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SCOTUS Election Challenge: Obama’s Operation to Amputate

SCOTUS Election Challenge: Obama’s Operation to Amputate

The progressive war on women continues with the Obama Administration as Obama considers a plethora of restrictions this week on the public’s right to bear arms, protected by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, Joe Biden has corralled as recommendations just waiting for the Executive Order and signature of Obama – a candidate for President who fails the ‘natural born citizen’ clause of the Constitution occupying the White House, whose using a social security number assigned from Connecticut and never has been a resident there, whose own attorneys are on record reporting his long form birth certificate is a forgery- whose own draft registration has been called by a criminal investigation of law enforcement altered.

Coming on the heels of Obama’s executive order granting him tax-payer funded Secret Service protection for life, The Sandy-Hook slaughter has had a major affect upon an emboldened Administration for restrictions against those suffering “any” mental health problems targeting and profiling the guns of any household with persons on mental health medications.

Now why would the Administration want to target all house-holds with anyone taking mental health prescribed drugs if they didn’t trust the drugs? It boils down to an assault upon the female gender or a complete lack of faith in the mental health drugs.

Statistically the major portions of the population suffering from mental health issues are predominantly women. In fact in Utah considered by many to be per capita the psycho-tropic capital of the United States it would easily dis-arm half of the population and house-holds. In fact about 25 or so guns caught in security checks out of Utah airports and the rest of the nation here.

Wither women are more likely to go see a psychiatrist for marital problems in counseling, more vulnerable to depression, more sensitive spiritually, or weaker in a physical confrontation, it all boils down to the female populations weaknesses that this administration is targeting and profiling because they would be the most affected by such an executive order.

How is this unwanted advance on gun and Wallmart ammo control and household gun confiscation to effect Women who have been sexually assaulted, raped, and been prescribed any psychiatric medication for stress? If signed into law, these women would be considered a sever risk to carry hand-guns, and their house-holds could be stripped of arms their husbands could use to protect them, leaving no protection other then steak-knives and base ball bats. Assaults happen within 5 minutes and so the police are nowhere in range to help.

Post traumatic syndrome, rape victims, an aunt, mother, teen-ager treated for depression, memory loss, forgetfulness, amnesia under the roof of any man who is a hunter and owner of guns would necessarily have to give up the guns in the household. If the Doctor didn’t ask you about guns in your home when prescribing such meds, then Doctors could be prosecuted for a felony.

Now Birthers have called these spécificités of Obama’s background that would prohibit his 2nd Amendment right to own, buy, or use a firearm because of a failed back ground check , a concern warranting criminal investigations, but it’s not fair to call Obama a criminal for hiding under the umbrella and cover of identity fraud simply because it hasn’t been prosecuted.

Newly elected Utah Attorney General John Swallow has invited an investigation by the United States Attorney General’s office in the alleged bribery scandal opened by testimony of Jeremy Johnson to eliminate any doubt of wrong doing; however Obama remains fearful of any Congressional hearings in his identity problems and an open court review of the qualification demands of the Office of the President. Why is Obama so fearful of this review in open court or Congress?

In Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Lance Armstrong’s came a review from Psychologist suggesting Lance’s personality dis-order highlighted by the ability to lie for years about taking performance enhancement drugs could have been the result of child hood trauma. Lance Armstrong hasn't just denied ever using performance enhancing drugs, he has done so in an indignant, even threatening way much the way Obama has treated Birthers. Both may be suffering from narcissism because they must be loved , have to be adored , have the ability lie to a camera, feels the truth has no value, and have built up a huge following on the lies that are told and thus the expectations are demanding. Now Armstrong may be cornered by the U.S. State Department for damages as a rep for the post office.

No one wants that kind of person, or the criminally insane armed and in the White House as President? Institutionalized persons can’t pass a back ground check, but neither could Obama if you run his social security number or honored his Jakarta State adoption by step-father Lolo Soetoro which allowed him to enroll and attend school. Now what good are records if we are just going to ignore them? Make no mistake Obama wants “your” medical records though?

Now, radio show host Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck continue to raise the warning signs of Obama’s dictatorial and tyrannical behavior, that most believing in the Constitution would call ‘insane’ and more then wrong-doing but a ‘crime’ and he’s in the White House! Do you see how fast the “label” of someone can affect you personally?

Recently former Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman has made association with the“No Label” conference aimed at helping people find solutions rather than so much ideology with party and many Americans are getting sick of the Republican and the Democrat Parties. Obama seeks to label people, in a divide and conquer mentality and with that label "mental health" confiscate the house-holds weapons and suspend the Constitution. It’s no secret Obama’s own lies are to be permitted while Birthers telling the truth are put down. Labels are and can be more often used by the dictates of the eyes of the beholder. That is why Obama must be held accountable to the Constitution.

Rush and Glen both say there’s a thing called The Constitution and that it is a bulwark of law. Now they say executive orders are not meant for the President to get around or violate the Constitution. The Constitution defines our Country. It holds our country together. Obama’s signed 23 Executive Orders ( 144 total) on guns in the usurpation of the Constitution because no one will stand up against that? If Congress doesn’t stand up for the Constitution the Office of the President can wipe them, and all their work, out by executive order.

Executive Orders are not supposed to break the law, change the law, and they certainly are not meant to grant unfettered dictatorial power. The Legislative Branch is supposed to be the Branch writing laws. I want you to understand this.
Rush and Glenn both want you to know they would not lie to you either. Big question then: Why aren’t they Birthers? Why do they cover for Obama’s violating the Constitution in the natural born citizen clause in the Constitution?

So all that needs to happen is “accusations” of your mental unfitness by a doctor who orders and then prescribes a medications and bam your Constitutional Rights are non-existent? Should any women have a right to own a gun? Once you suffered from depression can’t you always be susceptible- once an alcoholic always an alcoholic? Glenn Beck admits he could fall off the wagon tomorrow. This is the mentality that has no bounds in its ability to suspend your rights by doctor’s orders, and thus your right to bear arms.

Do Doctors ever make mistakes referenced as SRE's (serious re-portable events)? Oh I think there were only half a million people mis-identified and operated on last year that were mistakenly assumed by doctors needing treatments like amputations and organ transplants. The wrong patients woke up without spleens or limbs that had been cut off accidentally, or an instrument sewed up inside them. With mental health issues you only need to look at the law suits of particular mental health medications recommended actually causing harm to know when it comes to chemistry many Doctors are actually shooting in the dark and to think that blindfolded they could actually prohibit your Constitutional rights is pretty legitimate for what American patriots would call political insanity.

How do you define “mental illness”? “Paranoia” often is a symptom of a mental health dis-order and many main stream media commentators who have called for confiscations of weapons from any household where mental health medications have been prescribed are indeed suffering from a delusional fear of safety and security. We don’t ban cars because of car accidents, but the solution to dis-arming all house-holds who have under the roof someone taking mental health drugs is actually palatable? How in the world is taking away from women the right to arm themselves against attackers palatable?

This gets into an assault upon religious beliefs to. Do you believe in the Holy Ghost? If you do, you need psychiatric medication? If you believe Mary conceived baby Jesus by Holy Conception are you insane? If you believe Moses received the 10 Commandments from God’s holy finger are you insane? You see how fast the entire Country can be called by an atheist believing doctor insane and in need of “psychiatric medication” and thus needs to be dis-armed?

How many people with mental dis-orders now won’t trust their doctors? I’d say Obama has done more to ruin the patient doctor relationship then any single person occupying the White House in the last month. When you consider the confiscation of guns and ammunition on every house-hold or under any roof where there is a person with a mental health issue you’re basically with one executive order able to dis-arm more than 50% of the population now armed. That’s why Obama’s going after the women on the mental health issue.

Lithium – Prozac – all the anxiety and depression drugs once used to help people now are used to target, profile and dis-arm American households. How’s that for progressive?

Now, why go over all of this, why discuss it? Well, the most important part of selecting a president is to find someone who understands these threats to your security. These are threats to your free speech, your right to bear arms, even your right to worship freely. These fundamental inalienable rights are under direct assault by Obama and he is unqualified for the Office of the President.

If your security demands upholding the Constitution then you have to find a President who at least understands the Constitution and isn’t a walking talking violation of the Constitution. People talk about people who have died because of guns, what about the people who have died for our Constitution? Has the Gov. of New York forgotten them in the Cuomo bill?

Statistically, Sandy-Hook is an anomaly but it doesn’t relieve the grief of the families bearing the grief and loss of their households; however, no law can bring them back to life again either.

How many of those parents seeing a perpetrator walk through their front door wouldn’t want a gun or use a gun to protect their children in a dangerous situation? I haven’t seen any suggestions such as a push button alarm put under every teacher’s desk that could sound a siren distracting a would-be perpetrator much like a bank has that notifies officials of a bank robber? Doesn’t it make more sense to protect our children then it does to protect our money? That makes more sense than dis-arming women who have suffered attacks based on their receiving any help in prescribed medications.

Laws are only as good as they are enforced and Obama’s occupation in the White House as an unqualified person for the Office of the President is a perfect shining example on the Hill that no matter the executive order or law passed by Congress we have an example in the White House of just how to get around the law rather than live by the law.

This has been the cause of my action in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 in the United States Supreme Court, which has thus far been evaded by the Court. The Chief Justice of the Untied States Supreme Court- Justice John Roberts received this letter today in the action.
Your item was delivered at 10:50 am on January 15, 2013 in WASHINGTON, DC 20543.


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