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If Abortion is Murder, Why Aren't Pro-Lifer's Putting Women In Prison For LIFE?

The call that abortion is MURDER seemed to blast the nation with a wave of ferver and rage today. Glenn Beck screamed several times today "Abortion is MURDER-Abortion is Murder" and stated 55 million people have been killed and murdered since its legalization, yet in his own condundrum he certainly did not advocate slavery of women/state sponsored or otherwise in a dictate of strapping them in prison to have the child if they became pregnant was moral or a progressive tenant either.

I'd like to offer not only a little bit of biblical logic on the subject of life here, but also a little bit of secular understanding with regards to the United States Constitution as it applies to "pro-choicers" pretended theory that the "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" clause in the Declaration of Independence didn't have a thing to do with what Brit Hume called 'creatures', for "unalienable rights" which the Declaration says all "human beings" have been given by their Creator and for the protection of which they institute governments clearly do not apply to those who are not of voting age under the United States Constitution.

Glenn recalled a story where someone was making the pro-choice argument and said he just listened to the guy until he thought he had him and then Glen slam dunked the guy with "Abortion is Murder" and I wondered just how much of an argument he had heard on the pro-choice side or if he had simply focused on the red like a bull and charged "Abortion is Murder".

If as predicted the issue of pro-life and pro-choice becomes a major issue of separation, as I think many more leaning left would have it, the loss for conservatives is going to be heard with a very big thud on the floor. To some degree this was brought out on the Glenn Beck show due to his offense of Governor Cuomo's libby lued query "Who are these conservatives? Pro-life, Pro Assault Rifle, Anti-gay have no place in the State of New York."

Of course this is a fight for the women's vote and "slavery" is a good way to frighten every women out of her mind which allows the left to do just about anything else they want to and still get a women's vote with the fear streak so deep she's traumatized and has visions of being pregnant in chains at the hospital until she delivers even if she was raped. That's a hard battle for conservatives to come back from if like Glenn Beck they are 'immovable' and not willing to look at all the facts.

Mr. Beck then had a caller on his show who stated she'd had an abortion and regretted it her whole life and that she'd also given a child up for adoption and felt much better about that. Mr. Beck softened somewhat at the callers stark confessions and I wondered in his mind if he was thinking; "This women should be imprisoned for the rest of her life for the crime of murder", or if on the other hand he was thinking " If only all the murderers in prison would call his show and soften their tone he would grant a clemency and pardon their crime of murder"?

The subject of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice has raised its head again with the anniversary Mr. Brett Hume refers to in the following clip the 41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade entitled Brit Hume on the Moral Case For Defending Life

Is it just me or does the word "creature" used by Bret Hume in the defense of children seem sacrilegious? It did to me. These little 'creatures' he called them who have a heart beating. There is nothing in the Bible to justify whatsoever that a soul begins at conception, and less than that to justify a murder charge or shedding of innocent blood in an abortion.

October 1st, 2013 I wrote the following column entitled The Moral Road of Conscience, Choice, and Liberty in a 3rd Choice Pro Choice for Life. I'm not going to repeat everything I wrote in that article in this one so Mr. Beck, though it was sent to you I'd highly recommend you go back and read it.

In short, it dealt with a little more of "religious" or Biblical theory of when "life" begins in a very distictinve process noting the clear seperation between "The body", "The spirit" , that must combine to create a "Living Soul" elaborated in Genesis 2:7 and slavery is not advocated as a moral choice either according to our law.

Exodus 20:16 that mirrors 20:13 “Thou shalt not kill” that is the powerful point of their argument. Exodus 20:16 states “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”, that stating someone is a murderer is in fact doing Mr. Beck. So you better hope you real clear on this subject before you start throwing around the term ‘murder’ because I’m not real sure you’d be excused from 1 of the big 10 Commandments simply based on their order.

Today, Abortion being legal, Glenn Beck has certainly called out his neighbor and called her a MURDERER, and done so in a false accusation. I really felt bad for the women who called in to his show whose actions Glenn Beck had called out as "murder" that strictly speaking on innocent life demands a penalty of life in prison or the death penalty.

"Unalienable rights" which the Declaration says all 'human beings" have been given by their Creator and for the protection of which they institute governments that are under the United States Constitution at least as the Supreme Law of the Land here in the United States, certainly refers to "human beings", not 'creatures'.

In fact, if we look at this issue, we find the United States Constitution is not what children live under anyway. They live under a dictatorship of parentage. If they have no right to vote, they certainly have no say in changing the Constitution with their 'choice', thus as a matter of fact they live under their parents or gardian. Indeed we have a juvenile system that is completely different then an adult system in the penal section.

In fact the claim on someone's protections of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness (pursuit of happiness -rooted in a claim on property) was first to "enter into a state of society" which cannot be done as a natural right until someone can vote, which is determined to be the age of 18.

For this intended argument, those who cannot vote have certainly not entered into a society yet, thus the claim on protections as far as safety and happiness, cannot be obtained yet by the grace of a parent or guardian of that child.

By far in my mind the most grossly negliable act or claim that "Abortion is Murder" is the assault upon God himself for Christians. In fact I dare say it is to the likeness of defiling his name in vain, for it defiles Gods' grace, mercy, and gifts of life to everyone of his children.

This is in fact what those crying "murder" are saying. That once the 'creature' is aborted out of the womb there is no other hope, mercy, or gift of life for that "spirit" of God's. Indeed, murder must be calculated as the termination of a soul which make up that particular body and spirit.

I cannot even imagine such in the all seeing all knowing intelligence of God, or such a gamble proceding a promise to everyone of his children as to be terminated without a single gasp of air or having received the breath of life seperated from the mother as an individual.

Indeed the preception reminds me of such arrogance and pride that those adopting it do not see whatsoever any relation to God being in Heaven and their being on Earth, and his ways being higher then their ways. In fact I look at them with the preception that they believe they are indeed Victor Frankenstein who made his "creature" from different parts and through the power of electricity put the body parts in motion as a living soul leaving God out of the equasion permanently.

You want to talk to me about morality we first have to have a discussion of where yours is coming from Dr. Frankenstien's or God's?

Anyway, I suppose I was just a little tired of people throwing around the "right to life" as the law for not only a non-citizen, but creature that has no claim in spirit or body as a "soul" even capable of being murdered as a term used to advocate a crime that is punishable with life in prison or the death penalty.

I know pro-lifers don't like to see or understand or perhaps even contemplate these facts seeing a little creature in the womb that looks like a human, however, those in caskets also resemble very clearly human beings that people weep over and care about, but all have an understanding that without the 'spirit' in the 'body' their is no "soul" to be murdered.

I remain yours, "PRO CHOICE FOR LIFE".

Cody Robert Judy

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  1. To correct the misquote, Cuomo said there is no room for "pro-life" conservatives and not "Pro-choice" advicates.