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The Wildest Rodeo - No Clowns- It's Mayday Mayday Mayday

The Wildest Rodeo - No Clowns

There’s a lot of rodeo fans out there that love the excitement of seeing professional cowboys get on those wild bronc’s and nasty bulls and see if they can stay on tons of action while its leaping, bellowing, angry, and flat out a little crazy! No doubt it’s a wild ride and there isn’t anything tame about it nor the courage to get on one of those in a shoot, but I gotta tell you our DC politicians in America got more courage than professional cowboys and I’m going to tell you why.

In every professional cowboys heart is the sacred trust, and loyalty of the Rodeo Clown who’s got his back. Those rodeo clowns actually save a professional cowboys life time and time again, by re-directing the bronc’s or bull’s attention away from the cowboy who has sailed off his ride and is about to hit the dirt very susceptible to the hooves, teeth, and horns of a creature that’s just seeing red rage and is not even thinking straight.

Well, these politicians are really brave and courageous men and women because do you know what they are going to do? They are going to ride the bronc’s and bulls without any clowns in the ring, and to boot, they have never ridden before. That’s why this is going to be the wildest rodeo you have ever seen in your entire life! I mean there is probably going to be people killed, this is very dangerous!

Now I would never have that kind of courage. I mean I’m serious folks. These politicians in Washington DC got brass between their legs. I don’t think we’ve ever seen the American People mad, but I got a chill in my spine that says Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse is going to reveal some of the biggest, maddest, most furious bulls this Nation has ever seen and those Politicians in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate are going to be riding those bronc’s and bulls in the front arena on the White House lawn.

I saw this in a dream last night and I mean to tell you I was looking for the rodeo grounds all day and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.The rodeo is at the White House!

Rodeo stock is a special term for live stock that is especially bred for their physical ability, their endurance, and their demonic temperament. I mean for the professional cowboy it’s all about the buck, the spin, and the kick. They like it when this happens because it’s going to increase their score and chances of getting into the money.
Oh yeah, that’s the other thing these Washington DC Elected Politicians are saying, they’re going to ride for free because they have already been into the money and they have all they want. Nancy Pelosi is worth 58 million dollars, she doesn’t care about any purse, and she damn well don’t care about the Constitution.

Remember she’s the one who signed two different forms of the DNC Nomination papers for Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro? Yes, for the first time in history there was one for Hawaii because they actually demanded by statute the Candidate nominated is qualified as a natural born citizen, and then there was a different one for the rest of the states.

You gotta hand it to Hawaii folks. They hit us with a hot branding iron on the long form birth certificate but they volunteered Nancy Pelosi as a first contestant on the bull ride. You think she looks good in a cowboy hat wait till you see her on a two ton bull with no clowns in the ring. I mean no one; absolutely no one is going to miss buying a ticket to see that. Let me tell you folks she has drawn one of the meanest bulls I’ve ever seen.

You remember Loretta Fuddy? She was the loose cannon about to divulge that what she gave Obama’s representative Judy Corley wasn’t what the White House put on their web site, or what Obama handed to the press core that 27th of April day we all will never forget leading to Obama’s first Mayday Mayday Mayday on May 1st 2012 in which Osama’s dead body was taken off the ice to be buried at sea. Yes, she was alive but she got involved in that thing with a Nancy Pelosi and Barack/Barry Obama/Soetoro.

People die every day and I know Rep. Nancy Pelosi is going to fret over Loretta Fuddy something fierce.
Yes, Loretta Fuddy had a spiritual sister in the world wide organization of Subud, just 6 years apart; and that was the lovely segregate mother of Obama, Ann Dunham Soetoro.

Loretta Fuddy was the Nancy Pelosi of Subud; Representative of the most powerful women in the United States Congress, in that organization. These three women shared a big secret. They all knew Barack Obama was not a natural born citizen qualified for the Office of the President and they were willing to die for it.

You know amongst friends there is always someone who is the loose cannon, and can’t keep a secret because she’s just can’t compete with her friends who kind of look down on her? It’s the one who takes an oath who you know is going to break it. Some might call them a “Judas Iscariot”? It’s kind of funny to think the devil has one to, because he’s the father of all lies, and he didn’t think that could bite him in the butt, but when someone’s about to reveal the truth it sure does.

I saw these pictures of the diver who mysteriously appears for seconds at the crash scene where all but Loretta Fuddy walk away and I thought who has the money to arrange something like that out of all her friends who share the secret that Obama is not qualified for the Office of the President? I share the secret but I didn’t cover for Obama: Rep. Nancy Pelosi did. We have her signature on those forms with the same notary public.

When you walk a dog away from the Constitution of the United States where do you end up? What is the polar opposite? Communism is the thing that the red-scare was all about. You know there were two red-scares the first happening in 1919-1921 and the last one happening 1947-1954. I’m not sure I’d know of anything else that freaked America out so quickly and it might have initiated the Government’s ability to name something the complete opposite of what it acted as aka Obamacare – The Affordable Health Care Act; The Patriot Act; The Enforce the Law Act- Laughable at best.

The red-scare implies anyway that it was an action that was superfluous or really unnecessary. You probably wouldn’t have wanted to say that around President Ronald Reagan and you sure couldn’t deny the hole we spent the former Soviet Union into could you? Yeah, that was a pretty bad time for the communist who I think decided their best work could be done over here domestically again. Exposing that might be the best weapon America has because the world will not look kindly on "Communism" to know what they did to America in trying to destroy her.

Third time’s a charm huh? Maybe, especially when you load the United States Supreme Court with red patriots instead of the red, white and blue kind. You know I wouldn’t say that unless I had some pretty direct and personal information that’s actually part of the Court Record. I mean the dirty little secret of the natural born citizen is what to every lawyer who ever finished and passed the bar? Judy v. Obama 12-5276, what color do you first see when you load the image? Its not red,white, and blue.

The dirty little secret is there is no way that “Citizen” and “Natural Born Citizen” means the same thing. Because of the rule of statutory construction that every law student learns about and that every judge knows, a general rule cannot overrule a specific. The office of the President is only to be filled with a Natural Born Citizen, while the offices of a U.S. Representative and a U.S. Senator can be filled with the general term “Citizen”.

If of course the 14th Amendment was meant to over-rule the qualifications for the President it would have actually been included. Because the term “Citizen” was used in the 14th Amendment, “Natural Born Citizen” was excluded and therefore kept succinct or concise - Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. Minor v. Happersett 88 U.S. 162, (1874) tells us exactly what the something else besides being born in the United States was, and that was “Citizen Parents”. It says concisely those Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents there never was any doubt: they are “Natural Born Citizens”.

Now as far as a public case, the public recognizes it seems pretty widely understood that a dual citizen cannot be President of the United States. Can someone please find me a Nation on Earth today who actually would deny someone being born on their soil the rights of being a “Citizen”? If you’re the son of a terrorist Palestinian born in Israel congratulations guess what, you’re a citizen of Israel. That birth right citizenship of soil is always yours and Sen. John McCain has one in Panama born in the Panama Hospital on Panama soil he inherited by birth a citizenship never to be denied. There's a few reports that say the Communist got to him as a POW.

Of course he can be a “Citizen” of the United States by naturalization which he was inducted into by an Act of Congress 11 months after his birth making him a Citizen. But he is denied the rights of being a Natural Born Citizen because he shall forever have a Panama Citizenship. You can’t denounce where you were born and defy the law of nature just so you can be President of the United States. I mean go be President of Panama maybe they will let “Citizens” be President, but here in the U.S. you have to be Natural Born Citizen, and that has never been excluded specifically by any precedent.

Even in the U.S. Constitution we were told when “Citizens” actually could be President, and it was to those who were “Citizens” at the time of the adoption of the Constitution. U.S.C. Art. II, Sect.1, Clause 5.

I’ve used 5 paragraphs to explain in layman’s terms the exact thing I said in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 to the United States Supreme Court. There is not a lawyer or a judge who didn’t know what I was talking about and I was indeed a Candidate for President qualified by all three standards of standing, in the Democratic Party. I didn’t have to be the nominee of the Republican Party to gain a foothold on standing.

In fact Rep. Nancy Pelosi signed a dirty little letter to Hawaii and the rest of the states and she knew he was not a qualified candidate, but did you see the way she looked at him? Remember this picture. She gazed at him like he was a not a man but a creation or a project that was being fulfilled. That always interested me because it didn’t quite look right.

She looked at him as I’d imagine Aribert Heim who lived under the name Tarek Farid Hussein for years and converted to Islam would. He was also known as Dr. Death; or like Marcus Wolf the secret intelligence officer who died in 2006, immigrated to Moscow with his physician father, Jewish and a firm believer in Communism, would look at him as if he was his ‘diamond’ prize Manchurian Candidate.

You know something that has always stuck in my brain was the 1992 report by Tom Fife, a government contractor with an active security clearance who took notes on his trips for debriefings with the Defense Intelligence Agency within the Department of Defense accredited to be a real guy here. , about the first time he ever heard of Barack in 1992.

At a dinner party in a Moscow flat the dinner talk turned anti-American and yet another women whose report spun on a little liquor and wanting to be somebody who she wasn’t, started in on that loose cannon thing to beef up her stature and appear important as a matter of fact her tongue relayed things that really could not have been known to any of us in 1992 about what was going to happen to America in 2008 like:

1) You Americans think you’re so perfect, why haven’t you had a women president by now?
2) America will be surprised when it gets a black president very soon
3) He comes from an Ivey League school and His name was Barack
4) He was one of them; a communist
5) His father was not an American Black
6) He is half white
7) Raised from the cradle to be an Atheist
8) He’s going to be irresistible to America
9) He was from Hawaii
10) He went to school in California
11) He lived in Chicago
12) And last but not the least important was the comment, “at one point she made some sort of San Francisco connection like it was some sort of center there for their activity.

As we look at this we take into a, or the, big picture that Obama is a communist plant, jewish or gentile, the common denominator is "Communism" as a social order controlled by the State. Who do we know from San Francisco who has blocked for Obama?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi just so happens to be the Representative of the 5th District of California and she resides in San Francisco and as I told you is estimated to be worth 58 million dollars. She married Mr. Pelosi and they moved from New York to San Francisco.

Phillip Burton died in 1983 and was succeeded by his wife, Sala. In late 1986, Sala became ill with cancer and decided not to run for reelection in 1988. She picked Pelosi as her designated successor, guaranteeing her the support of the Burtons' contacts. Pelosi represents one of the safest Democratic districts in the country. Democrats have held the seat since 1949 and Republicans, who currently make up only 13 percent of registered voters in the district, have not made a serious bid for the seat since the early 1960s.

She won the seat in her own right in 1988 and has been reelected 10 more times with no substantive opposition, winning by an average of 80 percent of the vote. She has not participated in candidates' debates since her 1987 race against Harriet Ross. Can you imagine never even having to debate for an election? This sounds like something very familiar that's happenened with Putin, whose also kind of been hand-picked.

Now her husband Paul Pelosi went to Harvard is philanthropist, owns a football team, but that’s not as interesting as his brother who seemed clearly the reason they headed for San Francisco,CA. in the first place. Nancy’s brother-in-law Ron Pelosi was the mediator or arbitrator for the American Stock Exchange, National Association of Securities Dealers, National Futures Association, New York Stock Exchange and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority or FINRA was formed in 2007, one year before the 2008 election, and was the successor to the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD) and the member regulation, enforcement and arbitration operations of the New York Stock Exchange. The Government agency which acts as the ultimate regulator of the securities industry, including FINRA, is the Securities and Exchange Commission.

All arbitration basically had to go through this guy, or he knew about it. FINRA’s mission was to protect investors by making sure the United States securities industry operates fair and honestly. FINRA oversees about 4,250 brokerage firms, about 162,155 branch offices, and approximately 629,525 registered securities representatives. Any dispute between investor and broker it was actually upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court had to go through that arbitration court first. Wow, can you imagine the commissions on that?

This is not all 79 year old San Francisco born Ron Pelosi is into. Solyndra was given 528 million and declared bankruptcy and then 737 million was handed to Crescent Dunes project in Tonopah, Nevada for a desert solar plant. Ron Pelosi was a board member with a subsidiary of Pacific Corporate Group,(PCG) and investment partner in Tonopah’s parent company that had the backing of U.S. Senator Harry Reid.

You may recall U.S. Sen. Harry Reid’s comments about Mr. Cliven Bundy and all those who supported him and his 900 head of cattle crazing in the desert and the now famous round up by a Militarized BLM as “Domestic Terrorist”. Are we to understand this powerful family in San Francisco the Pelosi’s have no connections with the communist as a center for the activity of which the Moscow queen so bragged about at that 1992 dinner party in Moscow? Why that’s just silly if the Communist had a plant safty net where would it have been? San Francisco, as the mystery lady #4 related.

That kind of brings it home for us. Let’s take another walk-about though with the dog and see where Subud leads us. Remember that’s the spiritual organization that Loretta Fuddy was the U.S. Representative of with Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro.

I wondered about a connection between Subud and Moscow and I sure found a significant one. Subud’s Founder was Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo who died in 1987. He was invited by England’s J.G. Bennett who passed away in 1974 to come to Paris and between the two popped up George Gurdjieff who was a whale of an intense figure and passed in 1949. George a Russian Empire type of guy, was fascinated by controlling people through hypnosis,using humans as guinea pigs, and was said to have practiced an esoteric Christianity which is what well, Bible Thumpers would call anti-Christian or the mystics of the Bible.

You ever notice that deer in the headlight look on Rep. Nancy Pelosi where she’s saying something that doesn’t make a bit of sense, like she’s hypnotized and just sputtering stuff up like, “We have to pass this so we can read it and see what’s in it?” and it concerns 1/5 of the entire wealth of the U.S. economy?

Well, we are way passed stupid here. Remember every law student understands statutory construction which prohibits Obama as a “Citizen” or a “non-citizen” as he was officially adopted in Indonesia where Subud and founder Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo a practicing Muslim lived.

We are told by Obama that his step father Lolo Soetoro adopted him so he could attend school in Jakarta and that foreign citizenship of Obama’s is uncontested and his mother was Ann Dunham Soetoro passed in 1995 the Subud faithful sister who was Loretta Fuddy’s spiritual sister diseased now.

Dual citizenship of any foreign kind is strictly prohibited in the Office of the President, but its Congress’s job to enforce it as the Judicial Branch has passed at every turn and in the voice of one Supreme Court Justice is strictly avoiding that one.

Yes, I see the mad rodeo stock lining up now for the White House Rodeo and all the U.S. Congressmen who have been given a Sheriff’s Kit, have repeatedly been warned and warned over and over again about this disaffection for the Office of the President which really constitutionally neuters the entire Executive Branch and every cabinet and bureau under it which constitutes the enforcement branch of our Government and I see madness being sown just waiting for a match.

Yes my fellow patriots those DC Politicians certainly have more courage than I do as they sow a mighty dry seed, stuffing ginger up the Bull’s behind, and tightening the singe up around the flanks of the American Public so tight in a scourge of the Constitution so literally it’s going to be impossible to ignore.

That’s exactly what we are being told is going to come with Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse’s next Press Conference where we have laid out before our eyes a litany of criminality that surpasses all of our wildest imaginations and is impossible to ignore.

And to think that Congress could have avoided all of this if they had simply held a hearing on Obama’s eligibility with what they already knew. Obama’s not a Natural Born Citizen qualified for the Office of the President. Did you ever wonder why Rep. Nancy Pelosi was actually content with just staying at her San Francisco activity post and not running for U.S. Senate or President?

Twenty years is a long time to hold that Fort, but she’s done it and everything has just fallen into place including the Media’s pick of McCain who was the only candidate at the time who could tie the knot for Republicans and Democrats in not telling on one another in the Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama co-sponsor of non-binding Sen. Res. 511 declaring by an act of ½ of Congress McCain was a “Natural Born Citizen” which I sued him for in the Federal Court of Las Vegas, Nevada in 2008: Judy v. McCain

You see if you’re a communist plan on the inside of the United States of America and you’re going to domestically terrorize a nation out of the U.S. Constitution you have to have a few sleeper cells you can count on. It’s not just one that’s for sure. I think Rep. Nancy Pelosi is the Evelyn Salt of the Moscow detail plan for a Manchurian Candidate to usurp the Office of the President and I submit her signature as her witness to that. This isn’t a circus or a carnival, it’s the wildest Rodeo you’ll ever see with no clowns!

Cody Robert Judy

Obama Eligibility 4 Dummies.
If you have no clue of Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse investigation concluding Obama's identification is a fraud, how you can write your elected leaders urging them to conduct hearings, I also am pushing for as a Candidate for PRES and took to the U.S. Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama Case 12-5276, go to this website and take the two part challenge. With your help America is made stronger and it will cost you some time and a couple of stamps. What have you done lately to protect this opportunity we have in the United States? We need your help. Oh, and pass it on.

How You Can Help

Obama's long form birth certificate has been exhumed to be nothing more than a long form fabrication by professional law enforcement standards and that was brought to the attention of the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276, for which I served as the Presidential Candidate running in the Democratic Party and after the primary, as an Independent Presidential Candidate securing the 'standing' necessary for the complaint in 2012 and 2013.

Orrin Hatch R - U.S Senator from Utah and Mitch McConnell R- U.S. Senator from Kentucky just requested two sheriffs kits produced by Michael Volin of (WOBC) with the purpose of informing the public and elected officials of the forgery of the long-form birth certificate image posted since April 27, 2011 on the White House website. These kits (Get Yours Free Here) contain the same evidence released in March 1,2012 (and a little more) that I included in my case against Obama that went from Georgia State- Georgia State Supreme- to U.S. Supreme 12-5276 in Judy v. Obama. There will also be a Sheriff Kit 2 that will follow the coming revelations of the Cold Case Posse set to be released in a short time.

Please urge and encourage your Representatives to OPEN AND TRANSPARENT HEARINGS in the House of Representatives on Obama's eligibility as the solution to eliminating Obamacare. These hearings must be held and the evidence must be heard that are in the Sheriff's kits most all of the Representatives have received now.

If these hearings are conducted in the open and reported in the open, the evidence will mount collectively and the U.S. Senate although it has a majority of Democrats will have to concede to the facts and evidences or will be seen as completely unfit for their duties and as incompetent. Utah would most likely see more benefits come from supporting the Candidates like myself, (well, Candidate as myself because there were no other candidates in the entire U.S.A. who stood up for principle regardless of party), fighting for equal protections under the law in pushing for Open and Transparent Hearings in Congress with two million dollars on Obama's Verification Eligibility qualification hearings on the stage to remove him as a disability according to Amend 14, Sec.3 would be a lot faster solution.

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