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The Moral Road of Conscience, Choice, and Liberty in the 3rd Choice- Pro Choice For Life

The Moral Road of Conscience, Choice, and Liberty

Of all the growing concerns in America’s political arena that are championing a third party the principle pillar of moderation is taking more weight than the rest combined. If conservative principles have a problem it’s because Republicans have swung so far right they can’t see the beam in their own eye whilst they point out slivers, while at the same time when liberal principles have swung so far left that it alienates Christian’s by poking fun of the United States Constitution and the Bible. By no surprise, what is left is a whole lot of center field that represents the moral road of conscience, choice, and liberty in moderation Americans find themselves drifting towards.

As a champion of moderation, who has been imprisoned eight years twenty years ago for calling the far right to repent in a religious meeting by a bullying state with much the same mentality as those suspending a seventh grader for the rest of the year for shooting his friend with an air gun in his own yard, I have fought for conservative principles more especially articulated in the Constitution, even taking Barack Obama to the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 for not being a “natural born citizen” while my better known colleagues in the Presidential Race of 2008, and 2012, have given Obama a pass on the fraud and forgery used to deceive every single voting American in his long form fabrication.

Democrats on the far left mock me as a “Birther” for simply fighting for our Constitution that includes the bill of rights the ACLU has spent its entirety supporting. Republicans hate me for pointing out in Las Vegas District court Judy v. Sen. John McCain the Republican Nominee of 2008 was not a natural born citizen because he wasn’t born in the United States. The deception propagated by both parties’ leaders has reached a level so far out of bounds that it can easily be called criminal, but none of them have spent a day prison and have enacted laws prohibiting even the law from having any claim on them for their choices.

The moral road of conscience, choice, and liberty really could be summed up as the road that led to America’s founding the Republic for which we stand in the first place. In the news of “choice” as it pertains to abortion Governor R-TX Rick Perry’s wife Mrs. Anita Perry was yesterday filleted by Glenn Beck for stating she didn’t believe she would make the choice for an abortion, but that she didn’t want to infringe on another women’s choice.

Glenn Beck and Team jumped on her and Mrs. Laura Bush, for pretty much saying the same thing, stating in so many words, “That’s what everyone argues as an advocate for “choice”, and “That abortion is murder” indirectly calling Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Bush advocates of murder.

I believe there is a third party principle that is called “Pro Choice for Life” that actually incorporates what Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Bush advocate and articulate, which I have also championed since I entered into the political office running arena, and for those interested, I would briefly outline my reasoning as a Natural Born Citizen and also a Christian man.

First as a natural born citizen (Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents), one of the first lessons we learn in America is the power of choice we are able to make with the liberty given to all of us under the Supreme Law of the United States Constitution. Conservatives champion this liberty, and in fact in the world is full of Countries that would call our Constitution liberal as it protects “individuals” irrespective of gender, race, or color. This liberty our Constitutions champions protects all individuals in its perfect principle from slavery or forced indentured servitude that would be demanded, upon a women in particular, forced to carry a baby full term.

Men of course are exempted from pregnancy so our own ambition for liberty and desire for freedom of our bodies, equally distributed demands that choice be protected. Interestingly enough Obamacare championed by the Democratic Party takes one big giant step towards ending “choice” as the population control is handed to the Government in the subtle argument of health care for all, controlled by the Government.

Most advocates for pro-life also advocate exceptions such as rape or incest for abortions and in the purest attitude of “pro-life” taking away all choices, Glenn Beck and the rest of those who call abortion murder, must look deep inside themselves as they consider their wife raped and impregnated and taking that child into their family and raising the child under their roof, or in fact killing that bastards seed/body that raped their wife. I’m really thinking under those circumstances Glenn says to his wife, “Honey, I won’t divorce you for murder, in fact I’ll become an accomplice with you.”, but then it wouldn't be murder.

Now I want to express further my own Christian based morality on being an advocate for life and simultaneously being an advocate for choice that to me represents a third choice in being “Pro-Choice for Life.”, if I may.

The most profound scripture to me read from the Bible apart from the liberty advocated in the Exodus that champions freedom and apposes slavery, is found in the book where it all begin Genesis. Before I get to that though let me make a very powerful point to purest of pro-life found in Exodus 20:16 that mirrors 20:13 “Thou shalt not kill” that is the powerful point of their argument. Exodus 20:16 states “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”, that stating someone is a murder is in fact doing. So you better hope you real clear on this subject before you start throwing around the term ‘murder’ because I’m not real sure you’d be excused from 1 of the big 10 Commandments simply based on their order.

We not only learn in Genesis 2:7 what constitutes a living soul but we learn the process of it. “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground”. This was the first part of the process. The body itself was formed. Do we suppose God made an arm without a leg and called it good? No, the whole body was formed arms legs head spine heart brain fingers toes in its perfect form.

Now with the whole body formed did God yet call it a living soul? The answer is no. The rest of the verse continues and details the second part of the process, “and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;” this was the spirit we know at the very least to be the necessary ingredient separating the corpses in the casket that have passed away leaving a fully formed body from the person we once knew.

The last part of the verse states “and man became a living soul”. Now we understand it takes a body plus a spirit to equal a living soul according to the Bible. Now if you go dig up a grave cut the head off a dead body did you commit a murder? No, under those circumstances our law states you could be found guilty of desecrating a body murder doesn’t even enter the equation really in anyone’s mind. There’s a big difference.

Yet another story in the Bible has an intriguing set of circumstances in it for us to consider. Can the spirit of a man reside in a body other than human the death of which would have to be considered murder by those extreme pro-lifers? Certainly if they consider the spirit the soul factor alone, to be consistent, they would have to assume killing an animal of some kind murder also.

To prove this fact all we would need was an example of spirits being cast into the body of an animal or a tree. So we see the choice the spirits made when Jesus cast them out of the human body, pleading for a body and their choice was the pigs in the field. The 2000 swine lived long enough to run off into the sea proving the spirit of a man in form can at least run a fair distance in a pig’s body. The record shows us not every spirit is worthy a body in God’s judgment, the pigs ran off into the sea, they didn’t drop dead in their tracks. (Mark chapter 5).

The point being I don’t see Pro-Lifer’s advocating against the killing of animals bodies as murder.

Now you say, Cody, how can the body move and make facial changes without a spirit? Well, go hook up a dead body to an electrical current and see what happens. Watch the mole on your face grow, change shapes, and spread cancer through your body as a disease that is alive. Doesn’t cancer deserve to live, why do you want to kill it?

Now still thinking as a Christian ask yourself, how we determine a separated soul from the mother’s soul? Wouldn’t two souls in one body be considered possession or did Jesus leave more than one in the body when he cast out spirits? I have stated two things are required for a soul to enter the body. Number one and most important was the Mothers Choice to carry the baby. Don’t you think God knows if that is her choice or not? Do you think as Christians she could really hide that fact from God and then spring it on God the last minute?

Number two is of course the ‘breathe of life’, when that baby grabs a big gulp of air and the umbilical cord is cut don’t we understand a complete separation of souls between the mother and the child. I don’t know about you but I certainly couldn’t live in a tank of water or fluid without drowning making me dead.

So how can we as Christians exempt a non-life or dead circumstance for our own soul but give it to a baby in the womb? Isn’t the baby weaker then you are as an adult, yet you would attribute the baby in the womb stronger or endowed with powers you don’t have?

What bothers me the very most however about those people claiming abortion is in fact ‘murder’ like Glenn Beck has been rambling on about for quite some time now, is it in fact denies God’s own mercy and promise to every spirit child that they will get and receive a body. The arrogance of this position knows no bounds and the following hypothetical conversation exemplifies it.

Spirit Child: Oh I’m so excited to get my chance on Earth.

God: Well, I’m really sorry about that, you’re not going to get your chance because the doctor just killed your body and I don’t have any power over life, or over man to remedy that.

Spirit Child: What? I thought you made the Heavens and the Earth? Called the land to rise above the water creating whole continents? Placed the Earth in space at just the right distance so we wouldn’t freeze or burn up due to the Sun’s distance? I thought you created man from the dust of the Earth which would make you the potter for the vessel, the carpenter for the frame? You can’t make me another one?

God: Nope..I’m sorry.

That whole conversation is really absurd, but even worse when Christians act on it in calling abortion ‘murder’ they really are assuming their power is greater than God himself on the behalf of someone else. The charge of murder is a very serious charge that we would expect God to advocate a justice for or completely cease being God.

Advocating life by encouraging teens receive some form of counseling before an abortion is indeed a protection afforded to the living in a decision that certainly God has ears for. God’s mercy in our behalf is so encapsulated in love why would we accuse our brother falsely of a very heinous crime?

Now I certainly understand there are a lot of Christians that don’t want to face these facts or even consider the alternative especially if they have at the top of their lungs advocated that everyone receiving an abortion was guilty of murder. That’s a lot of violation of the Commandment not to accuse your brother falsely.

I understand being accused falsely and the pain that represents very poignantly in my own life and my heart aches for those who have been accused of murder who for whatever reason they determined chose to have an abortion. I also appreciate the gift of life as essentially given to me from God through my mother and father who also being his children, chose to accept that mission, although at times they may have regretted it. (smile)But I certainly don't believe if they had not that I as a child of God would not have been given different parents.

Indeed it is a subject not only for medical science to determine but by Faith and Religion in God because of the element of the spirit which is not understood or documented with the authority of modern medical science in any Masters or Doctors Degree.

I hope this explains somewhat to the reader the argument I have made in my theory of being “Pro Choice for Life” and being comfortable as a Christian, and representing myself well. I hope others will at least consider the points of reason that I have made and consider them in their own debate.

I AM AMERICANhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4otwMXGzvac

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