Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Trump 5 Million Dollar BIRTHER VOTE Coming Down Election Home Stretch

The HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Trump 5 Million Dollar BIRTHER VOTE Coming Down Election Home Stretch

Donald Trump Didn't Lie -5 MILLION CHARITY CHALLENGE TO OBAMA Could Very Well Determine Election and is as I'll show you BIGGER than Romney and Obama combined.

Call it what you want, but Donald Trump didn't lie. Mr. Trump said on his teaser, before releasing his Major Announcement, that the Media would cover it and that it could very well determine the election.

On my October 23rd,2012 Blog piece we read " If you haven't heard the BIG in Donald Trump has a reputation. “Fox & Friends” Monday, a night before the third and final Presidential Debate Donald Trump said that his news could “possibly” impact the November election but did not provide any more details.

Just four days after the big announcement Donald Trump's video challenge to Obama has more hits on YouTube than all of the rest of Trumps videos'combined, near 6.2 million eclipsing the 5.5 Million hits of the other 109 videos his station had before the video was posted.

From Trumps YouTube Station inception in 2006 it had garnered around 5.5 million and in just 4 days now stands at 11,652,255 (Sunday 9pm Oct 28th 2012). Let's take a little closer look at what's happened here, looking at another contrast: The Candidates most popular commercials on YouTube.



A quick look at the 30 Second Mitt Romney most popular commercial on YouTube that has garnered some 1,397,434 HITS


BIG Bird 3,473,567 HITS

This shows Donald Trump's Obama 5 MILLION DOLLAR Identity Charity Challenge BIGGER then Mitt Romney and Barack Obama's biggest commercials hits combined!

Now what can we manage from this very sophisticated scientific data? Well, obviously Mitt Romney wants the Birthers to come down on his side come election day. Obama has absolutely no way to gain that popular support but if Birthers stay home and don't vote it would help Obama out much more than the same action would hurt Romney.

As Donald Trump has endorsed Mitt Romney it seems a clear indication that Romney is doing everything he can to amass the popular support of those who are undecided.

With independent voters breaking more to the conservative side, it seems the Identity Charity Challenge Donald Trump has issued was made more on the Constitution's side then it was made on Obama's, and thus was done to entice the conservative views of Birthers and Tea Party Citizens alike.

With the election coming around for the home stretch, I'm sure Mitt Romney could use the Birther Movement votes and Donald Trump's Obama 5 Million Dollar Identity Charity Challenge, while having little affect upon the media who has marginalized the Birther vote, has garnered very big results with this movement.

This as Donald Trump said and promised, could well indeed affect the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election. If Trump's video was monetized for about .80 cents a hit, he well could have raised the 5 Million Dollars for the Challenge and would not have had to put a dime out of his own money.

One could say that the Donald Trump BIRTHER VOTE was indeed the BIGGEST BIRD.

Cody Robert Judy


  1. Birther votes go to Romney regardless.

    Trump should modify his offer to give $1M, up to $5M total, for anyone who can provide an ACTUAL BC for O from Hawaii, info about O's college financing, O's college applications, O's passport information, true records surrounding O's draft registration, legal papers written by O at Harvard, etc.

  2. That sounds like a good suggestion. Who knows what will come after Halloween? I was puzzled at the reasoning that his offer was until Halloween.

  3. I don't know about that, but I'd pay good money if every birther in the country took turns playing Russian Roulette.

  4. @Anonymous "Good Money"
    Well, why your hatred is spilling over, its interesting to understand that in a week one of the candidates from either the R's or D's will be a big loser., have absolutely nothing to show for their work, and will have made the equivalent of flushing millions of dollars down the drain.
    The upside, that Choice, keeps us out of the 1 Party 1 Candidate rule.
    Birthers started from the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton's objections on McCain who I also sued in Federal Court.
    Would your objective game of Russian Roulette include those who supported her, or is it localized to those who appose Obama?

    Your perspective on this will shed a big light on where your intellect is, and whither you have any kind of fondness for the United States Constitution whatsoever?