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Yes we’re taking ALL the information, Yes, we are storing ALL the information, Yes, we are spying on ALL of America and YES we have ALL the information but have we totally stopped terrorism? Has it stopped illegals from infiltrating our borders?

Hummmm, what happened in the Boston Bombing? What happened in the Benghazi terrorist attack? What happened at Fort Hood? How many U.S. Citizens died with our Governments approval hand involved? One thing about having all the information is, you very quickly lose the ability not to accept responsibility.

Isn’t it interesting that the American Citizenry has suddenly become the suspects, and the illegal people are given arms fast and furiously? Why not release the prison population and arm them as Bain did in the latest episode of Batman Mr. Eric Holder?

Yes, we have all the information, but is that what we do in America? Is that what our Country is all about? Is that as a Country what we want to be known about in front of the world Mr. Obama? Isn’t this a little embarrassing?

Have you ever thought about what all the Ambassadors are thinking about the Obama administration verses the Bush Administration? It’s like 100 times worse! It’s like the Patriot Act and water boarding on steroids!

Why do you need the information on everyone but you refuse to secure the borders and prosecute actually crimes of illegal aliens coming in possibly with guns from Fast & Furious and Stinger Missiles issued out from Syria Rebels aka Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda?

I mean it’s really time for the Democrats to hide their face in shame about the transparency of Obama it’s such an outright cry of hypocrisy, but wait! Perhaps what Obama was saying is that he was going to make the whole U.S. and all of its “Citizen Persons” transparent, and it really had nothing to do with his own identity?

Oh! Gosh how silly of us, but what is happening now? Isn’t it difficult to imagine in 2008 Obama campaigning on the promises to spy on every American and in 2010 releasing a long form fabricated birth certificate at the same time he admitted that was the biggest joke ever spoon fed to the American Citizenry?

You undoubtedly already know that there has been over 2500 hours of legal criminal investigation that has proven Obama’s released long form birth certificate as well as his selective service card, yes the one he spoon fed the Media in the White House Press Core room are complete fabrications.

I am filled with chagrin and embarrassed to the core to hear Obama speaking from Europe today knowing what a complete fraud he is, and knowing he’s not a natural born citizen even qualified under our U.S. Constitution’s demand for a natural born citizen. We can’t even get a qualified President in the Office of the President. What makes the integrity of our word and our laws even remotely considered something anyone in the world could count on?

It’s like the whole world has evidence we are complete narcissistic liars and we have the audacity to speak as a leader to them? Oh my God, if we could only keep our mouth shut it would be better.

In the world of Obama he has not been elected by the U.S. Citizenry but now the U.S. Peoples which certainly includes the people in the U.S. illegally. Is he their President? Did they elect him? Has his narcissism grown to think he is the President of the world’s people now?

Glenn Beck is speaking right now in Washington DC at the Press Conference hosted by the “The Sound 70” Congressmen who are opposed to Amnesty and are very afraid if anything passes in the House, the comporting Senate Bill passing the Senate will merge with it, and the resulting gut emerging out of a committee will be basically the same Amnesty Bill millions in 2007 gathered in Washington DC to defeat in the first place.

The Sound 70 have declared if this happens it’s a death knell to the United States. Progressives including Republicans and Democrats have adds declaring “Sound Borders” is what we need and listing many many promises if they can pass Amnesty they would concede on such like making illegal’s go to the back of the line, learn English, and pay a penalty to build a fence, that’s sooooo discriminatory don’t you think? (wink wink)

The most interesting pronouncement of this is that the two party system has become a one-party system and the likes of Rubio, McCain, Reid and the Gang of 8 are really about to pound that 16 million new persons and 22 Trillion dollar injection of poison gas onto the United States Citizenry.

This Amnesty, and while we’re at it let’s add Obamacare, is essentially a chemical bomb dropping on America’s food supply that will make it all wither and die in one sweeping move. Would removing all speed restraints from school zones lead to good things and isn’t 20mph rather discriminatory of 75mph?

Now former House speaker Pelosi announced we had to pass Obamacare to find out what was in it, and I ask, “Is there any difference in what’s happening now with Amnesty?” Let’s pass a bill see it compromised and then find out what comes out of the committee?

The sad Sound 70 have also negated to hear anything remotely resembling a hearing of verification of Obama’s qualification as a natural born citizen. To say they are ignoring the pink elephant in the room is an understatement! As you understand any bill passing the House and the Senate also needs an actual QUALIFIED president’s signature as the executive branch holds the keys of enforcing any bill your grasp the importance of a legal qualified president verses an unqualified president according to the Constitution, and you also grasp the extreme, bizarre, and nutty actions against Birthers.

Care to discuss any of the Cover-Ups recently as some sound evidence for the statement? I’m happy to.
Now Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and The Sound 70 actually pitch fast balls at the Birthers stating even if they actually put their weight behind a hearing of verification for Obama’s qualification that would include all the evidence considered in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 that the U.S. Supreme Court would not even hold a hearing on,( based on either setting the agenda themselves which Sen. Mike Lee claims of Justice John Roberts in a new online book; not upholding the Constitution and precedent; or supporting the “nose out” of the Judicial Branch from any political election in spite of Constitutional requirements set there for office holders known as the “Political Doctrine Question” you can google), that includes the Cold Case Posse findings showing a complete fraud and fabrication of Obama’s identification documents, their weight behind such hearings would not matter.

How do they know their weight would not matter until they actually put their weight behind it? Why indeed are they standing up against the Amnesty Bill of the Senate if they are so overwhelmingly outnumbered and their actions are seen as such a threat to House Speaker John Bonner that he has threatened to remove them from Chairmanships and Committees?
Why didn’t George Washington just lay down to the British if they were such superior a force? Why don’t the under-dogs of any political race in America just lay down to the incumbents because they’re probably going to lose?

Consider if you will the impact of Obamacare and the Amnesty bill together being null and void because they don’t have a legal President’s signature, and you will then grasp the impact of removing Obama as a disability according to USC Amend. 14, Sect 3.

It would demand a completely reconsideration of the implementation of Obamacare and Amnesty. Now conservatives tell me why there is a single Republican and conservative Democrat who thinks Obama has gone way over the line that wouldn’t consider government corruption a reason to get back to the qualification verification hearings in Congress?

What happens if you hit a home-run and miss a touching a base? It’s NOT a home-run!

Of course we are a Country of immigration, and we are a Country of laws, the United States Supreme Law being the Constitution in which Obama fails as a natural born citizen qualified for the Office of the President. Now sit back and digest the discrimination and racist attitude Congress has had upon a fellow and past democratic party candidate like myself whose been hurt and damaged by Obama’s Campaign in 2008, and 2012 from the beginning of the election cycles as an illegal candidate whose not qualified.

Please consider posting this yourself, and sending it to your Representatives and Senators because as we educate everyone about the horrific and nefarious actions indeed if there is any integrity and honor and truth left in an American Dream, we shall prevail!

Enjoy the commercial featuring the ideals in this article and consider your support to further inform the public in the mass media with a contribution, and at the very least posting to your own social networks, as an action for the preservation of the United States of America under God and the banner of our Supreme Law trampled by those swearing oaths to it.

God Bless America
Cody Robert Judy
YouTube: code4pres CODY JUDY

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  1. Well said & I totally AGREE. OUR government does NOT follow our Constitution & common SENSE is a rarity. Ever since 2008 I have noticed a CHANGE in my beloved Country. It has NOT been for the betterment of AMERICANS. Our dollar is crashing fast, we have Americans afraid of being imprisoned in FEMA camps that are all over the Country. Foreign military on our soil. An ILLEGAL President who has declared AMERICA to be a battleground & so many false FLAG tragedies, with the hoped end result to be martial law declared. We have military exercises in our towns & cities, with the explanation of they need to practice. REALLY? In all my years, I've never heard such BS. THE main stream media had been ordered to NOT report any negative info on this president & his administration or suffer the consequences. Scandal after scandal, which in reality are felonies after felonies are being committed against the American people & yet no one is being punished. We American law abiding Patriots are being called terrorists & the real terrorists who behead, torture & rape non-believers are being called FREEDOM FIGHTERS & will not be held accountable for THEIR actions we have criminals of all nationalities coming across our wide open borders.