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Mothers of America - Salute to America's Bald Eagles

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY 2017.. Mom, Four Years ago I wrote this Post of some of the hurdles you got over with your courage and strength. I'm sure happy to say, "Mom's still here" going on 81 years young! What a great life to have danced and to have experienced. I Love you Mom!❤ Thank you for all you have done and been in such an example of Love. ❤ #HappyMothersDay to all you beautiful mothers.

Reflecting on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day 2013 - It was a great day for me spent in a wonderful gratitude toward all Mothers. My heart was full of appreciation and love for all Mothers. I had a lot of self-reflection about how important so many women have been to me in my life. There aren't a lot of subjects that come close to making my heart swell so much as well as my tear ducts.

I thought of sharing just a few instances of the gratitude I felt yesterday.

The day begin in the morning as I woke up around 8am and immediately begin to ponder the condition of my own Mom. She's been cancer free for a year now but it seemed like yesterday she lay in the hospital at death door literally asking for its toll. I was looking at caskets thinking about how fast I could make one as she requested at one time from me because I've done a lot of wood work she's admired.

The decision for Chemo was one that was fraught with peril and against the advise from all outside family members especially when they circled the wagons and saw what kind of shape she was in. Calcium levels from the bone marrow entering her blood stream had reached her brain totally disabling her mind from reality and the only thing she could grasp a focus and a reality on was my sister and I.

Truly a testament of a Mother's love even the disease of lymphoma had not taken the ingrained fiber she held dearest of her children. It seemed that would remain in tact until her last breath. At 73 the prognosis for any kind of recovery after chemo is really predicated upon the person's ability before the cancer hit, but the doctors didn't know exactly what that was, only I did.

I distinctly remember the night I knelt down feeling the weight of my own Mother in my hands and thinking of her as a daughter of God, and the Doctor telling me if she didn't get chemo the 16 golf ball sized tumors she had distributed throughout her body would require her life.

What did God want for her? That was my question. If it was her time to pass I was comfortable in letting that happen and didn't want her to suffer. I was trying to handle it as objectively as possible and it was perhaps the first time in my life I looked at my Mother and tried to remove my selfishness for her and consider God's will was greater than my own.

When I awoke the dream I'd had was very fresh in my mind. I had dreamed of a BIG frying pan on the ground the sides of which matched my legs spread about 4 feet. I reached down and picked the frying pan up and it was unbelievably heavy and took all my strength but I did it. Like a weight lifter dead-lifting a bar again I heaved it up and it seemed a little lighter. Again and again and again I lifted the big frying pan and each time I did it got lighter and lighter and lighter.

Of course I could think of no better way to express in a parable form the process of going through chemo as it basically fry's your whole body as you ingest into your system the drugs meant to kill the destroying radicals in your body. This I knew was God's will for her.

After 8 chemo treatments about 2 weeks apart that were followed by 11 days of nupitan shots which required me to make a 100 mile trip to pick her up get her to the doctor take her back home and then return to my own place we were over-joyed to learn that she was cancer free and has been for a year now. My Mom seemed to emulate the courage and fierce proud nature of the American Bald Eagle.

It was difficult for me to sit across the table from her while we ate at her choice and favorite Chuck-A-Rama without my heart swelling and my tears wanting to burst out wondering about the miracle that sat across from me and the courage she'd had to continue through all the treatments.

In our table talk I related to her a few of the other friends I'd contacted during the day who were mothers with different stories everyone I related I choked out and was grateful not to be talking about in public due to my own emotion about the touching stories.

One friend had been all over the Nation away from her two children who were grown but had suffered many trials with the law and support. She text me that she was FINALLY blessed to be with BOTH her children at the same time. The ordeal she'd been through herself was enough to try the heart of anyone and I'd known of this struggle for years. How sweet her text was to me and how happy I was for her to experience that sweetness on Mother's Day.

Another friend who I text Happy Mother's Day hasn't had any children in her life, but she's cared for nieces and nephews and had other significant rolls with children. I wondered for a minute how a Happy Mother's Day might affect her personally but as I kept thinking about it the thoughts poured over me. She'd been the one person in my life who I could actually say had supported me whole heartedly in my campaign for President in 2012.

She was my political guru who constantly was there for me in the depths of the Campaign which seemed more like a suicide mission than a presidential campaign. One can only imagine the loneliness of taking Barack Obama to 2 state District Courts 2 State supreme courts and the United States Supreme Court twice along with making upwards of a 100 commercials and videos documenting the journey through the Spartan legal jungles and deserts of little to no support as a fellow candidate.

It was like walking through snake venom for over a year with neither Republicans or Democrats having anything good to say about it and the small percentage of those who did support the Constitution's demand for a natural born citizen being cordial but having little faith in my effort as a pro se litigant without expert or high priced professional attorneys familiar with the judicial road.

There was no other women in my life who I could talk politics with who was remotely interested. In my own family it was not a popular subject and any mention of it out of my mouth brought an iron curtain down or a brick wall up in disapproval, but she was always there like an guardian angel. Always offering kind words and remarking how much she admired me for the stand. I felt as I wished her Happy Mothers Day she had been a very worthy Mother to our Nation and the cause and principles of the Constitution along with the few supporters who had sent me a little support from all over the Nation at times I couldn't have gone on without and were so very appreciated.

My ex-wife who at 43 and two weeks before our marriage had walked in with me and had her IUD taken out and after 2 years had become pregnant resulting in our now near 4 year old son. When people are thinking about finishing raising their family we were starting a new one urged on by the distinct prodding of the spirit that whispered to us a very special soul was waiting for us to be his parents.

I can scarcely comprehend the courage it took for her to do that after she had 4 near grown kids already. Every time I contemplate her strength I am filled with admiration and appreciation every year as I am also with the mother of my other 3 grown children.

Truly the value of the mothers in our life's is known and born in sacrifice as is life also made possible by the fathers. We absolutely need both in our life's and without one or the other would not be here. I want to thank every mother in my life for the sweetest ability in nurturing and love ever shown to me. I am a very grateful man understanding that this Earth holds a reflection of my Heavenly Father and that somewhere in the Heavens there also is a mother-in-heaven watching over me and perhaps even inspiring the mother's love I have experienced so wonderfully.

Of course we are reminded about the bad things that happen every day and this Mother's Day was not without its tragedy with the 19 wounded in New Orleans which is heart breaking. Our hearts go out to the victims of this rampage yet I am reminded that the Mother's of this Nation have been chosen that represent such great courage as to endure to the end. I am so honored to look upon the Mothers of America realizing the spirit of independence, liberty, and freedom which runs through their veins of which I am apart.

May God Bless You in each and every trial you are called to go through. We stand and honor you every Mother's Day saluting the very fiber of your being as witnesses to not only the birth but the preservation of this Nation in your trust of the Constitution.

While the Constitution hangs by a hair it would be no surprise to me to see the Mother's of this Nation making the stand that with our Constitution freedom rings for them in ways they are not willing to give up without a fight. Hell has no fury like the American Mother who understands that without the Constitution she has been sold with her children because without the Law the power of women is reduced to that of the weaker of the sexes and with the law she has become and gained the respect she deserves.

Cody Robert Judy

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