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Beck's Goes Birther? - Forgive Me Father, Is Anyone Really Being Fooled?

Beck Goes Birther?
Forgive me Father, for they know exactly what they do: Is Anyone Really Being Fooled?

There are a lot of things that we do ignore for some time, and then it all kind of builds up and comes out. Hopefully we have learned to let it come out in positive and constructive ways. I like Glenn Beck and think he’s a very intelligent God, Family, Country loving kind of man. I also like Barack Obama who I believe loves his God, his family, and the USA for providing his paycheck for the last while. While I don’t like Obama serving as President of the U.S.A. because he’s not qualified as a natural born citizen and is a walking talking violation of the United States Constitution in that Office, I don’t mind him on the golf course or basketball floor, or playing with his kids. I didn’t even mind him being a U.S. Senator as “Citizen” is the qualification and I gave him that ground with an American Citizen for a Mom evan though she was not 5 years a citizen after age 14 to grant such.

One of the things that really bother me is hypocrisy. If you’re going to make an allowance for yourself, certainly you can make allowance for someone else or everyone for that matter in the same arena. We make age related qualifications for people to drive, or to drink alcohol coming in the form of laws for good reasons.

Of course we’ve all seen laws made up that seem to violate common sense, but the natural born citizen qualification for President holding Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents wasn’t one of them. The reason it has not been rescinded lawfully is it makes a lot of common sense to Legislatures when you start bringing in the witnesses, and really looking at the evidence, as has been done as recently as 2000.

Children have an uncanny ability to notice things that don’t make sense. Let’s look at some things that don’t make sense. Glenn Beck recently came out in an absolute tirade about burning human tissue in an incinerator and making a profit out of it. Never mind crematoriums, mortuaries, even land sales who profit off people dying, if there is a profit to be made out of dead people it’s an outrageous grievance according to Beck and soon will lead to "Soylent Green ” or the consumption of human flesh which even he reported his kids understand now from watching the movie.

The Oregon Power Plant selling power of human DNA aka burning fetus’s , amputated limps, tumors are reported to have stopped this practice at seeing the public outcry. Hooray you say? I wondered whats next for Beck? If DNA could be proven to be in fossil fuels/oil, would Glenn Beck be against the pipeline, stop driving his car, or perhaps come out against the pipeline and oil drilling all together along with energy independence for the United States? If DNA was found in the dust of the concrete used to make hospitals, houses, or Glenn Beck’s office would he stop paying for it? In Glenn's mind there is no time difference between someone whose dead tissue died yesterday and someon'e that died 400,000 years ago.

Of course no one’s going to find DNA in motor oil because its broken down, but we know it’s there. So let’s follow the extreme and see where it leads us. Certainly if burning dead human tissue and selling it as heat is an absolute no holds barred no-no to Beck, then everyone using fossil fuels in their car should quit driving cars? It’s a very well known and understood fact that oil and fossil fuels comes from Dinosaurs and the humans that walked the earth a short 400,000 years ago and while you can’t find DNA in oil, we all agree at least in fossil fuels that there is a very real possibility that human DNA actually plays some part in the make-up of oil and even concrete. Glenn Beck is burning dead humans in his car every time he takes a drive and very well could be living and paying for DNA in his house and work properties everybody.Soylent Green!

Glenn Beck goes Birther; a little extreme and its not what you think. Well,if we followed that path that Glen Beck treads, where are we? Burning babies on our Sunday drives and living in the dust of dead men’s bones. This is a really poor line of defense for pro-lifers in my opinion but I agree it creates sensationalism. So now what? Funeral arrangements for dead tissue,amputated limbs, and tumors at the hostpitals? No just burn it, but don't sell it to consumers! Burn it and bury it where from dust to dumptruck it can work its way into cement?

One of the things Glenn Beck has hated about real Birthers that I know about is our ‘distraction’ of the real important issues of conservatism, which excludes the qualifications of the Office of the President in Glen's history. One of the things that is important? Glen absolutely green-jello-gloated in yesterday's radio broadcast in the Blaze’s determination that they should not side with Cliven Bundy; and Cliven Bundy’s racist comments understood to have been manipulated and engineered by left-wing gay progressive writer Adam Nagourney of the New York Times was the reason why and got to the bottom of the issue, and more importantly why the Blaze wasn't the first to cover this story. This is where Glenn bragged he'd gained as many supporters as had de-friended him over his stance against Bundy.

I'm always a little saddened to see a gay minority beat up on a black minority when it involves exposing the saddest elements of its cultures in society, but perhaps gays have felt the heavy handed black caucus upon their choices, especially in Illinois. One of the best articles I’ve read on some of the lessons from Cliven Bundy came out of an article from the Canada Free Press by Tim Dunkin “Some Lessons from Cliven Bundy”. Beck joined in the chorus of stomping Bundy into the ground yesterday gloating in the fact he had not stepped in the cow crap of Bundy.

Now the really odd thing about this I thought as I’ve thought about The Blaze’s stories and reputation is how many stories and sensational articles they have been written or showcased that involve a knock out game. I just thought about that for one instance and not even having been on The Blaze for some time, threw it in on my browser in a search on the Blaze and found when putting in "knock out slap game "33,090 entries on 1,324 pages of stories". Now how many stories on the Barack Obama's fabricated birth certificate and Arapio's Cold Case Posse investigations or Presidential Candidates law suits against Obama featuring the only candidate in America that actually sued both McCain and Obama with yours trutly? Stories 0.

I scrolled a few stories and sure enough there was a story about a teen slapping game. I thought, oh, I wonder if that involves someone who is black and clicked on it. Sure enough, there’s a teen age black girl shown slapping a fast food worker who is also black. Of course why would I think that of the Blaze when it comes to featuring stories that show black violence?

Now what is the hypocrisy of highlighting this over and over and over again and then stating in some kind of tirade Bundy’s comments were racist? Zero stories about a bi-partisan Candidate standing up for the Principles demanded in the Office of the President holding both parties feet to the fire, and thousands of stories about black violence?
I understood quite clearly from Bundy's comments that the state of negroes yesterday in slavery prior the Constitution's 15th Amendment , is indeed similar at the very least to those black people of today dependent upon the welfare state; 40 people shot 9 killed just in Chicago over Easter Weekend. There's very little hope and change without a recovery or a vibrant U.S. economy created by adhering to the U.S. Constitution.

The same could be said about any race in America however, Bundy knows that the Media and the U.S. has someone in the Office of the President whose claim of fame is being black. Its understandable blacks are in the focus much more now because of Obama. So Bundy grasp for the straw the media uses over and over again in somehow making a comparison of the welfare state and debt we are in with a popular guy in the White House? Is it racist? How about educational that something isn't right?

Highlighted over and over again however by the Media has been the glorious white guilt that elected Barack Obama as the first black president qualifications of the Constitution, the very document that has protected blacks, gays, every other minority, and the “free press” be damned. That is hypocrisy! As Glenn Beck said that is flying upside down, not knowing it, and pulling up while your actually pulling down and smashing the plane into the ground.

I’ve heard Glenn Beck say he can’t wait for Jesus to come back and set things straight. I keep wondering what he’s going to do when Jesus is setting him straight and telling him ‘Beck, your way out of line! You haven’t even stood up with the Birthers while your bragging of standing up for the truth, in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse of professional law enforcement agents who have discovered Obama’s long form birth certificate is a fabrication, his draft registration is a phony, his social security indeed as was highlighted in a recent story, assigned to someone else, what truth are you covering up?”

In my mind receiving Jesus Christ always had something to do with living correct principles so at the very least Jesus Christ was comfortable around you and you wouldn't melt because you were filled with such corruption you couldn't stand his glory. The bigggest reason Jesus hasn't come back yet is because of his mercy upon us. He's giving us a chance to get it right,but we keep screwing it up.

Glenn has repeatedly denied the truth of the Obama identity crisis story and in such have denied all of the blessing given to actually tell the truth all the other Media Networks have denied making everyone wonder if Glenn's Network is in the pockets of George Soros also? I'm not sure Glenn Beck is really ready for Jesus to come back and kick some butt, because I don't think there is a network that would be left standing and that includes the Blaze. It might even be the first one on fire.

We do notice and are not fooled Glenn Beck and Barack Obama, that hypocrisy makes a very poor example, and terrible bedfellows but believe it or not Glenn your sleeping with Obama. You cover it up and he covers it up.

In my own experience suing Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama as a Candidate for President I have caught, shall we say hypocritical-holy-hell from both Republicans and Democrats on both sides of the isle for many different reasons? I’ve even caught hypocritical-holy hell from Birthers who defend McCain’s being born in Panama as a foreign son receiving a foreign citizenship as a gift of being born on their soil, to be excluded from the ”natural born citizen” qualifications in the principled argument that dual citizenship is not allowed in the Office of the President.

They know doubt will exacerbate their claim that being born somewhere creates a natural tendency of affection for every individual, and thus no nation on Earth would deny citizenship to someone born on the nation's soil, but will undoubtedly provide some tempestuous naturalization act of Congress as exempting the natural born citizen clause of the Office of the President to exclude “Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents’ to which according to precedent cases of law there never was a doubt. There should never be a doubt when it comes to assuring the Office of the President is filled with a qualified person, leaving open the door that leads to the authority for the executive branch. This is the creation of a Constitutional Crisis and it doesn't matter if its one day into the administration or 6 years, the crisis will materialize and come knocking for the debt.

Without such, the whole executive branch is successfully neutered of authority given or granted to it by We the People in the United States Constitution. If you don’t think that is important take a gander at the cabinets and bureaus underneath the Office of the President and take a look at say the Federal Judicial Branch’s ability to enforce any law or court order without the executive branches help. Take a look at the Legislative Branch’s ability to enforce laws also? There is none!

They have none which is why Congress is beside themselves with contortions of malfeasance earmarked for Obama and Eric Holder in their “Enforce the Law Act of 2014” hullabaloo. Why would the Legislative Branch be passing an Act like this if they could enforce the Federal law?

My experience with black people is and always has been very good. Why just in 2010 I found myself as a witness in the chair as a Presidential Candidate. The hospitality of Dr. Rev. James David Manning very gracious and kind at the CIA Columbia Obama Trial in New York who found Obama guilty of sedition and fraud on many counts. I found a beautiful people in his congregation that understood the importance of the Constitution, worked hard, and were very industrious- Praise God for that reputation. Congress everyone has received a copy of the transcript of that trial. What discrimination has that verdict received in the halls of Congress?

Of course we the people are not fooled by this and understand completely the desire to uphold the Constitution is found in at least holding a hearing on Obama’s eligibility in a disability impeachment proceeding for the sake of the law. Without the Constitution no one has protection from discrimination, no one in a Congressional Office has an Office either if you think about it.

There is no election that has been held lawfully that included Obama’s long form fabrication, phony baloney draft registration, and death contracted use of someone else’s social security number Sen. Mike Lee. So don't sit there and tell me someone was elected in 2008 and 2012 in the Office of the President.

Calling a cover-up too big to be uncovered in fact denies the very prophesy of Jesus Christ that everything will be uncovered and known. Of course he didn’t mention Glen Beck as living in a time when the biggest fraud was taking place and his key position being part of the cover-up, but we are witnesses to it.

In this case we must all admit, forgive them Father for they know exactly what they do; and simply pray for God’s mercy on justice and the United States of America. For the last thing in the world these people involved with the cover-up of Barack Obama want,believe me, is Jesus Christ showing up on the scene because they will be found outside of the truth.

Wise up,fight smart, and may God Bless America.

Cody Robert Judy

Obama Eligibility 4 Dummies.
If you have no clue of Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse investigation concluding Obama's identification is a fraud, how you can write your elected leaders urging them to conduct hearings, I also am pushing for as a Candidate for PRES and took to the U.S. Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama Case 12-5276, go to this website and take the two part challenge. With your help America is made stronger and it will cost you some time and a couple of stamps. What have you done lately to protect this opportunity we have in the United States? We need your help. Oh, and pass it on.

How You Can Help

Obama's long form birth certificate has been exhumed to be nothing more than a long form fabrication by professional law enforcement standards and that was brought to the attention of the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276, for which I served as the Presidential Candidate running in the Democratic Party and after the primary, as an Independent Presidential Candidate securing the 'standing' necessary for the complaint in 2012 and 2013.

Orrin Hatch R - U.S Senator from Utah and Mitch McConnell R- U.S. Senator from Kentucky just requested two sheriffs kits produced by Michael Volin of (WOBC) with the purpose of informing the public and elected officials of the forgery of the long-form birth certificate image posted since April 27, 2011 on the White House website. These kits (Get Yours Free Here) contain the same evidence released in March 1,2012 (and a little more) that I included in my case against Obama that went from Georgia State- Georgia State Supreme- to U.S. Supreme 12-5276 in Judy v. Obama. There will also be a Sheriff Kit 2 that will follow the coming revelations of the Cold Case Posse set to be released in a short time.

Please urge and encourage your Representatives to OPEN AND TRANSPARENT HEARINGS in the House of Representatives on Obama's eligibility as the solution to eliminating Obamacare. These hearings must be held and the evidence must be heard that are in the Sheriff's kits most all of the Representatives have received now.

If these hearings are conducted in the open and reported in the open, the evidence will mount collectively and the U.S. Senate although it has a majority of Democrats will have to concede to the facts and evidences or will be seen as completely unfit for their duties and as incompetent. Utah would most likely see more benefits come from supporting the Candidates like myself, (well, Candidate as myself because there were no other candidates in the entire U.S.A. who stood up for principle regardless of party), fighting for equal protections under the law in pushing for Open and Transparent Hearings in Congress with two million dollars on Obama's Verification Eligibility qualification hearings on the stage to remove him as a disability according to Amend 14, Sec.3 would be a lot faster solution.

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