Thursday, November 1, 2012

SCOTUS Receives Motion for Reconsideration Judy v. Obama 12- 5276

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No. 12-5276

Supreme Court of the United States
Cody Robert Judy,
Barrack Obama
Brian Kemp
On Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court for the Eleventh Circuit

COMES NOW, the Petitioner, CODY ROBERT JUDY, pro se, and respectfully submits this MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION OF WRIT OF CERTIORARI based upon the unusual and even unlawful manner upon which these documents have been handled, in the following
circumstances of these particulars that have failed to appear on the Docket Report.

1- On July 1st, 2012-The Judy v. Obama Cert was filed with the Clerk with a letter to the Clerk stating “Dear Mr. Judy- The above-entitled petition for a writ of certiorari was received again on June 28th, 2012, and is herewith returned for the reason stated in my letter May 17th,2012. Sincerely William K. Suter, Clerk – By Gail Johnson” . Clerk Missed Docketing the entire case.

2- On July 30th,2012- Petitioner submitted an EMERGENCY MOTION governed by Court procedure July 30th,2012 also with a letter to the Clerk, that was not posted as such by the Court Clerk on the docket, but rather posted on the docket for all the Public to see as an addition or supplement brief to the WRIT OF CERTIORARI, rather than an EMERGENCY MOTION that took precedence over and above body of the case. Missing on the Docket Report.

3- On September 6th ,2012- Petitioner CODY ROBERT JUDY submitted a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts RECONSIDERATION: Standing Mixed up in Conference Sep. 24th Judy v. Obama 12-5276 & Emergency Motion not ruled upon violating Court procedure. This was not docketed by the Court Clerks, and is nowhere to be seen on the Record Judy v. Obama 12-5276.

There was no legal reason for which the WRIT should have been returned, and the proof of that was that the document was received by the Court without any corrections in my July 14th Letter to the Court, both of these letters expressed the concern that Justice was being thwarted and my case was being severely discriminated against in an unlawful and injudicious way that violated Court procedure and that by these actions my case was being removed from the Justices until the following Session which was a manipulation of the election suited strategically in the Defendants favor ultimately breaking restraint of the political doctrine question that favored the Defendant from the get-go.

Further proof of this exists in that the Case Weldon v. Obama was given a case number 2 weeks prior to Petitioner’s case Judy v. Obama. Now the Weldon appeal was also from the Georgia Supreme Court. Petitioner beliefs that the Judy case was finally given a case number because the Weldon case from Georgia was granted a case number, and would provide a cover for dismissing his case due to an unqualified or non-competitive standing issue.

There was no monetary damages that was asked for or that accrued in Weldon v. Obama case as compared to the 20 MILLION DOLLARS worth of damages accrued in Judy v. Obama making the 2 cases completely different, and showing a complete lack of justice in that all the lower Courts systematically considered the two cases together in their judgment, an unprecedented and extreme injudicious action that represented such a far and wildly odd departure from Justice that it would be considered a para-normal abrogation of justice suited in the extremes of say sentencing 1st degree murder felony cases with the same penalty as misdemeanors cases.

On September 6th ,2012 Petitioner CODY ROBERT JUDY submitted a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts RECONSIDERATION: Standing Mixed up in Conference Sep. 24th Judy v. Obama 12-5276 & Emergency Motion not ruled upon violating Court procedure. This was not docketed by the Court Clerks, and is nowhere to be seen on the Record Judy v. Obama 12-5276.

Further prejudices are provided upon the record of injustice, for example: Due to the Court Clerk’s mistake of not granting Judy v. Obama a case number before Weldon v. Obama with no legal excuse, Mr. Judy was forced into the Fall Session of the Court’s Conference schedule. Because Petitioner’s case is/was/ and continues to be suited in the terms of the 2012 ELECTION, with him as a candidate in the same party contesting the very eligibility of Barack Obama, with the consideration of election dates, Petitioner submitted an EMERGENCY MOTION governed by the Court procedure July 30th,2012 also with a letter to the Clerk, that was not posted as such by the Court Clerk on the docket, but rather posted on the docket for the Public as an addition or supplemental Brief to the WRIT OF CERTIORARI, rather than an EMERGENCY MOTION that took precedence over and above body of the case.

As such the EMERGENCY MOTION was not ruled upon, never has been ruled upon, and because it was not ruled upon, warrants a complete RECONSIDERATION by the Justices of the Court without the hindrance or cover of Weldon v. Obama suited as a distraction or subversion by which justice could so easily be sacrificed on the altar representing a disembowelment and quartering of all the United States Supreme Court Justices.

In 2011 it was published and made known to the United States that the 10th Circuit had dismissed Keyes (Barnett) v. Obama due to what the defense called no active Presidential Candidate, holding that if an active candidate with competitive standing filed that the ‘qualifications’ of a candidate as a ‘natural born citizen’ challenged might be undertaken as a judicial contemplation on the merits of precedent, otherwise, no such contemplation could possibly be justified by the Courts.

Judy v. Obama provided that KEY ingredient with a 20 MILLION dollar campaign and contributions coming in from all over the United States of America from concerned citizens actively building and contributing their hard earned dollars in determination that existed in the root Constitutional demand that the Office of the President of the United States of America only be occupied by a ‘natural born citizen’. Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen, and the legislative precedent has thwarted every and any attempt to amend the Constitution in its demand for such.

The Judicial Branch has an obligation and judicial duty of upholding the legislative Branches demand, or declaring it Unconstitutional with more respect and honor than a cowardice DENIAL, stamped with unprecedented prejudice representing a slithering creeping consummate beheading Lady Justice in front of the Citizens of the United States simply wanting their vote to count on an eligible candidate.

If that’s too much to ask for, or for some God forsaken reason is too beneath the Justices of the Court to consider worthy their devout consideration, then Petitioner prays to God with the fervent religious sentiment and protections granted him to do so, that every one of those Cowardice Bastards of Hell will be slaughtered in the disrespectful way in which they have treated their offices, and that in every orifice of their body, a copy of the Constitution will be stuffed, that through the timeless eternities of the after-life they may gaze down upon their bodies and always remember the reasons that they met such gruesome fate. They simply didn’t take seriously enough their jobs, and that rather than resign their duties to worthy and choice men and women, they chose of their own free will and volition to desecrate the highest office of the land, protected by the Supreme Law of the Land, scratching their memories into the annals of history as DOMETIC ENEMIES of the United States of America.

If Petitioner, the Contributors to his campaign, and all the Democratic Party, and Citizenry voting for Barack Hussein Obama under the dereliction and auspices of the most corrupt forgery and fraud every perpetrated upon the Citizenry of the Untied States of America, are to be subjected to such horror and blatant discrimination, prejudice, malcontent, and utter corrupt usurpation of justice, then, in the spirit of “JUSTICE FOR ALL”, would not the Justices themselves consider their decision equal to such a fate as the Petitioner has outlined?

While there is no other Court to appeal this decision to, and We The People in this action, have done all in our power to appeal to the reason and sensibility of our own law, and heretofore finding no answer of integrity, justice, and honor, we must sentence this application to God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, with our most humble supplication, that we should be held blameless before him, and that our record stands as a witness against you as Tyrants of the Supreme Law of the Land, and that while you may escape the edicts of men you will not escape his eye, and that the very Earth under you may open her mouth wide and bury you alive, unless you hearken to your sensibility, and reason, and regain your faculty of mind which at the very least shows honorable courtesy to entertain the MOTIONS presented.

Signed and Submitted this Nov. 1st, 2012-11-01 ______________________________________
Petitioner/pro se/ /s/CODY ROBERT JUDY


  1. Another example of why Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and the National Review all call birthers crazy.

  2. Well, 3 things I think a Court should do .. address motions and make decisions and keep an honest docket report. If that's too much to ask for, step aside.

    I liked your comment, especially today. ;) Glenn Beck was making fun of Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart for making fun of him for telling people to get a food storage, and life support system for at least 3 days.

    Glenn Beck said.."how do you feel now Steven..How do you feel now Jon? With people in New York without water and food and Obama flying in for a photo op.?"

    Well, your absolutely right about Glenn Beck and the National Review.. Ann's coming around though.

    The point is be very careful of what you laugh and make fun of, because it often comes home to haunt you in away you sure didn't expect.

    So Birthers maybe at the bottom of the food chain as far as 'political laughs'.. if I were you I'd be wondering how in the world all the people who made fun of them, laughed at them, scorned them , ridiculed them, could ever find themselves regretting that action?

    Answer that question and you might find an answer that is less expensive for the general public then what's coming down the pike.

  3. Nevertheless, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and the National Review have all called birthers crazy, and not one of them has changed her or his mind. And the Conservative secretary of state of Arizona asked Hawaii to confirm that it has Obama's birth certificate on file and to confirm specific facts on the birth certificate that the White House published, and Hawaii did. And, guess what, the conservative secretary of state of Arizona stated that that was indeed evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii and that Obama will be on the ballot in Arizona.


    1. The most amazing thing about this link is that there is such a disagreement between what constitutes "using your brain", and that in order to "prove" a point that Birthers don't have any faculties, the most unusual things are compared, to associate a likeness to the reader.

      What's never questioned are things like , 'why are all the passinger records missing on the flights during the week of Obama's birth?'.. wow! Yeah their just Ghost!

      Why has Obama himself used a forged long form birth certificate? Why do you create a PDF File with 9 layers to it. That is just STUPID!

      Why has Obama's law license been revoked?

      Why doesn't his social security card pass e-verify?

      Why is his draft registration such an anomaly?

      Why is transparency so non-transparent with Obama's college records, passport records?


  5. I appreciate your comments. You know the biggest criticism, maybe its not really a criticism either, of anti-birthers, is that they always 'think' that somehow Obama has successfully overridden the Constitution. That somehow, getting away with going 75 in a 15 mph school zone is good because Obama's done it.

    Does speeding through a school zone and getting away with it make it right?

    If someone continues a pattern of speeding through a school zone at 80mph, how likely are the chances that an accident will occur?

    When it does occur, will you then think, "its not wise to go 80mph in a school zone?"

    It will be too late..damage will occur that will be devastating. The "natural born citizen' clause was given to us in our Constitution as a protection for our 'national security'.

    Obama is a walking talking violation of it.

    Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, National Review, AZ SOS, are simply saying with their words against Birthers, right now, that they don't think Obama's going to get caught going 80mph through a 15 mph school zone.

    Wait till one of their kids or someone close gets hurt. You'll hear a different tune from them.

    Glenn Beck said today the the GOP was pretty far away from the trunk of the tree. He's also seeing the light..little by little.

    You do realize that you are glorifying and celebrating with great glee someone who has offered a forgery for a long form birth certificate to the American Public.

    Perhaps you enjoy the fact that anyone that votes for Obama will have wasted their vote on an ineligible candidate..whose not a natural born citizen.

    I'm not even sure you'd realize it if Obama came up to you, picked your pockets, stole your car, ripped all your childrens' inheritances away, and asked you to vote for him, if you'd think for a minute.. "Hey, wait a minute. I like the truth. I like honesty. I like people who treat me with respect and obey the laws of the land."

    Because Obama has lied to you, stole from you, and sold your children 5 Trillion dollars down the river.

    Your celebrating and voting for criminal actions.

    Does that even make sense to you? If someone else does it, like Glenn Beck, does that make it right for you?

    Come on.. Do you know anyone whose had 2600 hours of law enforcement investigations done on their long form birth certificate, their draft registration, their social security card.. that has had BIGGER PROBLEMS with it then Obama? Why do you suppose that is?