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As conservatives gathered in Washington DC with the Sound 70 of the House of Representatives opposed to Amnesty and open borders there was a very stirring talk that was given by Glenn Beck, the broad strokes of which you can read here.
It was a profound speech that articulated a conservative sentiment that is not only relevant in our day but certainly is relevant for our future American Citizenry. To say the least it was stirring to the heart for those hearts that are open to receive truth.

You have all heard me rail, spit, and stomp in a frustration like the devil against many a conservative radio show host who have literally squelched the civil rights infringements upon myself as a candidate for President in 2008 as a write-in when I sued Sen. John McCain on an infringement of the Constitution’s qualification for the Office of the President and served that law suit to McCain and the Republican National Committee 3 days before the National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada where former Candidate Gov. Mitt Romney finished in 2nd place to McCain’s nomination for the Republicans. See: Judy v. McCain

Mitt Romney, as late as August in 2008 when I served the law suit, would not have anything to do with taking a stand for the Constitution in the natural born citizen requirement that McCain was in violation of in the U.S. Supreme Court precedent definition of “Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents”. (See: Minor v. Happersett- to those born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents there has never been any doubt.)

McCain was born in the foreign country of Panama, in the Panama Hospital not situated on any military base. He was born a native of Panama. Congress 11 months after his birth granted him Citizenship and then just in 2007 he was also featured in a non-binding United States Senate Resolution 511 which stated with two parents who were Citizens he was a natural born citizen to dispel a concerned conservative base.

Senate Resolution 511 was also co-sponsored by Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama in what clearly was a I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine type of an agreement. Every single Republican Senator voted for the passage of 511 with only McCain abstaining.

This sewed up the Senate for McCain but the other Branch of Congress in the House of Representatives was never let in on the vote, which is why it was considered “non-binding”, and didn’t have any Constitutional traction and why the Natural Born Citizen qualification for the Office of the President was never changed.

The same thing happened in 2012 when I sued Barack Obama as a Democratic Party candidate for President with the conservative radio show host as they rallied around Mitt Romney and again he would have nothing to do with upholding the Constitution’s requirement for the Office of the President in a legal President in the face of receiving well over 300 request and press releases from my campaign. Judy v. Obama argument : Court Docket U.S. Supreme

In 2013, we face unprecedented enslaving legislation in Obama-care and now Amnesty, the cost of which is really staggering and has been formulated as the death knell of American future and our future generations.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney won the GOP/Republican nomination in 2012 and indeed again did not stand up for the Constitution’s demand upon other candidates who were in the race in which he had direct, and I should say the most high seated standing or potential loss due to an illegal candidates activity in the race, of any other candidate, refusing and giving Obama a pass, which clearly has given rise to the legislation of Obama-care and perhaps now Amnesty the signature of an illegal unqualified person in Barack Obama.

Did Mitt Romney do you as conservatives in America any favors in not standing up for the Constitution’s demand for a natural born citizen in the Office of the President? Did he change the course of history in defining with a line in the sand what our first President George Washington and first Chief Justice John Jay of the United States Supreme Court came to agree upon was essentially necessary as a national defense act by requiring two full generations between the Office of the President and any foreign dictate which may infiltrate into that very powerful position as the Commander in Chief of the United States armies and weapons.

By requiring a birth in the United States and two citizen parents indeed a full two generation separation, or wall of national defense was naturally created against foreign dictate and this has been breached in Barack Obama who was not born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

As debt is seen as the new enslavement, indeed this illegal usurping occupier of the White House has signed essentially the crippling debt pact in Obama-care, which is totally unaffordable, and is prepared to sign into law backbreaking Amnesty the likes of which will essentially void the reasons people want to come through the front door of America in the first place, clearly diluting all of the protections of American’s civil rights.

The front door through the Constitution is indeed the Office of the President. You have to realize that fact and the reason the wall of our national security was created in the first place. 13 pages of the 48 pages of The Constitution pocket booklett is referenced to the detail of the President. No other office or detail even comes close to being mentioned as much. In second place is the whole Navy referenced in 2 pages to give you a little bit of an idea of how important that office is.

What did Mitt Romney do in 2008 and 2012 in his run’s for the Office of the President? He lost. He had no vision for the Constitution. He failed in defending the Constitution and the real trouble that is coming and is here can be directly contributed to his failure and what I’ve coined Mitt Romney’s “loop te loop”.

I don’t want conservatives to forget that and now we are hearing what from Glenn Beck? “You CANT TRUST THE GOP!” What?

Yes! Glenn Beck, Mr. Conservative-Mitt-Romney-voting-GOP-heart-throb says, “You can’t trust the speaker of the House John Bonner.” You can’t trust the GOP! They have sold their souls and become one with the Democrats social progressivism that has no problem violating all of your civil rights. You should be very afraid of Constitutional Civil Rights in the names of McCain, Romney, and Obama. Look at their records!

I could not agree more and now according to Glenn Beck we have just 70 in the House willing to risk their jobs on committees and chairmanships of committees in halting the passage of Amnesty. Of course remember those jobs would never be in jeopardy if Mitt Romney had taken a stand and not given Obama a pass.

Perhaps the Sound 70 have some foothold in moving the House towards the Constitution and preserving the Constitution, and thus their jobs, which it appears the progressives have no idea are in jeopardy, because without the Constitution their jobs are the first to go down the toilet as they are defined, instituted, and held in place by the Constitution, as is the United States Supreme Court Justices seats (hint-hint take a stand for it or lose your position).

The dilapidation of the Constitution’s principles hinge as a key to removing the entire U.S. Senate and the entire U.S. House, the entire United States Supreme Court, even the entire monetary system in which the whole world depends upon. There is nothing else that defines a binding agreement to the entire Government’s existence and we are very close to losing it by the hand of our own elected officials.

If there was ever a truer picture of the head of the snake eating its own tail we in the body are being eaten by the head and soon if we don’t change our voting habit we will cease to exist in our entirety.

Please enjoy, pass on to your social networks and your friends this fun and playful reminder that Mitt Romney has had 2008 and 2012 to take a stand for the Constitution and he didn’t do it, so let’s not do that again. Two “loop te loops” is enough and he had the greatest support and chance to take a stand but failed.

I am taking a stand for the Independence of America in a bold fundamental shift for the conservatives who believe in the Constitution in voting Independent. We have a long ways to go before 2016 and it is my hope that Congress will indeed hear the People and hold hearings of verification for qualification of Barack Obama so that we do not get to 2016 before we have another election for a legal President as Obama is dismissed as a liability according to U.S.C Amend. 14,Sect 3. AND the legislation considered by Obama is made null and void and reconsidered with a binding legal President’s signature.

I would appreciate your help and support in this Civil Rights movement and that support is essential to our success. Enjoy the latest Mitt Romney jingle The Cody Robert Judy Band has created as heavenly inspiration for your support.
God Bless America

Cody Robert Judy
YouTube: code4pres CODY JUDY

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