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Election Challenge Presents: Has Justice been Jacked in America Women?

Election Challenge Presents: Has Justice been Jacked in America?

I pledge of allegiance to the flag – Of the United States of America – and to the Republic for which it stands- One Nation – Under God – Indivisible with liberty – And Justice for all.

Our Pledge of allegiance ends with a profound statement encompassing every American with justice. So what does it tell you about what’s happening to justice in America when a simple definition of a ‘natural born citizen’- ‘born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents’- has thus far been hi-jacked by the occupant of the White House as well as the Courts?

Well, I’ve run for President in 2008, and 2012, and have begun 2016 and I tell you justice has thus far escaped me as an American in the demand that only a ‘natural born citizen’ could qualify according to the Constitution Article II Section 1,Clause 5 for the office of President.

The problem with that, and the reason you should be concerned, is that justice has escaped you also. Justice for you has been jacked for quite some time.

On January 4th, 2013 the United States Supreme Court meets in conference to discuss a couple of things regarding my case Judy v. Obama 12-5276. Among them the ripeness of the case, the competitive standing of the petitioner (me), and the reconsideration ultimately that the Courts can’t have it both ways as far as the ‘natural born citizen’ qualification demand for the Office of the President.

Justice can’t demand the ‘natural born citizen’ qualification for the office of the President be upheld in denying a ‘naturalized citizen’ the ability to run for President as the case in a Sept.28, 2012 ruling in the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia Hassan v. F.E.C;11-2189, by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, in principled terms concurring that the ‘natural born citizen’ qualification demand for the Office of the President within the Constitution’s Article II, Sect. I., Clause 5 had not been “trumped, abrogated and implicitly repealed” by, the Equal Protection guarantee of the Fifth Amendment and the Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, as was the case by an Administrative Court ruling in Judy v. Obama, the subsequent Superior Court, and Georgia Supreme Court holding that the 14th Amendment did in fact over-rule the ‘natural born citizen’ qualification demand for the Office of the President within the Constitution’s Article II, Sect. I., Clause 5.

There could not be a plainer simpler determination to see in the presumption that justice has been jacked.

It seems that just as soon as the name Barack Obama is not included in the action before the Court that all of a sudden the Court upholds the ‘natural born citizen’ qualification as a standard that demands no foreign influence in the office by birth or parents. This is how it was suppose to be as the unique demand for’ natural born citizen’ only exists for the President and Vice President Office and is not a part of the qualifications for the Offices for House of Representatives or U.S. Senate.

The Constitution itself in the clause lays bare the exception to a ‘natural born citizen’ occupying the Office of the President as it declares that ‘a citizen’ is able to occupy the office if the person was not a ‘natural born citizen’ prior to the signing of the Constitution.

The Judicial Branch of our Government has long been held as the Branch most dedicated to upholding justice for individuals. The Courts is where we go when we have been wronged rather than the gun cabinet as was so often frequented in the Wild West. We are a nation of laws and our Constitution has long been held the factor that made the United States ‘indivisible’ in our pledge of allegiance as we uphold that as the Supreme Law of the Land.

Of course States could vary on many issues, but upon the United States Constitution every State and every Political Party for that matter came together lest civil war unfurl its banners with death and mayhem being carried out dividing us in our own backyards as a Republic.

Ask yourself if you’re questioning that document if you’d appreciate a few States being allowed to incorporate slavery again? Women’s suffrage? 2nd Amendment Right to bare arms? Or even prohibition?

Hollywood might engage support in terminating weapons meant to throw off a repressive Government clearly out of step with the Supreme Law of the land, however, just as soon as you remove the ability for them to use weapons in the movies, or curtail free speech in a Hollywood Drama in anyway including Broke Back Mountain, you might see Hollywood reaching for and supporting the 2nd Amendment very quickly with an aim that is very sharp.

Yes, it’s just a matter of liberty and freedom when it really comes down to it that is very important to all of us. This freedom and liberty has unleashed Hollywood to spectacular heights in the eye of the world but those heights also mean that the fall can be a painful one if our Constitution is not upheld.

I’m sure they get it and don’t need a lecture from me, accept sometimes people think they can have it both ways. In the past we have done a pretty good job in maintaining balance in America which is not easy. You've got to want it badly. The forces against women especially are continually urging for repression and the defense is continually assaulted.

That’s why it pains me so bad to see especially women standing against the United States Constitution in the demand for a “natural born citizen” in the Office of the President. I mean you want to talk about slavery again, putting a veil over your face, losing your right to vote as a citizen, and a return to the dark ages, those who voted for Obama seem to have no clear idea of exactly what a termination of the Constitution means to them personally or the effect upon our Constitution through the office of the President.

Yes, I have long been denied justice in my runs for President. I have long been denied a fair race. Obama has seen himself as an exception to the rule of law. Many courts have seen that and concurred. Obama’s lie about being a ‘natural born citizen’ is probably only surmounted by his lie to women that he does not want to see them stripped of their citizenship.

If actions speak louder than words, and they do, it is clear or should be clear, that not holding up the Constitution in the demand for a ‘natural born citizen’ in the office of the President is just as good as wiping away a women’s citizenship completely. There is no better way to get the task done.

You don’t think he’d do it? Well, you must be very good at lying to yourself, and to others, to have this lie perpetrated against you. Obama is a perpetrator in your house- the same house that has protected women’s rights in the United States Constitution.

Here’s the question: How long are you willing to wait for justice to roll around to hearing your cry again? How long are you comfortable weeping? 2008-2012-2016, have you ever thought about how many years it will take you to gain justice again for your plight if the Constitution is null and void?

And the worst part of it? It was done by your own hand…your own vote.

I am the biggest advocate for women’s rights you have at your disposal. I have been serving you in all the years that I have been denied justice in this fight to defend the ‘natural born citizen’ clause of the Constitution for the Office of the President. I pray to God that my suffering won’t translate into your suffering, because once that takes place I cannot guarantee that you won’t be denied justice just the same as I have been denied justice for as many years and that is pain I don’t want to see you experience…again.

Doritos- Has Justice been Jacked Women?

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