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Viral Forbes OP/ED Cites the Powers of Principle in Congressional Check of Executive Powers & U.S. News LTR

Viral Forbes OP/ED Cites the Powers of Principle in Congressional Check of Executive Powers & U.S. News LTR.
The Republicans are beginning to see the light dawning but is it to little to late?

One of the very key elements of political opposition is being able to corner your opponent so you can focus or clarify with razor sharpness the positives of your point and the negatives of your opponents in order to win your argument or perhaps even win your political race.

When you become the focus of laser sharp attacks its probably best that you make like the drabbest wallpaper you can conjure up. Obama did that as a U.S. Senator voting present 129 times which was about 3% of the his total votes. Voting "present" on key issues was a way Obama could avoid becoming a target of focus groups that he very well might need for his presidential contest. It was a way to keep more people on his side then focused against him.

Indeed the strategy has been employed on the issue of Obama's eligibility by nearly all of Congress at one time or another as they coward to the card of 'racism' orchestrated by the media upon the whipping boy Donald Trump in the site of every elected official with great crescendo and vibrato.
Obama's 5th Amendment Cancelled w Release of Long Form Fabrication

Now defenders of Obama say he, "used the 'present vote' to protest bills that he believed had been drafted unconstitutionally or as part of a broader legislative strategy." In the tyrannical world of despotism Obama is not only good at this he's brilliant, but in a Republic that same brilliance can be seen as absolute stupidity and the argument for Obama being "constitutional" in the realms of policy, as well as qualified for the Office according to the Constitution, are beginning to pave a familiar road that may very well become one in the near future.

Did you see this OP/ED by chance in Forbes Magazine "Obama's Disdain For The Constitution Means We Risk Losing Our Republic"

Now when in the world do you see an OP/ED in Forbes magazine like this and do not understand that even the Republicans have a limit to which they are willing to yank the leash of their dog bent on chasing a rabbit? That's the checks and balances of our Government and the ability for everyone of the three branches of Government to remind the opposing party as well as the other two branches of Government that they are part of the equation walking down the road trying to maintain some sort of etiquette.

What's all the 'hub-bub' about? Well, Republicans are livid that Obama has basically soiled their plan in the 2014 election by changing Obamacare solely on his wish. A President can propose and veto legislation, what he's not suppose to do is change existing law all by himself.

Okay, Obamacare became law with the passage of it through the House and Senate with a Presidential signature? This of course is where I part ways with most people because Obama is not a qualified President as he fails the qualification of the Constitution demanding a 'natural born citizen' which by the nature of its importance in the first place removes any alien citizenship of birth place or parentage for two generations which we can encapsulate in the term "Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents" of which there are no doubts Obama fails.

But just assuming the Constitution demanded the same qualification for the Representatives and Senators and President for one instance, and Obama was qualified under the sub-standard afforded us, Obama has changed the law of Obamacare 5 times in a negligence of his duty to enforce or execute the laws.

As an example, after the Obamacare crash many Congressmen urged Obama to change the individual mandate the same way he had changed the employer mandate. I believe November 27th,2013 announced a one year delay or exception of small businesses under 50 employees from online enrollment which was said to be a major setback for, however we notice that delay is after the 2014 elections. The ramifications of which are undoubtedly to delay the postage pre-paid pain of Obamacare for Democrats out for re-election or election.

The tactical delay of the law dis-favors Republicans because they can't sit back and watch the public coming in droves to vote for them based on the disaster of Obamacare debiting accounts illegally and generally soaking the public for all they are worth in the name of a tax-hike for their health insurance, mind you that's still not health care, its just the business of insurance. If the Government wanted to be in the insurance business they should have chosen 'car' insurance and not 'health' insurance as the odds are better and the promises easier kept.

In this sense, Obama has chosen not minding his name placed on the biggest disaster since his own illegal or unconstitutional election which is probably fitting. Now Congress is just catching on to the little Constitutional Game-Changer Obama plays, or what we should say is they are starting to get a clear picture of impending defeat and grasp some semblance of the Constitution as the life jacket of their drowning death.

Obama certainly doesn't see it that way. Obama see's it as his way of just picking the convenient times to enforce certain provisions of the law by electoral convenience. Its not like Obama has another election to run either, so you have to see he's paying up on the IOU's of people who are up for election who went to bat for him earlier.

I would like you to inspect the writings of George Washington to Madison Nov. 5,1786 in thinking of the time right now we are going urging Congress to check the Executive Branch for proper qualifications and in such the very necessity of signture making any law indeed lawful?

"How melancholy is the reflection, that in so short a space, we should have made such large strides towards fulfilling the prediction of our transatlantic foe! "leave them to themselves, and their government will soon dissolve." Will not the wise and good strive hard to avert this evil? Or will their supineness suffer ignorance, and the arts of self-interested designing disaffected and desperate characters, to involve this rising empire in wretchedness and contempt? What stronger evidence can be given of the want of energy in our governments than these disorders?"

"If there exists not a power to check them, what security has a man for life, liberty, or property? To you, I am sure I need not add aught on this subject, the consequences of a lax, or inefficient government, are too obvious to be dwelt on. Thirteen Sovereignties pulling against each other, and all tugging at the foederal head will soon bring ruin on the whole; whereas a liberal, and energetic Constitution, well guarded and closely watched, to prevent incroachments, might restore us to that degree of respectability and consequence, to which we had a fair claim, and the brightest prospect of attaining. With sentiments of the sincerest esteem etc."

Obama's words "With or Without Congress" show's the impasse of Obama and in no way shows the bulwark of Congress's authority laid deep within the Constitution's foundation. However if wisdom will yield to 'unbridaled racism's rabidity enough to deny my own stand for "principle" in the legal documents filed in the order of protecting the Constitution's natural born citizen qualification from Republicans and Democrats in McCain and Obama's assault then those coming up through the ranks of Congress have not yielded their own passion to their oaths for the Constitution and might as well stand aside and as the article says "Cheer or Jeer" for Obama as impotent specs of dust.

Now a little housekeeping - I sure need your help right now. My campaign needs computers, printers,phone lines,travel expenses and I certainly can't do this alone. I need your help and through the PAC ABC Campaign and our ABC Leadership Pac we will be able to receive larger contributions and put them to good use. If you can please help us in this fight.

Recently I sent a letter to U.S. News Reporter Steve Nelson as a derision towards the Birther Movement has been constantly riddled by the press and I thought it necessary that we set the record straight and there is a lot of information that is very important that still many people do not understand and education and information is a big part of the American Birther Movement or ABC Campaign.

Dear Mr. Steve Nelson:
U.S. News Reporter-
With reservations upon a few statements in your story, I would like to thank you for writing the following story.
Donald Trump and Orly Taitz Reinvigorate 'Birtherism' After Hawaii Plane Crash

Let me preface my comments with these pretty startling and indeed rare facts never reported nationally. I am the only candidate for President of 2008, and 2012 in the entire Country to sue both McCain and Obama which maintains both an impartiality on race regarding the principle or qualification of the Constitution and maintains the credibility of standing. Now there are some very unethical things that have happened with my case Judy v. Obama 12-5276 in the United States Supreme Court that are very well known within the Birther Movement but have never been reported by the mainstream media. Don't you think that's odd?

Mr. Nelson it has become customary in journalism to self aggrandize the "Birther Movement" with Mrs. Taitz ( a lawyer) and Donald Trump ( a might-gonna-run- candidate-for-President) to which there is so many reasons for exception, continuing that tradition as you have, does damage to the full faith and credit of not only the supreme law of the land with a unique qualification for president entrusted as a 'natural born citizen' in Art. II, Sect. I, Clause 5, but it sure's-up the door against the truth and those responsible for it in a lawful manner. I do hope that is not your intent?

If I may elaborate very briefly, giving you the benefit of the doubt that perhaps your ignorant and don't know, and you would like to maintain your integrity as a professional journalist, I think you would understand exactly what I mean. In the last paragraph of the story, which of course is the lasting impression on the readers minds you wrote:
"Arpaio, however, seems to be on the outs with the "birther" movement. Taitz published on her blog a letter from a self-described Arpaio donor, who promised not to send the 81-year-old sheriff another contribution until he acts on "the 100 [percent] evidence [he] claims to have showing that Obama committed fraud in Maricopa county by running for president."
First, let me show you first hand how very incorrect that statement is with factual information you most certainly probably have not had the benefit of.

1) With the exception of cases dismissed on lack of jurisdiction or technical error in court 100% of the cases against Obama's Eligibility have been dismissed because of a "lack of standing" with the exception of one, and that is mine: U.S.S.C Judy v. Obama 12-5276 the lastest review coming this past January 2013.

2) My case included, from the Superior State Court entrance of examination in the Response to Motion to Dismiss Georgia Ballot Challenge of Obama filed March 2nd 2012 clear through the Georgia State Supreme Court to the United States Supreme Court, the evidence of the Cold Case Posse findings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio released March 1st,2012 seen on page 10.

3) Mrs Taitz was dismissed in that Response to Motion to Dismiss; the circumstances of which are found on page 7 and from that moment on Mrs. Taitz treated me with a great deal of hostility and continues to do so this day, I believe for no other reason than she cannot lay hold of the truth of the arguments defeating her personally as a lawyer, and she has acted in a way that is in a total disregard of the people she was suppose to be representing, as if she was the one being represented by herself. Nothing could be further from the duty of a lawyer.If anyone is on the "outs" of the Birther Movement, it is Mrs. Orly Taitz who you well know has not won a single case she has filed and has been sanctioned by I believe 2 courts for beleaguering the courts with the same argument that the courts have ruled upon which ultimately was the "lack of standing".

4) In regards to Mr. Donald Trump , three very important things.
a) Donald Trump knows first hand of my challenge and hasn't done anything to back the effort.

b) He was called a racist by I believe by all of the major networks here, here, and even here in U.S. News for no other reason than we could say challenging Obama but not challenging McCain with any Republican Candidate for President. That is the unique thing I did as a Presidential Candidate in 2008 and 2012 with McCain and Obama that no one in the entire Country can say they did.

McCain in fact received a non-binding resolution 511 from the U.S. Senate sponsored by Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama. This was the second Congressional Act of McCain to alter his status as a 'Citizen'.

c) You know as well as I do Trump never ran for President and though he scooped it as if he were, he never had any standing, nor did he file a single document in court, or have any kind of a campaign that was run-over and hurt by Obama's Campaign from the onset in the Democratic Party as I did in 2012 and 2008.

I am forced to ask myself if you are not deliberately undermining the credibility of the Birther Movement with people who have no standing like Donald Trump or who are representing people who have no standing like Mrs. Orly Taitz?

I am forced to ask myself, are you determined in the partisan polarization of politics so zealously that you highlight in public those who are easily made targets of the term 'racist' by their actions as you spot light them in greater favor of the subject than the one who has represented principle as I have impartially?

I am forced to ask myself, are you in no uncertain terms engaged in doing everything in your power to maintain the status-quo with the "Good Ole Boys" ultimately in the dis-service of the public in the bald face lie or deceptive representation?

Do you believe these fair questions of me to you knowing what I know? Now if you'd like to know the mischievous things going down with my case at the U.S.S.C level, as a legitimate challenge with standing, which would just be a huge story, I'll let you decide if you want the story because there is no sense in my telling it to you if you don't want it, or if you are indeed determined in the negative attacks of the Birther Movement which insist on 'framing deceitfully' the truth by continually highlighting people who have less to do with facts, standing, and evidence and throwing dirt on those who have combined the actually standing with the professional law enforcement credentials in a complaint and thorough investigation?

You have to have both for it to stick, you can't have the imprints of a crime or violation of law without a victim of the crime and a perpetrator.

I do hope that you do want to maintain the dignity of the Office of the President, because what is happening in the mainstream media is a real dis-service to the office and what happens in Congress in the near future might surprise you.

Cody Robert Judy

Cody Robert Judy
Two Media Sources WND TP&E
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
End of LTR-

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