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SCOTUS Election Challenge 2012-United States Judges banking on the Wrong Buck?

SCOTUS Election Challenge 2012 presents:
United States Judges Banking on the Wrong Buck?

As the breaking of the dawn unfurls upon a New Year sliding across the Nation as a dark shadow giving way to the light, we contemplate January 4th wherein two big things are going to happen: 1) Congress by HJ 122 resolution has agreed to count the electoral college vote rather then January 6th or 7th or 8th: & 2) The United States Supreme Court will take into Conference Judy v. Obama 12-5276 which is basically an election challenge to Barack Obama's eligibility for the Office of the President made by another candidate for President, myself,Cody Robert Judy. This is a good time for all of us to contemplate our futures.

A Day late and a Dollar short many United States Judges have been hedging on upholding the Constitution in the Barack Obama eligibility scandal banking on the buck of futures, understanding what many have called the 'death knell' in a ruling that actually upheld the Constitution's demand for a 'natural born citizen' in the Office of the President as demanded by Article II,Section 1,Clause 5.

Denial of due process, discrimination against other presidential candidates, upholding voter fraud, elections fraud,identification fraud,document fraud,social security fraud,contributions under false identification fraud, all have roots in upholding Obama's occupancy in the White House over and above the Constitution's demand that only a 'natural born citizen', born in the U.S. to Citizen parents, or absent all foreign influence as natural law affords, dawn the Office of the President.

In an abbreviated form its a type of domestic terrorism or assault upon the United States Constitution. In the long form the hole gets deeper; the Judges banking on future appointments and rewards.

One of the most logically upheld statutes that has not been assaulted in the Constitution, which I think may even be harder to overcome than the 'natural born citizen' clause, is the "two-term" limitation of the President. Bill Clinton couldn't over come that one.

If we do have to wait it out another four years those Judges are in fact banking on the very short term of Barack Obama's tenure, which will indeed be replaced. Case in point, pit-bull attorney Larry Klayman, a former Justice Department prosecutor and the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch- authoring latest book called “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment.”, recently cited in a WND article:

[In a recently filed case in Florida, which I timely filed for Democrat Michael Voeltz, following Obama’s latest fraudulent caper in the Nov. 6, 2012, presidential election, the Leon County Circuit Court judge, the Honorable (sic) Kevin Carroll, even said as much in his week-old, two and a half page, hastily written order dismissing the case – where he made reference to his former Circuit Court “judicial buddy” having been recently nominated and sworn in by Obama as a federal court judge to preside in a courthouse down the street. Carroll obviously hopes that his largesse toward Obama will someday similarly reward him with a federal judgeship as well.]

When betting on the Buck, Obama's horns are about two years away from being a lame duck anyway, so I'm not so sure he's the right Buck to bet on? Americans have a really nice way of patiently waiting for justice. It may not come tomorrow as we hoped, but it will come!

Which of these Bucks would you bet on for the future, one who has about two years to go, or one whose got about eight years of future in the White House?

I don't know what god these Judges are praying to, their religious practice is not my concern, but they may need religion a lot sooner then they supposed on the record of their performances against the United States Constitution in the biggest scandal to hit this Nation's history books. Their bet on futures is about as stupid as placing it all on a two point buck deer rather than and eight point buck deer who waits just inside the tree-line obscure from view right now.

When the truth comes out, and the truth always comes out, I don't think these men and women will be able to get a job judging a rodeo or an elementary art contest. Their careers are in ruins already, they simply haven't got the memo yet and that should be the message to Judges across the Nation who swore oaths to the Constitution; not Obama.We should not discriminate against Obama for not being a natural born citizen. Obama deserves the truth of the Constitution just like anyone else.

You know another up and coming President appointed and elected by WE THE PEOPLE, just might unfurl the biggest ring of impeachment trials this Nation has ever seen! Where in the hell will these Judges hide? I can tell you right now as I recall a scripture verse that says something more about the caves and rocks rather than under a desk.

Klayman put it very nicely I thought:

"As of last Friday, despite the urgency of resolving Voeltz’s presidential election challenge, Judge Carroll was still sitting on our motion for rehearing, despite our renewed emergency request to grant us a hearing, vacate his dismissal order and allow my client Voeltz due process of law. According to his assistant, with whom I spoke late that day, the judge was indeed in his office all week, perhaps now hiding under his desk for cover. Unfortunately for Judge Carroll, it’s only a matter of time when he can no longer run and hide from the law or, if that doesn't work, the wrath of those patriotic Americans who will call him to legal account in an appropriate, peaceful way.

Revelations 6:16 says it more boldly: "And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:"

Now why on God's green Earth would the Lamb of God have cause to wrath, or anger? And what could we infer about those who make a mockery out of justice in our courts and that saying about the warped judgement being whipped out of courts?

Was that John 2:15? Something about "Jesus made a whip from some ropes and chased them all out of the Temple-King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)traders whom the covetous priests and rulers encouraged to make a market-place of its courts.." - huh? That's kind of interesting.

These traitors.. oh I mean traders where doing unholy things in places they ought naught be doing them, I guess, is a way to look at it.

So if a Judge in a Court of law basically over-rides the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land, that would be cause for the people to elect someone who would see to it that justice was restored to the Courts and the best way to do that would be to see to it that Judges who "winked" in the biggest case of United States elections fraud be impeached or undergo impeachment trials?

Seems to me a President who is in charge of the Executive Branch of Government could bring such Trials to Congress and an Attorney General.

Well, the bottom line is that Eric Holder isn't going to be the Attorney General forever and Barack Obama is indeed not going to be in the Office of the President forever, but these Judges have made decisions which really need to be given some due process.

If ever there was a demand made by a Judge for attention, I'm thinking the biggest fraud in United States history just might deserve that kind of attention in a few short years.

I only have one thing to say about that, "Good luck with that future investment you're making because I think that it would be an understatement to say, "there will be all hell to pay", from a future American President elected by the people. They may find themselves gift wrapped and sent to China as a large down payment on our debt.

There are many things I actually look up to China, as well as Mormons for: Frugality and Industry, are staples in their diets. The good people who cultivate this for their children are to be admired. On the flip side the gluttonous actions in Washington DC are often embarrassing to us when it comes to these principles that are sound and wise.

Of course $500 dollars a month to build apple computers, that includes overtime, may be half of what American's minimum wage jobs pay and maybe seen as a luxurious job in China for a million people but I'm pretty sure that's not minimum wage in America, and Mormons might not take the freedom of speech literally in their religious meetings if someone calls out the abbreviation of the Book Of Mormon or B.O.M. in their meetings backed up with evidence, but they are trying to improve these things as religious sentiment is expressed. I think my case 20 years ago was the last one that put someone away for that. Man did I ever 'LEARN' to appreciate the Constitution there! Sadly, it took losing my rights for me to pay attention, but I am now grateful for the experience. Its taken a long time for me to say that, and understand it.

I think my example of more time in prison then many murderers with the Constitution locked up as well, when it came to evidence, cementing a union of church and state,as well as my sincere apologies have sufficed to shut people up. I certainly do not want to defend any hypocrisy and when I'm wrong I admit it, which is what I'm wondering about all these judges betting on Barack Obama on the side of hypocrisy towards our Constitution and the absolute fraud of a "natural born citizen" Obama is? This obstruction of justice has taken our Nation and set it off balance and our debt is a symptom of the sickness.

As we struggle to find our balance, I am so proud of Americans who have cut up their credit cards, or have decided that insurmountable debt is a weight that is near to slavery and miserable, and that a pay-as-you-go-balance can afford a much healthier lifestyle of happiness. We as Americans desire this health and freedom which is accompanied with liberty for our future.

We have integrity and want to pay off our debts, but we cannot be shackled down by the intolerable glutton our Government has become made so by the decisions as comparable to the corruption of foreign metals in the purifying process of gold that have burned us and sold entire generations into bondage.

Let me take this time to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!

Cody Robert Judy
A New Ride

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