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Obama, Visibly Shaken,Laments Lies Are Whats Worked in Washington - Background Checks & Natural Born Citizen Demand

Obama, Visibly Shaken, Laments Lies Are Whats Worked in Washington - Background Checks & Natural Born Citizen Demand

Obama visibly shaken by the defeat and abandoned support within Democrat party for his policies of anti-gun legislation mirrored today by Sen. Harry Reid as "anti-gun", lamented today in regard to the Universal Background Check legislation that pro gun lobbyist flat out lied about what was in this bill.

Obama insisted that a "minority" in the U.S. Senate blocked "common sense gun reforms" in the face of general support.

Check out the grimace of VP Joe Biden's if you want to know if Obama is visibly shaken?

Is it possible that Obama is more angry about someone else getting away with exactly what he got away with in the common sense directive for a natural born citizen to be required for the Office of the President? That he has lied about his eligibility, lied about being a natural born citizen, lied that he was "qualified for the Office" and insisted that everyone go along with his lie or face harsh penalties?

Obama touts 90% of Americans supported the bill for Universal background checks but a minority of the U.S. Senate blocked it. Well, didn't about 40% of Americans vote for the U.S. Senators that blocked it? How can Obama claim 90% of Americans wanted this bill when the people they elected voted against it?

He says 90% of Americans support legislation that makes it harder for a "dangerous person to buy a gun", but isn't someone who usurps the Presidency, who isn't qualified for the Office of the President either by birth or by having two citizen parents at birth both of which are required by U.S. Supreme Court statute, a real dangerous person?

Isn't someone who would hand-out fraudulent long form birth certificates as credible identification, someone who lied about going under the alias of Barry Soetoro to the Illinois State Bar and thus had his law license revoked a pretty dangerous person?

What makes a dangerous person dangerous is the lengths at which they are willing to go to in order to cover up their own lies and when it comes to Obama we have an unparalleled national security threat and a very dangerous person who is using "Sandy Hook" victims parents of the slain to pass legislation that discourages further lawfully qualified people from getting involved with self-defense and active participation in gun ownership.

Obama says his legislation targeted "convicted felons, people convicted of domestic violence, and those with severe mental illness" A "narcissist" is someone who desperately needs other people to validate their own worth. It includes lying and delusions.

Isn't lying about who you are, about where you were born, using a false social security number, about the very identity documents state and federal agencies use to determine who someone is in the first place the definition of a pathological or congenital liar - a very dangerous person?

90% percent of Democrats voted for the legislation and the 10% of Democrats who didn't won't be invited to the White House for ice-cream. How does Obama think Sandy Hook could have been prevented when the assailant didn't subject himself to a background check and stole the guns? Why does Obama parade Sandy Hook victims around as if this legislation could have made the difference?

That is a lie and a falsehood itself. The only way you could possibly do that is by confiscating the guns of a whole family if but one of their members were mentally ill. That would dis-arm a majority of Americans and Obama isn't stupid he knows how to lie very well.

Obama you'll notice continually advocates "A Majority Rule" accept when it comes to himself. When it comes to himself, he wants a "Minority Rule". Now our Constitution advocates " A Supreme Law of the Land", we are a Constitution Republic, which means if the majority happens to be wrong, say in the case of a "mob rule mentality" which can happen very easily, that the Law can protect the minority from the majority.

Minority folks should take real notice here of Obama's avocation that the majority rule. It is all together evident here that Obama cares less for minorities then he portends.

“Instead of supporting this compromise, the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill…[they] claimed it would create a ‘big brother’ gun registry,” Obama said. He said the “pattern of spreading untruths” about the legislation served a purpose: to enrage a vocal minority of gun owners.

So what purpose did Obama's lie serve about his not being qualified for the Office of the President? To destroy the Constitution? To destroy the foundation of our society? To dis-credit the integrity of the very backbone of our Country?

He said the opponents of the amendment had “no coherent arguments” about why it should be harder for criminals and those with mental illness to buy a gun,yet clearly doesn't see his fraud and the forgery on his birth certificates as criminal or the result of deeply disturbed mental dis-order?

I mean what do you do with that? Its a complete break down of law and order and the very foundation of speech in being able to possible understand each other. We understand a natural born citizen is a greater requirement that is only insisted upon for the Office of President and Vice President because the power of the executive branch is not divided into 100 as it is for the U.S. Senate or 435 U.S Representatives in the U.S.House.

We see in our Constitution that the qualifications for being a U.S. Senator and a U.S. Representatives are unique and different then the qualifications for President, so why does Obama hold himself as qualified with forged and fabricated birth certificates and a father who never was a U.S. Citizen?

How in the world does the United States Supreme Court sleep at night when the argument has been placed before them in Judy v. Obama 12-5276? Documents filed in court found here for those interested.

If the media is going to take up arms about the Gun Lobby lying along side Obama, isn't it time that we start with the guy in the White House showing some integrity about who he really is, and admit he's not qualified for the Office according to the Constitution?

“All in all this was a pretty shameful day for Washington,” Obama said, “I see this as just round one,” he continued. I have news for Obama, Washington has not had a un-shameful day since he moved in the White House when it comes to integrity towards the Constitution; the law, they've all sworn oaths to.

If Obama continues to press his luck in advocating the demise of the Constitution he won't make the end of his second term before the American people catch on and just get fed-up with the lack of integrity.

Expanded back ground checks for gun owners is a national gun registration much more so than being born outside the United States and being a citizen of Jakarta, Indonesia and a British Subject as Obama is, makes you a United States Natural Born Citizen qualified for the Office of the President.

Cody Robert Judy
YouTube: Code4Pres Cody Judy

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