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Breaking News: S.T.O.P Obama with Standing and Proof, House Bill Res. 442 Activation Push

Breaking News: House Bill Res. 442 Activation to S.T.O.P Obama with Standing and Proof.

Breaking News: House Bill Res. 442 Activation to S.T.O.P Obama with Standing and Proof.

Report: A detailed and recorded Conversation with S.C. R- Representative Tom Rice's Congressional Aide Christen Harsha regarding H.R. 442 largely known as the S.T.O.P RESOLUTION in the House with 104 cosponsors currently in The House of Representatives.

H. Res. 442 Cosponsors (108):

Amodei (NV-2), Bachmann (MN-6), Bachus (AL-6), Barletta (PA-11), Barr (KY-6), Barton (TX-6), Benishek (MI-1), Bentivolio (MI-11), Blackburn (TN-7), Boustany (LA-3), Bridenstine (OK-1), Brooks (AL-5), Broun (GA-10), Burgess (TX-26), Byrne (AL-1), Campbell (CA-45), Carter (TX-31), Chabot (OH-1), Chaffetz (UT-3),Collins (GA-9), Cramer (ND-At Large), Culberson (TX-7), Daines (MT-At Large), Davis (IL-13), DesJarlais (TN-4), DeSantis (FL-6), Jeff Duncan (SC-3), John Duncan (TN-2), Ellmers (NC-2), Farenthold (TX-27), Fincher (TN-8), Fleischmann (TN-3), Flores (TX-17), Franks (AZ-8), Gibbs (OH-7), Gingrey (GA-11), Gosar (AZ-4), Gowdy (SC-4), Tom Graves (GA-14), Griffin (AR-2), Ralph Hall (TX-4), Harris (MD-1), Hensarling (TX-5), Hudson (NC-8), Huelskamp (KS-1), Hunter (CA-50), Johnson (OH-6), Jones (NC-3), Joyce (OH-14), Steve King (IA-4), Kingston (GA-1), LaMalfa (CA-1), Lamborn (CO-5), Lance (NJ-07), Lankford (OK-5), Latta (OH-5), Luetkemeyer (MO-3), Marchant (TX-24), Marino (PA-10), McClintock (CA-4), McHenry (NC-10), Meadows (NC-11), Messer (IN-6), Mica (FL-7), Candace Miller (MI-10), Jeff Miller (FL-1), Mullin (OK-2), Mulvaney (SC-5), Neugebauer (TX-19), Nugent (FL-11), Nunnelee (MS-1), Palazzo (MS-4), Perry (PN-4), Pittenger (NC-9), Posey (FL-8), Tom Price (GA-6), Ribble (WI-8), Roby (AL-2), Roe (TN-1), Hal Rogers (KY-5), Mike Rogers (AL-3), Rohrabacher (CA-48), Rothfus (PA-12), Salmon (AZ-5), Sanford (SC-1), Scalise (LA-1), Schweikert (AZ-6), Scott (GA-8), Sessions (TX-32), Shuster (PA-9), Simpson (ID-2), Jason Smith (MO-8), Lamar Smith (TX-21), Stewart (UT-2), Stockman (TX-36), Southerland (FL-2), Tiberi (OH-12),Walberg (MI-7),Walorski (IN-2),Weber (TX-14),Wenstrup(OH-2), Westmoreland (GA-3), Williams (TX-25), Joe Wilson (SC-2), Womack (AR-3), Woodall (GA-7), Yoho (FL-3), Don Young (AK-At Large)

I want to simply report point by point, very clearly, the conversation that I had that was recorded in detailed note taking by two of Representative Rice's Aids, the one of which I got her name as Christen Harsha 02/18/2014 at 10:48 AM lasting 10m04s., and the other one made 02/18/2014 at 10:27 AM lasting 13m10s. I did not recall. The two phone calls separate and distinct of each other.

As nearly as I can I will recollect my words.

The problem with H.R. 442 The Stop This Overreaching Presidency (S.T.O.P.) is there is no one person able to show harm directly with Obama's actions of over-reaching. Sen. Mike Lee reported that the problem, or reason Obama is doing this and no one can do anything is because no one can show 'standing',"You've got to show three things: you've got to show that the plaintiff has suffered an injury in fact--a concrete, particularized harm that's fairly traceable to the conduct of the defendant, and it is capable of being redressed or remedied by the court." Links were not shared in conversation but I provide them as a benefit for the reader here.

Representative Tom Rice invited anyone that might help to get involved on his web site of S.T.O.P. and I am calling in response to that with a solution to the standing problem H.R. 442 will face.

I related, what needs to happen is that an Amendment to it needs to be added to include the Constitutional requirements that Obama fails in his eligibility problem. My testimony in front of the House of Representatives could provide a great deal of support in the argument of standing, and I know Congress is very cautious about the charge of 'racism' being held above their heads by the main-stream media, however my testimony is very clearly on the honorable principle because I held Sen. McCain's eligibility in 2008 in contempt as well as Obama's for not being born in the United States or a military hospital as was purported by many.

Certainly if McCain was born out of the country in Panama and no one cared, and Obama was born out of the country in Kenya, and everyone screamed that wouldn't be very equal under the law. Just because I was the only one who did it in the entire country running for President doesn't make the harm to me, or my campaign less significant. In fact its entirely significant!

My case against Sen. McCain also focused on the collaboration between candidates Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama, in U.S. non-binding Sen. Resolution 511 in a matter of eligibility, making those in the spot-light of eligibility partners in an unconstitutional orchestration, leaving standing to only me. I was the only presidential candidate in the whole United States standing on principle regardless of party with a viable campaign and history dating back that could clear the hurdles necessary, but compared to Obamacare that was a great deal.

I continued my action maintaining my standing in 2012 on Obama with my own Democratic Party presidential run against Obama that was recorded in Court as well and ended up in the U.S.S.C in Judy v. Obama 12-5276. This gives the Republican House a certain perception of reaching across the isle for reconciliation of a constitutional injustice as my civil rights have been violated and the courts had ignored me shuffling it off as a problem called the "political question doctrine"

Now, Congress is always saying, "we can't involved when the Courts are involved." Well, we are done and through that process and there was some very shady happenings involved in my case I would like to discuss to The House of Representatives mainly that I couldn't get a case number for 7 months! The Court clerks waited until two other cases from Georgia come up that did not have presidential candidates in them and a week after they entered the court I was also given a case number. This provided cover as my case was slipped in between the two others without a candidate in the race which created the 'standing' argument for dismissal.

I continued, this was not just me saying Obama was not a natural born citizen. I also included clear down from the State circuit court level that rose to the State Supreme Court in Georgia a detailed investigation of professional law enforcement stature. The Cold Case Posse findings released March 1st,2012 were indeed claimed as evidence of Obama's long form birth certificate being a long form fabrication, his draft registration being a fake, and his social security number not being his.

So, it wasn't simply my testimony as a candidate whose campaign for the same office was being smashed, but it was backed up by a legal testimony of professional law enforcement officials, lending proof and substantial evidence that collaborated in a legal finding of evidence and backed up my claim of unlawful harm, and a constitutional breach of qualifications.

Obama was directly involved in handing out this long form fabrication to the media in the White House Press Core room. The Media then reported it to their audiences. This was intentional use in an action of deceiving intentionally and perpetrating a fraud upon voters all to the cremation of my presidential campaign, my person, my reputation, my work.

Now I know once this passes the House that it has to go to the U.S. Senate for Trial, but I offer that if the Hearing is held in transparency, and reported upon fairly and equally, that the U.S. Senate would look incompetent to dismiss the hard facts and testimony that indeed has standing.

I related also I understood clearly the 'racist' charge that was leveled upon Mr. Donald Trump nation wide for his excoriating action, but that it lead to Obama releasing this fabrication that is a direct action, along with his candidate statement he was qualified for the Office he was running for.

The took my phone number, address, web sites very clearly and related the messages would indeed be given to Rep. Tim Rice.

Indeed the bottom line is if the House of Representatives is unwilling to hear me in a public hearing they basically have discounted the hemorrhage of Obamacare upon the people and have thrown in the "I don't care" box, the systematic disaster of all Americans estimated by the GOP to be around 4.7 million who have lost coverages, not to mention jobs, I suppose they're throwing us all in the Obamacare furnaces including whole hospitals.

In many of the same respects Sen. Mike Lee stated that no one had standing in Obama's over-reaching executive arm in issuing executive orders pushing and pulling Obamacare apart according to the will of his pen, and the democratic party prospects in 2014, and 2016, he hasn't looked at my testimony of standing which full fills all aspects of standing in the harm Obama has caused me and my campaign in the Office of the President.

Obama is there in a direct violation of the Constitution's demands for a qualified person. He's every move is a harm to my campaign continually and the cost are mounting, but don't come close to the harm being seen by the American public with no standing.

If Congress is so mired in Obama they would choose not to use my testimony simply for the sake of not being associated with someone who took a stand for the principle regardless of party, and perhaps in protecting their own, it would be likened to letting the whole house burn to the ground simply because a spark come out of the light socket that could have been put out with a glass of water.

Only problem with that is there are a lot of Americans in the House asleep and its a cowardly act to not try simply taking a stand for what's right.
Cody Robert Judy

Obama's long form birth certificate has been exhumed to be nothing more then a long form fabrication by professional law enforcement standards and that was brought to the attention of the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276, for which I served as the Presidential Candidate running in the Democratic Party and after the primary, as an Independent Presidential Candidate securing the 'standing' necessary for the complaint in 2012 and 2013.

Orrin Hatch R - U.S Senator from Utah and Mitch McConnell R- U.S. Senator from Kentcky just requested two sheriffs kits produced by Michael Volin of WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com (WOBC) with the purpose of informing the public and elected officials of the forgery of the long-form birth certificate image posted since April 27, 2011 on the White House website. These kits (Get Yours Free Here) contain the same evidence released in March 1,2012 (and a little more) that I included in my case against Obama that went from Georgia State- Georgia State Supreme- to U.S. Supreme 12-5276 in Judy v. Obama.

Please urge and encourage your Representatives to OPEN AND TRANSPARENT HEARINGS in the House of Representatives on Obama's eligibility as the solution to eliminating Obamacare. These hearings must be held and the evidence must be heard that are in the Sheriff's kits most all of the Representatives have received now.

If these hearings are conducted in the open and reported in the open, the evidence will mount collectively and the U.S. Senate although it has a majority of Democrats will have to concede to the facts and evidences or will be seen as completely unfit for their duties and as incompetent. Contribute for Obama's Verification Eligibility qualification hearings on the stage to remove him as a disability according to Amend 14, Sec.3 would be a lot faster solution.

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We pray for the Lord to save our Country and restore America from the dilapidation we now find ourselves, and the principles of the Constitution in. For this I am Taking A Stand.

Sincerely, Cody Robert Judy
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