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CIA Columbia Obama Trial - Little People doing BIG Things for America

Today May 14th,2013 marks the 3rd Anniversary of the CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA SEDITION AND TREASON TRIAL held in Harlem, New York in 2010 in which I testified as a Presidential Candidate in 2008 against the qualifications of Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama and submitted my evidence documented in the Federal District Court of Las Vegas, Nevada. (Examiner Rpt Day 4) Also coincidentally or not, the State of Israel was born May 14th,1948.

Now I have a serious question for you I want you to consider while you read this. Why is/was this Trial important in relation to what is happening now? I'll answer this at the bottom but meantime I want you to think of the differences of "Peace Advocates v. War Mongering".

This really was a historical event I believe was happening in America and I had a dream where I saw I was apart of it and had gone back to New York and had shown up just in time for the trial. I recall sending Dr./Pastor James David Manning an email conveying the fact I had run as a write-in candidate in 2008 and had taken Sen. McCain to court because he was not born in America and was not a natural born citizen.

September 3rd,2008 I filed and served the law suit upon Sen. McCain and the Republican National Committee ( Judy v. McCain ), which was about 2 days before McCain was formally made the nominee,I felt as a conservative there was a duty to appeal and clean house.

Its a good reminder to note that Sen. H. Clinton and Sen. Obama were very much locked up in a battle royal for the Democrat Nomination and no one knew yet who it was going to be as their fight went clear through the Summer to June 7th,2008 when Hillary conceded the nomination.

Phil Berg filed against Obama August 21st,2008 and was denied in U.S. Supreme Court Jan 12,2009 denied of standing. I did file an Amicus Curia in that case to the U.S. Supreme Court which was not docketed or returned to me. As we waited to hear what was happening in the Berg v. Obama case I filed the actual appeal to the U.S. Supreme's to my Federal Court District Judge, who denied ruling on my case until after the election was over, ruling my case 'moot' because McCain had been defeated.

The race card was quickly picked up by the media and used for Obama in the question of his 'natural born citizen' qualification to be President and it worked well, accept in my case where I had sued McCain first. The news media wanted nothing to do with my case and had little to stand on accept to hide my 2012 action against Obama that also went to the U.S. Supreme Court, or when I sat in the witness box and under oath testified in the 2010 CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA TRIAL in 2010.

To my knowledge this has never been done in America before and represented a precedent of one candidate for President taking the stand against another candidate in a TRIAL. It was well known in 2010 that "Standing" had been the judicial review arrow that had shot down all cases against Obama. Therefore, it was prevalent on the mind of those conducting the trial in New York.

I did not know if I would be called to the stand, or wither my testimony would even be used at all. It was really a test of faith for me. As I had $600 in my pocket and begin the journey from Nevada to New York with my faithful dog Cosmo and my trailer hooked to my Saturn Vue which I slept in to save the expense of motels. We stayed and showered at truck stops along the way.

Wayne Allyn Root,a Vice Presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in 2008 and also in the same graduating class as Obama claimed to have been in at Columbia University, at the last minute had withdrawn from his participation. Witnesses were bailing from the trial left and right one of which was Orly Taitz, a prominent figure at the time with in the Birther Movement who had a case going in California, and had promised to conduct questioning for the prosecution. This put Dr./Pastor James David Manning in a very peculiar place.

I had traveled out to New York on my own dime and nothing more than faith in the dream I'd had that I would be showing up to the trial just on time and that my testimony would confirm "standing", which is to say I had been hurt and had a legal grievance that contained actual damages to my Presidential Race/Candidacy rather than being simply a person who was hurt by their ability not to vote for a qualified candidate as Phil Berg a Democrat had voiced.

I documented my trip out to New York and back in a little montage of pictures in this video.

When I arrived in Harlem, New York I felt like a country boy that was out of place. Maybe a little Crockadile Dundee if you recall that movie.
Here's a trailer:

I'd had an a couple of emails and one phone call with Pastor Manning who told me to come out if I could, but also had no idea his "candidate" witness and lead prosecutor/lawyer weren't showing up. I arrived in Harlem the day before the trial started and dived right in volunteering, with my little bit of construction savvy, by designing and building the jury box meant to raise the jurors up about six inches off the floor.

Of course Pastor Manning had no idea of my destitute circumstances and the gas had been much more then I had expected pulling my trailer clear across the Nation. Yet, there I was making the most of my being there designing, headed to the Home Depoe for 2x4's, plywood, screws, and rope to hang big screen TV's out the windows because of limited seating in the Church.

I spent the first night in Harlem, New York on the street in my trailer listening to a fight break out right by my trailer parked on the street by the Atlah Church on 123rd. May 12th,2010 Pastor Manning spoke about the coming CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA SEDITION AND TREASON Trial where he recognized me coming in from Utah.

I testified on Day 2 of the Trial in front of the Jury selected from all over in America and was the only Candidate/witness with "standing" to do so creatively reported by The Conservative Monster here. My testimony reported at minute 6:12 :

Taken Day 2 at The Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial- Cody Robert Judy testifies under oath.

The Joshua March, (called such in a symbolic Biblical reference of Joshua's march around Jericho where Israel marched around the walls of Jericho for 7 days and on the 7th day Marched 7 times around and the Walls came down), that was conducted each day after the Trial proceedings was really quite amazing to be part of. People of all race and colors holding hands joined in a Constitutional Bond as Americans.

I am seen in this video in the first few seconds standing at the outer ridge of the prayer circle on day 5.

We marched around Columbia University which had laid out the false propaganda of Obama's attendance there, and witnessed in the Trial were some 400 political science students of Obama's class including Wayne Allan Root and ABC Reporter George Stephanopoulos who never saw or knew of Obama there.

Remember this all happened before Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse found the evidence of fraud and forgery on Obama's long form birth certificate released from the White House and handed out by Obama. The results of this Cold Case Posse was submitted in Court first by myself in Georgia's State Court, which then went to Georgia's State Supreme Court, and was for the very first time submitted on the record of the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 reported here by CBS 5 News in Arizona.


Here we see more evidence coming out that Obama lied to the nation and found his Social Security Number is false and not assigned to him.

Now just 3 years later we see how many people would have been very grateful if Congress had done their job in upholding the Constitution? Ambassador Chris Stevens and the 3 who died in Benghazi. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry might still be alive without the Cover-Ups Obama has become so well known for.

The CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA TRIAL has proven itself over and over and over again to be the trail blazer for what has been discovered and is a marker in history of We The People doing the BIG things in America.

Speaking of BIG THINGS HAPPENING? I'm reminded of the song I wrote and performed BIG THINGS HAPPEN EVERY DAY, that I think I'll leave you with. This song reminds me of Obama not being able to get away with it and away from We The People.

All of Congress has been sent certified copies of the transcripts of the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial. We The People will see what happens next but one thing you can always do is make sure your Congressmen know you know. Send them this post and tell them you know they know, not to mention sharing it with your neighbor who has no clue what has happened.


Now to answer that question at the top I asked you to think about. Why is/was the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial important?

Well, this morning I thought as I listened to Glenn Beck's commercials for his book "Control", "Look at what's happening to our Country". Congress is all in a tizzy about the 2nd Amendment and we have to have gone through some kind of a record on gun purchases in this country at the same time as many cities in America are ramping up the laws on firearms and ammunition. This is tantamount to beating the war drums... or in effect "war-mongering".

Who has been apposed to Obama's eligibility and qualification flat out denying that it was important and that is was Constitutional law? The Media - Radio Show Host - TV Broadcast Companies and our Government- Congress - the Courts.

This is the importance of The Birther Movement. It is an advocacy FOR the Law, not against it. You might say when the "law" fails, violence prevails". The importance of LAWS cannot be underestimated and devalued and ignored but what "violence" is advocated and pushed for.

I am so honored to have rubbed shoulders with everyone that has advocated "For the Law" of our Constitution instead of railed as a war-monger against it. I feel the blessings of Heaven because of this.

Now listen to your Media - listen to your favorite talk show host - listen to your Congress tell you "This isn't a Birther Thing and think to yourself, the Birther Thing is an Advocate for Law any opposition to it is War Mongering. Do I want my Country to descend into a WAR ZONE?

When your done, please, put your money where your mouth is. Glenn Beck made an excellent point today in challenging his audience to ask themselves "What have they done with their Voice.. their priesthood.. that others can't do because those w it are set apart. Use it or lose it? What in fact are you doing to advocate FOR THE LAW?

Are you jumping on the bandwagon of those who are pursuing peace advocating for the law or are you supporting war-mongers hoping for a gun battle in your neighborhood with your government?

Have you checked www.codyjudy.us in awhile? Have you helped one politician whose put his money where his mouth is and advocated peace by fighting for the law in a peaceful way? Here's where you can make a difference and at least say at the end of the day I did something for peace today. I did something FOR THE LAW.

UPDATE : The Manning Report will have me on as a guest tomorrow between 3:15 and 5pm

Cody Robert Judy

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