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When the Trust is broken Only the Truth will set you Free - Obama's Cover-Up Plagues Trust

When the Trust is broken Only the Truth will set you Free - Obama's Cover-Up Plagues Trust

The greatest consumers of the World have indigestion, but its not being articulated or diagnosed as anything but a 'lack of control' by the institutions we grew up with. While America's credit deteriorates the leaders of America's Institutions are bewildered with the ossification process of truth and how to restore Trust.

The restoration of Trust might just be the key to America's problems on a grand or macro scale as the articulation of the trust is seen on an Institutional level or scale according to Gallup poll's 2013 article.

By far the biggest contributor of Trust in America is Congress that includes Independents, Republicans, and Democrats in the political arena. Not only does Congress control the purse strings or "TRUST" in printing money and distributing it out, but they in large part dole out Information that is assessed, percolated, and swallowed up by Americans.

So what happens when Americans find themselves thrown off balance by the information coming out of the Trust, which has been given, perplexed by the falsehoods, the lies,deceit, and fraud? The correlation between truth and trust may go hand-in-hand as the value of money in the American Bank Account and what follows is a deterioration of credit and finally a collapse all together of the money system: One everyone finds themselves in.

Look at the Truth that is being covered-up by Congress and the United States Supreme Court whose trust has plummeted in Obama's own identity fraud as Obama/ Barry Soetoro- the Indonesian/ British/ Kenyan Born subject, whose got more problems with being a natural born citizen than the big bad wolf has with being a pig, handed out his long form fabrication in the White House press core room and thus far neither Institution has even officially set a hearing on the matter with the evidence collected over the last 5 years including over 2500 hours of the crime fighting professional Investigators in the Cold Case Posse which was submitted by a Democratic Party Candidate for President in myself in 2012 and 2013 in Judy v. Obama 12-5276.

Translation and what we are experiencing now: Destroy America - How? Destroy the Trust , first destroy the truth and America's "Belief". Do that with fraud, the money will follow with full faith and credit deteriorating like the straw and stick house blown down by the big bad wolf in the three little pigs children's story, or, as we learn from "L'il Bad Wolf" 99% of catching pigs is "surprise" "Secrecy", "Ingenuity", "Using what's at hand - translation never let a good tragedy go to waste" and of course "Fraud" follows. The big bad wolf uses his own kin like a puppet-on-a-string to get what he wants in a deceptive trap, much the same as Congress has ignored Obama's fraud and forged identity documents, and the fact he isn't a natural born citizen qualified for the Office of the President according to the brick house of the Constitution.

Trust =
1-belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.
2- An arrangement in which someone's property or money is legally held or managed by someone else or by an organization (such as a bank) for usually a set period of time
3- An organization that results from the creation of a trust

The first thing that you'd expect to go in reporting news organization would be "comments" on news articles subverting the "doctrines" being preached from the fraudulent pulpits of these "Institutions" especially below the 50% Trust Line in America. Presto... comments being curtailed - unpublished - or even taken down after their controlled and paid manipulation failed.

With the new super highways of the Truth Revolution a new day is dawning in America. It is the Age of Enlightenment - information - and education that we Americans are in fact on. While we can expect delays the world is on course and the mighty are falling simply because of their abhorrence of truth- they would not hear, see, or tell the Truth to build our Trust and they did it in order to control.

We in America don't go for that "bullying mentality" much, especially given our Constitution's principles. Our land has been one of liberty and freedom and where at all cost we have found ways to cohabitate with many different religions founded in the freedom of our own conscience.

We'll figure it out as Americans' always do, certainly with the help of our Creator who has given us the principles of Truth and common sense, while our Founders left for us a great list of opportunity we favor as our Supreme Law called the United States Constitution. Even for the most ardent Obama supporters, the crash of credit will come back as a backlash of time telling pain for their support of fraud and forgery as the Trust they treasure becomes elusive.

It follows that the Institutions called into such question, by the revelations of deteriorating trust like Congress and the United States Supreme Court, News Organizations, Big Labor, and Big Corporations would at least be interested in the greatest single case in history that would elevate their "trust" by the people simply hearing the truth and then watching it elevate their profit?

If Truth is necessary to elevate Profit or "Trust", what are you waiting for?

What could it hurt to have a hearing? It sure wouldn't hurt Congress or The United States Supreme Court to come towards the truth instead of subverting it.

In short, a miraculous hope and change would in fact inspire Americans to pinnacles and heights heretofore dreamed of.


[ If you would like to help Cody Robert Judy in his bid for upholding the Constitution in “America’s Birther Campaign”, or ABC Campaign ,which highlights the United States Constitution with information and education for voters to understand the tough questions politicians should be answering in 2014, and in the coming 2016 election for the Office of the President please make a contributions here: ]

9-30-2013 Special Update for Viewers on a new demo The Cody Robert Judy Band released today.

Enjoy this little unfinished demo while I was lost in the studio today singing/producing/rendering a demo of "He Is Her King" that I can only say is full bodied and a challenging song. Yes, this baby is not shallow at all. You can listen for days and pick out new things. I'll give you a sneak peak but I'm singing both parts here and I'll need to get my female star on board,but you can enjoy this little demo.
Words:M- Male voice F - Female voice B-Both
He is Her King
vs. 1.
M- I have a little girl that I lost
F- A little girl that was taken at great cost
M- She didn't understand the love I had
F- I did't understand, I thought he was bad
M-The world took its toll on my soul
F-And I played my role, as the bells did tole
...never knowing he was my king.
Chorus -
M-Never knowing he was her king
F-Never knowing he was my king
M-Never knowing he was her king
F-Never knowing he was my king
B-He is my king (echo 3 timed)
M-He is her King and I will sing
M-He is her King and I will sing.. F- I will sing
M-and I will sing...he is her King
M-and I will sing...he is her King
2nd V.
M- My little girl grew up a beauty Queen
F-This little girl grew up not knowing her King
... I didn't know what this life would bring
M-She fell in love with a music man
..never knowing the love of this kings hand
F- He is my world - He is my love
He is my act - and I am his scene
I find myself wanting to be his Queen
M-He is her King- and my time is past
..He is her King - but my love still last
..And I know in him there's a music-man
..And I want to help them if I can
F- He is my king - and now I know
..the love he feels - Has always been real
Repeat Chorus.

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