama’s still ineligible and has Lost.

As the election results are felt by so many, I find myself gazing at people all across America and I can’t help noticing my heart swell with love and awe at everyone who has gone back to work and who are carrying on.

The principles of our Constitution are not won or lost in one election anymore than our Creator has disappeared. It is the magnificent principles of faith in these principles that burns in every American’s heart that wakes us up in the morning and inspires us to take a step in the right direction.

Those who say the Constitution is dead are proven wrong by the brave men and women fighting for it and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for it. Of course it is discouraging to see its principles violated, especially in the land for which its banners have been prepared and for which it is declared to be The Supreme Law of the Land.

I thought I’d share the following facebook comment and my answer that illustrates the point.
• The constitution has not won yet against the blatant violations and ignoring it totally.. no the constitution i gone in this USA
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CRJ Answer to comment:
Cody Robert Judy I certainly understand your sentiment, I always remember at times like this George Washington losing like 13 battles before winning one. Can you imagine the loss of life of brave soldiers around your feet who gave the ultimate price as you walked a trail of tears.. wondering .. wondering.. about the principles of the Constitution these who had died had given everything towards? ;) What if it was the 9th battle and you were sick to your stomach and your men's moral was at an all time low. Can you imagine fighting 4 more that you were going to lose? The most glorious wonder of the Constitution is a light so bright with love so powerful that it lifts far more up then have ever been lost. It lives in all of us who take a stand for it.

Of course now is the time America needs leaders and those who are not afraid to take a stand for the Constitution. I've said all along that takes great leaders for America to be great and stand for the beacons and principles that have inspired and shook the darkness in the whole world with light.

What has changed with Obama’s Win? Obama’s still ineligible and has lost. Did the election cause Obama’s father to gain his United States Citizenship? No.
Did Obama’s win somehow change the results of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation that found Obama’s long form birth certificate and selective service registration to be a forgery? No.

Did Obama’s win somehow change his Social Security Card from the State of Connecticut to a home for Obama in Hawaii? No.

Did Obama’s win somehow restore Obama’s law license from the being barred from his use in the State of Illinois where its rescinded form rest in the shame of the lie upon which it was once predicated? No.

Has the United States Constitution changed since the election granting those who are at least 35 years of age, 14 years a resident, and a ‘natural born citizens’, born in the United States to Citizen Parents, the privilege of qualification for the Office of President? No.

Has the oath of office for the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate or the oath of the Judges across America changed to uphold the United States Constitution? No.

Is Obama a ‘natural born citizen’? No.

Is America still a Republic based upon the Constitution where the majority don’t often get their way because of the rights and honor of the minority and the rights that are protected by the Constitution?

Well, maybe the question should be, “What has changed?”

Have Republicans learned a lesson, and do they now understand the value of the rights of minorities protected by the Constitution? I think they should have a much greater understanding of not only being a minority, but the VALUE of our Constitution in protecting minority’s rights.

It doesn't matter how many people voted for Obama if he is not Constitutionally Qualified to be President he can’t be and a majority vote for him cannot stand in the way of the protected rights of the minority.

Does America still have a Presidential Candidate standing up for those rights? Yes, she sure does.

I, Cody Robert Judy ran as a Democrat and apposed Obama’s eligibility. I still have a Motion in the United States Supreme Court that attest to Obama’s ineligibility and features the criminal investigation of Obama’s identity ineligibility as a natural born citizen and thus the office of the President, that was received by the United States Supreme Court Tues Nov. 6th, at approximately 11AM.

Could the Republican House of Representatives decide to take the evidence of my case into their Judicial Committee? Yes.

Well then, nothing’s changed much accept the Republicans may have learned the value of being a minority, which ultimately might not be such a bad thing.

Thank you for reading this, and passing it on to your Congressmen and Senators, as well as your other friends on all the social media networks.

If this is important enough to you to simply pass on, then you are an American in which the Constitution of the United States burns bright and I for one as well as our founding and first President and beloved Son of the Republic George Washington are so proud of you!

Mitt Romney may have conceded the race but as an American the best thing he could do now is start today by taking a great and much more courageous stand for the Constitution with his heart and his money and that applies to every single citizen as well.

Entire Body of the complaint found here: Judy v. Obama 12-5276

Cody Robert Judy

I AM AMERICAN - First 2016 Commercial for Pres.

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