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Double Down Double Cross on Syria

Double Down Double Cross on Syria

If it were not for the Main Stream Media within the United States you’d think bombing Syria was a bad idea; however that is not the case, so we must ask the question why has our Government all of a sudden decided war in the name of intervention was the best option?

Boehner, McCain, Kerry champions for Obama in an assessment that interference between religious factions within Syria is absolutely necessary and within the scope of the United States vital interest, may come as a surprise to the National Security Council and the United Nations, but when considering the agenda of destroying America as a superpower, should not come as any surprise.

Making the United States the laughing stock of the world, Obama in Sweden, makes the case for a military strike on Assad’s Government in Syria for chemical weapons use that Secretary of State John Kerry bellows is without question the responsible party for firing, leading to the deaths of some 1,400 people. (?)

At the same time, as the Rush Limbaugh Show reminded us yesterday, last summer Rebels in Syria against Assad actually took over a chemical weapons plant around the same time John Kerry was dining with Bashar Assad and Britain was selling chemicals to Syria with U.S. knowledge of that.

So the question is, “Would the Rebels we know are led by Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, release the poison gas as a tactic to gaining the United States Air force and Navy as an ally in toppling Assad through the use of bombs and missiles they carry, because Obama announced to them the only way of getting the U.S. on board would be to cross the red-line of chemical weapons use on their populations?”

What exactly is the boots-on-the-ground reasoning from other Countries with interest regarding Syria?

Russia’s President Putin announced yesterday a delegation to the U.S. Congress was “timely”, in the face of Secretary of State Kerry’s testimony to U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, to influence them against a military strike in Syria. Russia has as big of an investment in Syria as the U.S. has in bases in Iraq. Putin made the reasonable argument it would be military suicide for Assad to be using “chemical weapons” on his population when his own military is advancing in the same territory. It would be akin to killing his army.

China’s Leadership reasoned that interference in Syria’s religious war was unwise. Dependent to the tune of about 75% of their oil coming from the region, China does not want to destabilize that pipeline and reasons; containment of civil war or disagreement would be broadened with the destabilizing factor of outside interference for either side that it would stabilize itself if left alone.

Britain’s Prime Minister Cameron announced Parliament’s vote in England to stand down in supporting a military strike in Syria leading military commanders for the U.S. excusing England’s military Commanders from sensitive military planning strategy briefings. England sold Syria chemicals with U.S. knowledge of that.

Obama now is making argument for military action in the Syria Civil War, with some very interesting reasoning, that if we considered relevant and the tables turned on him, would certainly kick him out of the White House as a threat to our vital interest and a national security threat as ineligible for the Office of the President because he’s not a natural born citizen.

Obama says:
1) His reputation is not on the line – it’s the international community’s reputation that is on the line.
2) His authority supersedes the Security Council’s and the United Nations.
3) International law prohibits chemical weapons use upon populations.
4) 98% of Governments agree with International Law.
5) Profound and dire implications from not acting would result encouraging more violations.

In relation to Obama’s own ineligibility to be President of the United States based on law we would say:

1) Obama’s reputation was more important to him than the United States reputation for its own Constitution.
2) His usurpation of the Office of the President superseded any law within the Constitution demanding a Natural Born Citizen and by an ignorant democratic bully majority instituted him with his foreign birth and foreign parentage against the law of the Republic for which we stand.
3) The United States Constitution is the Supreme Law of the United States and has different qualifications for President, Senator, and Representative that prohibit usurpation by unqualified persons.
4) 100% of the population of the United States is under the ruling law of the Constitution and to amend the Constitution certain regiments and rules must be followed.
5) Obama has bombed 6+ countries without Congressional approval, yesterday called the U.S. military “My” military instead of “Our” as a representative for The People of the U.S., and has handed out from the White House Press Core room a long form fabrication pertaining to his own identity.

The People of the U.S. ,as well the world ,are witnessing the profound implications and dire consequences of the U.S. military in the hands of someone who is not eligible or qualified for the Office of the United States President as a natural born citizen.[ *1 Born in the U.S. to Citizen parents]

Not adhering to this qualification and eligibility requirement has fostered and will encourage more violations of our Constitution most notable recognized as “policing” other countries through force, and instigating the destabilization of Countries including Syria; potentially within three months destabilizing the largest Countries into World War Three.

How important is the qualification of the Office of the President for the U.S. and for the world? Judy v. Obama 12-5276 in the United States Supreme Court, one of the greatest cases ever filed in Court, concerned this vital interest on our U.S. National Security unbelievably receiving no hearing or attention.

Congress now has the responsibility, power, and moral duty to act on Obama as a “disability” [U.S.C. Amend 14, Sect.3] holding hearings on his eligibility to even wield the powers of the United States Presidency or risk the unrestricted powers of war acting as a scourge consuming the world as a profound consequence of their error.

With the sound reason and factual evidence advocating no military action in Syria necessary, the agenda of war seems on its face value the overwhelming desire of the U.S. Government in the hands of your elected officials passing amnesty and leaving the southern border exposed to Iran’s silent army recruitment poised to infiltrate the soft southern border of the United States, especially exposed with our military involved in foreign affairs.

In the spirit that ignorance is war’s best friend while wisdom and understanding are the companions of peace; the best defense from this agenda is your passing on this knowledge to your neighbor, because the two dozen scandals of Obama's Administration in 5 years seem to be collating the OBAMA FRAUD, and that's no LOVE COMMOTION.

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Cody Robert Judy

Minor v. Happersett
"it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens.."

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