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Obama – Making Democracy a Dirty Word - U.S. Military Kerry Trumps Rent-A-Cop for Saudi Arabia

Obama – Making Democracy a Dirty Word
U.S. Military Kerry Trumps Rent-A-Cop for Saudi Arabia

When Secretary Of State John Kerry was asked about wither Saudi Arabia was willing to pay for the cost of a military strike and invasion on Syria he said, “Very much so” essentially stating the United States military was a for-hire-security force or rent-a-cop. The Democratic Party War-Dog Obama continues pushing for bombing Syria against more and more Republicans opposed to taking either side in the Civil War of Syria.

When considering the “rules of engagement” in the Middle East when it comes to our Military, “rent-a-cop” is, unfortunately, an even more appropriate description of the United States Military’s dissension into the police force of the world.

We shouldn’t forget that the Constitution provides the means for Congress to raise, support and maintain an army to provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. (USC Art.I,Sec 8.), and Syria’s Civil War neither poses a threat to the United States or a cognizable threat to the United States welfare.

In the recent furlough cutbacks I’ve noticed impacting local businesses, there is no doubt the question of money and who should pay for the military option on the table? In my proposed Stong Defense Military Initiative, largely coming as the consequences of Iraq and Afghanistan wars that have run into the Trillion dollar mark for the American Tax Payer, its assumed that if the U.S. Military is indeed used on a particular side of a conflict, that victory should reimburse the use of force through the natural resource or tax and duty of that Country.

In Syria’s case one must ask, if we were to be involved on Al Qaeda’s side with the Muslim Brotherhood in toppling the Assad Administration, isn’t that a bit of a slap-in-the face to American’s who are right now in the very process of re-living 9-11 where the aforementioned groups were involved in the slaughtering 5,000 Americans?

I’m curious about when Al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood repaid America for that cost? When did Obama negotiate the terms of the treaty with those groups as we did with Japan for Pearl Harbor? I’m very curious as to why Saudi Arabia is left out of the “Allie list” with France and Turkey, but they will finance it Syria?

Now Assad has said “no way” to the desired Saudi Arabia financed pipeline through Syria, and Russia with Assad’s Syria has not wanted the competition of oil that would bring. What’s important to understand is that an “investor” doesn’t plan on an investment unless there is a plan to make money on the investment. This begs the question, should the U.S. Military be used for Saudi Arabia’s plan on making money in an investment return?

Obama’s biggest argument for strikes in Syria is that if we don’t it will send a message to the rogues of the world that they can use weapons of mass destruction. Oh, you mean rogues like Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood we would be doing the work for in toppling Assad’s Administration in Syria?

Let’s be clear here, the U.S., if bombs drop on Syria, has taken a side and we are doing a work that ordinarily would take opposition years to do. We will be taking sides with the rebels who are not interested in Syria becoming the 51st State of the Union.

Now, Obama’s argument is that if we do not respond a dangerous precedent will be set to whom? I’m not sure when Russia or China or any Country in the U.N. last decided to use chemical weapons on their populations, but with Obama’s argument they’ve just been waiting for the go ahead? What sense does that make?

Doesn’t it make more sense to understand that the rogue forces that permeated 9-11 upon America like Al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood, have much more to gain by releasing chemical weapons onto their population to gain U.S. military support? That is in fact what Russia, China, and even Britain’s parliament have stated with their opposition to U.S. military force acting in Syria.

It is interesting what happened in Libya after the United States Military used by Obama to the tune of billions of dollars to topple Muammar al-Gaddafi Government, or in Egypt where the “Democratic Leader” elected in fact instituted Sharia law, and set about the business of a theocracy so unrestrained that the people literally supported a military coup?

Does or has the use of our U.S. Military involved in other country’s change the people mentality? The answer is no. What strange phenomena occurred in the United States Revolution with England that proved successful if it wasn’t the fact that it wasn’t a war where a particular “religion” was recruiting warriors for, but a war for independence from a particular religion dominating the government?

In America, even the Muslim’s celebrate our freedom of religion and choice and tolerance, but as a tell, do we see Muslims’ in the Middle East recruiting Christian’s in Syria, or say burning their churches and killing them? I think Glenn Beck noticed over 25 Christian Churches and even schools have been burned in the last month by the "free Syrian Army"?

We must all solemnly understand and ask the question, “How can the U.S. Military be used in a fight for a particular religion without destroying the United States?”, and, “Wouldn’t that be a brilliant plan for the enemies of the United States to employ?”

Obama’s use of military force in some 6 countries is threatening to grow, and in the wake of the U.S. Military deployments in foreign affairs we see a very noticeable offense for a particular religion rather than an institution of religious tolerance that might resemble our own. The world in large part has become much more tolerable of the freedom of conscience and men’s ability to worship how, who, or what they may with respect to the differing Governments. That is amazing progress by example the United States has orchestrated and proven possible.

The spoil of that is very clearly what Obama has set his site on with the support of the U.S. Military bombing over 6 countries since he’s been in the White House office and he’s threatening more based on questionable intelligence that really doesn’t make much sense. The difference we make on the world is ruined when we go in a set up “pretend democracies” rather than showing by example the truth of a Constitutional Republic like the one in which we take a stand.

In fact Obama has almost underhandedly made Democracy a Dirty Word. He uses it as a Usurper of the Law requiring a ‘natural born citizen’[ born in the U.S. to Citizen parents] which he a walking talking violator is of. Should the majority rule? Should a gang getting together that propagates, pushes, and bullies minorities around be allowed to rule?

In the United States the Constitution was created as a protection for minorities: Minorities who were weaker such as women, different races, and different colors. Obama continues his fraud insisting "helpless victims" are the one's we should drop bombs for. If he was so serious he would consider the Constitution sacred for minorities rather than occupying the White house as a fraud.

So, does Obama’s push to strike Syria employ the necessary desire for equity for all? No it doesn’t. In fact he declares this himself when he says “There will be no boots on the ground”! If there’s no boots on the ground there’s a good sign in and of itself that there is no equity or defense for minorities and that it’s a bully tactic, or a fraudulent cause.

This is Obama’s race card as a fraud himself. He’s not a natural born citizen qualified for the Office of the President, yet he sees himself above the Constitution of the United States elected based on the knowledge he pushed and bullied the people with tactics based on democratic bully methods rather than the principles of the Republic for which we stand.

Obama can’t help himself. He is who he is and what he is not is a defender of the Republic for which we stand. He has consistently shown us himself subservient to Saudi Rulers bowing to them. He has largely been responsible aside from Congress in instituting the force necessary for a successful Arab Springs Campaign which with Egypt’s example we could also name the Muslim Springs Campaign.

Is Obama to blame for this? How can we blame Obama when we in our individual districts of Congress have elected leaders who support him and the long form fabrication he handed out from the White House Press core room?

Is it Congress’s fault that we have an ineligible candidate in the White House using our Military to destabilize the Middle East and in so doing, making enemies out of our former allies? What allies does Obama have of the great supporters which have fought for and with us in WWII? France? Turkey?

What is going on Congress? Why don’t you have the courage to take a stand for the Constitution?- For the Republic for which we stand? Why don’t you have the courage to take a stand for the minorities our law protects?
How can you stand for Obama who isn’t any more qualified for the Office of the President than Putin is? How can you embarrass us like this in front of ALL THE WORLD and not expect the ire of the American Public? My law suit in the United States Supreme court was all about our LAW. Judy v. Obama 12-5276. 2012. 2013

You know what Congress? Minorities are going to get this? Yes, women voters, Hispanic voters, black voters, white voters, they are all going to get this and you with Obama will be removed from our government because we all want the law, we all need the law to stand against the usurpation of the law your representing supporting Obama.

In an effort to pursuade Obama to come clean on his Fraudulent Identification, I'd like to dedicate my most popular song "Take It Off" to revealing Obama as the Naked Emperor usurping the Office of the White House contrary to the Supreme Law of the Land our Constitution. Enjoy.

Cody Robert Judy

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