Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon TWIN Bombing Foretold to Media and Authorities - They Failed to Respond to the Warning

In a major press release going out to some 150 news outlets and political organizations ALL OVER THE COUNTRY the ominous character of the Boston Marathon twin bombings, as it is being related to which also invokes memories of the Twin Towers on 9-11, was related six days prior to its happening in the following blog post dated April 9th, 2013, but none responded.

Here was the POST APRIL 9TH
[Had a dream last night that I used my cell phone to call 911 twice on two separate, but related incidences, on a robbery and authorities would not respond. Left me with an ominous feeling and I thought this morning when I woke up that it was as bad as authorities not responding to Obama's fraudulent identification and non-natural born citizenship status. When the law fails us we are alone in times of trouble. When the people we have entrusted to enforce the law fail to do so, the law indeed has become corrupt. Its a bad feeling and a tragic societal suicide that comes in ObamaQuake. I just have a bad feeling we're headed for a pit of hell unparalleled in our Country.

It seems troublesome at best especially in the wake of this news about such gains with the Dow also touched a record intraday high at 14,716.46

In the past whenever I've dreamed of a cell phone its signified for me that I was pretty tuned in and receptive to what was about to happen. This accompanied with the two repeated 911 calls lets me know their is a BIG lesson headed (my) or our way perhaps the authorities haven't even seen coming?

You know I wouldn't wish it on anyone but I know when our Government aligns itself against the Constitution, somethings going to give and I don't think its going to be the Constitution that carries so much valiant blood with it.]

Of course the two related bombings have reminded all of us of 9-11. I specifically stated "two seperate, but related incidences" in relation to the 911 calls I had in my dream.

We also understand that gold plummeted losing $40 in a matter of minutes near 6% while the Dow dropped 155 points at 11:50 AM EST in direct and stark contrast to the April 9th report. Of course 1% of the total Dow as far as a loss could be considered a quiet robbery authorities didn't respond to.

For me this is a very close fulfillment of prophesy on what was "About to Happen" even as that specific was also related one week prior. Of course many details will be coming forth but it was very interesting to find out that an actual bombing drill coincided with the explosions.

If mother nature was in the same respect harmonized as with "authorities" conducting a "bombing drill" the exact same time in the exact same place as 2 real bombs are going off, then when we have the BIGGEST earthquake drill April 17th,2013 here in Utah, we should certainly expect a real Earthquake to happen... right?

If we look for "false" that is exactly what we will receive. If we look for "Truth" aren't we more likely to find it? So the choice becomes yours and what you want to receive.

I relate the following YouTube Video really as evidence of this Bombing Drill taking place at the exact same time that the mainstream media is not reporting thus far at all.

As I related also April 9th,2013, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. My greatest sympathies accompany the injured and dead of this horrific event. This loss is certainly being felt all over America in many related ways both directly and indirectly, but no where does it hit home more devastatingly then to those who have lost a loved one. This is heart wrenching.

Cody Robert Judy

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