Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Best Results? Consult The Hard Truth -The Constitution Will Win

The Best Results – Consult The Hard Truth The Constitution Will Win

Why was Barack Obama winning the Election the Best Conservative Result?
The Constitution

Morning after the election- Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh on the radio- I haven’t been a regular listener for quite some time, but I’m impressed. Glenn’s talking about The Constitution – Now and Forever. Rush is talking about the rich being Santa Clause and scratching his head about how Sandy helped Obama.

I wonder if they gets it now? If they get that their words and actions pre- election have been two different things. They weren’t standing up for the Constitution pre-election. They were trembling in fear about the truth of the Constitution’s natural born citizen clause, which is the Pandora’s Box of the Constitution.

It’s this simple, you want to destroy America you do it through the office of the President, and its working.

Glenn is correct about half the Country voting for Mitt Romney and the popular vote being shy for Mitt Romney only by 2 million. Rush is right about Obama being down 10 million votes from 2008 and Republicans still losing by 2 million votes. Who are Birthers?

I wonder if Glenn & Rush remember 10 days ago Donald Trump’s Charity offer for Barack Obama to release his pass port records and college entrance papers for the opportunity to have 5 Million Dollars contributed to any Charity?

Sandy victims could have really used that, but Obama refused and Donald said everyone would know he was right about Obama not being qualified to be President: Everyone but conservative talk show radio host? I don’t want to pick on Glenn and Rush and Sean and Fox but I have to. The writing is on the wall. Read it.

Glenn talks about the sacredness of the Constitution, but I wonder if he even realizes that if Mitt Romney had won last night, all of Obama’s corruption, all of the fraud and forgery represented in Obama’s identity would have passed into the bliss of United States History?

I thought to myself this cannot be. I believe in the long term of history Obama himself will regret ever even asking America to double down on his contortions and twist and fraud of the Constitution.

I believe Obama was close to a spot in history but he got greedy with asking for a second term, just like a thief going for the big ‘safe’ instead of settling for what’s in the till. Two terms is just too much time and the cops are coming and his hands in the cookie jar. He’s going to get caught.

God is indeed waking people up. Did you know I am a part of a Birther Movement that is the backbone of the Constitution? I am a minority in this Country in that I’m a Birther. However, our Constitution is the center of America and we are a Republic.
Do you know that a Republic, based upon the foundation of a Constitution, is not a mob rule democracy? If the majority of a population in a Republic chooses wrong, or is opposed to the Constitution, the majority loses in a Republic.

“I believe the best is yet to come”, Obama said. “Oh yes.. the best is indeed yet to come Obama, but I’m not sure you’re going to think it’s the best.”

The minority can survive in a Republic. Birthers are a minority in the Country, but we are in the right when it comes to the Constitution and Barack Obama not being a natural born citizen, qualified for the Office of the President.

As a minority in this Country, I have the rights engraved in the Constitution to stand against the majority. Any minority in this country should understand this.
Whoever you are as part of a minority in this Country, you have had a place to survive in America. It’s part of the American Dream.

Birthers, people who believed in the Constitution have been ridiculed, scorned, put in a corner, scoffed out, rejected, made fun of, swept under the carpet and worse…and the so called conservative part of this Country has been a part of that political massacre.

How are you feeling about that; conservative radio talk show hosts of America?
Have you seen the light now? Have you thought about joining the Birther movement or have you hardened your hearts further and doubled down on protecting the lies of Barack Obama while at the same time you are horrified by half of America not caring about the lies Barack Obama when it comes to Benghazi, while you and your half continue to sweep the lies of Obama’s identity under the carpet and call Birthers loony.

Do you care that the Dow is down 300 points? Do you care about the economy of this Country, or are you so convinced with the side of the Country your calling ‘defenders of Obama’s lies’, that it’s your way or the highway, the Constitution be damned when it comes to the demand for a natural born citizen in the office of the president of the United States?

If that’s the case Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh receiving every press release from my campaign for a year, please do us all a favor, and print signs that say “The Constitution – Gone - Rejected Here” and hang that up in your offices.

Do you remember from your history lessons in high school that a ‘natural born citizen is a person ‘born in the United States to Citizen parents’ and that Barack Obama is not qualified?

Do you remember that there was an honest Sheriff in the State of Arizona who actually investigated, with people who had professional criminal investigating qualifications, Obama’s lies and that I have a case in the United States Supreme Court with those findings? Will you continue to cover-up for the Usurper?

The truth is you don’t have to look anywhere but in a mirror to understand why Mitt Romney didn't win the election last night. God does not want Barack Obama to go down in history as a President of the United States that endorses fraud and forgery.
Why is that so hard for you to understand?

Are you so dumb that the Bill Clinton slogan, “It’s the economy stupid” is greater the foundation of the Constitution and it’s principles? “It’s the economy, it’s the economy, it’s the economy”, wow, have you underestimated the power of the United States Constitution. Have you underestimated The Birthers? No, No,..It’s not a question.
America has always been a place where minorities could come and feel protected by the Constitution of the United States but everyone who has called Birthers, citizens of this country who simply asked for you to take a stand for the Constitution who are a minority, crazy.

Well if every minority is considered ‘crazy’ by the GOP, based on the stand the GOP has taken with Obama endorsing his fraud and forgery and identity theft and obfuscation, then why would God reward them with the White House?

Take a minute and assume the best God position you can and ask yourself if the vision of this Country includes the Chief of the Executive Branch, not being qualified according to the Constitution.

13 of the 48 pages of The Constitution booklet are referenced to the Office of the President. Why am I telling you this Glenn , Rush, Sean, GOP.. Mitt Romney.
I think Mitt Romney is a ‘good guy’ too, but what choice did he give God?
He was sweeping the devils work under the carpet.. Mitt Romney was. Yeah, Mitt Romney didn't belief me. He said in the most doubting Thomas voice you can imagine.. “Come on Cody”.

Well, just imagine a minute an election without Barack Obama? Now tell me if the principles of the Constitution endorsed fraud and forgery when it comes to the qualification demands of the office of the President.

Can half the Country even VOTE for Barack Obama if he’s not on the Ballot?
Can the GOP do a better job at “endorsing amnesty”, “endorsing redistribution of the wealth’, ‘destroying businesses’, ‘covering everyone with mandates on health care’, and ‘raising taxes’ then the Democrats? I don’t think so!

Can the GOP do a better job at taking a stand for the Constitution? I sure think so, unfortunately I think the GOP is gone, and Gov. Mitt Romney along Sen. John McCain as Party nominees for President have destroyed their party beyond repair. Being President of the U.S. is much more than being a “Good Guy”.

Independents are going to have to go this alone. Come join us if you believe in the Constitution.


I want to thank you for tuning in, reading, watching, and most of all spreading this around.

UPDATE ON THE United States Supreme Court case Judy v. Obama Motion for Reconsideration found here:

Delivered to the United States Supreme Court Nov. 6th, 2012 at 11:05AM
Priority Mail®
November 06, 2012, 11:05 am
Expected Delivery By:
November 3, 2012
Delivery Confirmation™

Every American should be very happy that this action, Judy v. Obama 12-5276, was not made "moot" by a Mitt Romney win.

Cody Robert Judy


  1. thanks Cody Robert Judy, you described my sentiments exactly. I will be passing this along to everyone I can and asking them to read it and understand it.

  2. Great article. I am a birther also. Guess who the 1st birther was concerning Obama? Bill and Hillary Clinton were and O silenced them by threatening to kill their daughter.

  3. I also am a Birther. Do you know who the 1st birther was concerning Obama? Bill and Hillary Clinton. However, the Clinton's were threatened by O who said he would have their daughter killed if they spoke up.

  4. Glory to God Almighty for his wisdom!!! God bless you Mr Judy for seeking the truth!

  5. Nice commentary! Certainly as big as Beck and Rush talk; they were not around to support the Constitution as we birthers were. If such people and more would have spoken out; Obama may have been driven out of office. But, such did not happen. Here's the situation we now have, as I described in my tonight's blog:

    America’s voting electorate returned to swallow Obama’s political vomit