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The Haunting Eligibility Platform Looming for 2016 Presidential Candidates

The Haunting Eligibility Platform Looming for 2016 Presidential Candidates

For six years they dug the grave hoping to bury the remains of the living breathing testament. Why none of them turned away from the proposition of inhumanity remains their own story, but as participants of the action accountability rose up to be their keeper. Atop their bully pulpits was a teleprompter with a script they adhered to as if that script contained the fountain of living water which would never run dry from God himself. There was only one problem? The script was a horrible lie entering the reality of their political lives and futures.

They would be held accountable for choosing to read the script on the teleprompter; the lie and fraud and forgery would become their own biographical identity engrained in their DNA they had fought years to protect at all cost. Where they could have taken a stand there was left only shovels of sand they had heaped up upon themselves. In an attempt to bury the living they themselves were found digging their own pit they would eventually fall into.

Actually being buried by these Presidential Candidates and aspiring politicians has been my living nightmare. To actually be buried by the media and these politicians as aspiring leaders of the United States of America whilst I’d spent fifty percent of my life exposing the lie and the other fifty percent just trying to stay alive has been a very bitter experience.

When you consider half of your life over the last 6 years what comes to mind? Half of your income, half of you talents, half of everything buried alive as you fought to keep the dirt from piling up on you to the point you couldn’t breathe. I have to confess that is what my experience has been like fighting both the Republicans and the Democrats in defense of the article two patriotic stand as a Candidate for President I have taken in 2008 with McCain and Obama and continuing in 2012 with Obama till present Judy v. Obama 14-4136 Appeal in Denver’s 10th Circuit.

The Constitution’s demand a ‘natural born Citizen’ (Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents) for the Office of the President be upheld rather then buried is not a lot to ask for, and recognizing its unique from the Representative and Senator’s qualification of “Citizen” doesn’t take being a scholar.

It seemed the clearest directive to me to grasp in understanding that no foreign citizenship of any kind be allowed in the Office of the President either by parent, or by soil as a two generational protection of our national security. That includes the nature and nurturing citizenship possibilities for any child who would grow up to be a President of the United States. “Citizen” was used for the Office of the President, but it was an exemption for those who had foreign citizenship either by birth or by a parent at the time of the adoption of the Constitution. That is crystal clear.

The inspiration to take a stand for this seems at first glance quite a mistaken place for loyalty to the Supreme Law of the Land when you take yourself back to 2008 and center your attention on Sen. John McCain who has forever a foreign born soil citizenship from Panama which is not part of the United States of America, no matter how hard you try to make it a state of the union. Defenders of McCain are left with that deer-in-the-headlight-look when they are asked, “If Sen. John McCain was a certain ‘natural born Citizen’ why has two acts of Congress been approved on his behalf in a certain naturalization process much like a amnesty would act upon those Obama is providing for now by dictated authorization? Do not the laws of nature actually testify against ‘foreign naturalization or adoption”?

If Sen. John McCain was such a true ‘natural born Citizen’ why was U.S. Sen. Res. 511 with co-sponsors Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama necessary? Did it clarify something half of Congress didn’t know without the other half having a say in the matter of Constitutional Construction? Have you ever had a drink of anything that went down pretty nice until the last swallow was entering your mouth and your eyes spotted the two day old milk that had rotted itself at the bottom of the glass and was peeling off with the liquid now entering your mouth?

Yeah, it kind of makes you sick doesn’t it? Now just for a minute imagine spending literally half your time since 2008 until now trying to explain to folks what they were actually drinking? If that doesn’t get you, imagine in 2011 that an actual law enforcement investigation is launched and tells everyone that they don’t care if Obama is a natural born Citizen or not, their only job was examining two pieces of paper used as identification for Obama, his long form birth certificate which he himself handed out to the Press at the White House 3 years later then it should have been, and his draft registration card, which they declare are fabrications..Forgeries!

Now you would think this illustrious group of elite exemplifying and courageous leaders in America contemplating leadership in the Office of the President in running for office would on March 1st,2011 following Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s news conference immediately announce their support for the legal findings of the Cold Case Posse, like I did in the Georgia State Court, and stop throwing dirt in the grave upon me, the United States Constitution, and Birthers in general.

Astoundingly, they don’t! Not-a-one-of-them stops shoveling dirt on me and the principles I have stood up for that not only represent the Supreme law of the land, but allow Obama to circumvent everything including Obamacare and Obama-Amnesty as well as over 25 serious scandals rearing their head up many in 2013. Are these the leaders you are seriously giving consideration to?

For those so considering I ask, “When a house gets torn down does it require more effort to restore it then it took to tear it down?” To answer the rhetorical question, tearing it down is the easy part and that’s why Obama’s had so much success in such a short period of time in the Office of the President. Six years is a very short period of time to act as a wrecking ball in comparison to the two hundred and twenty seven years covering the United States of America’s history of Congress’s since the simple established qualifications of the Office of the President were agreed upon as part of the United States Constitution in 1787.

Of course there have been ‘egos’ that wanted to change that, McCain included in 2000, but it failed for very good reasons the likes of which are beginning to be felt heartily throughout America, but are also noticed in Judiciary Committee Records. Is it safe to say a ‘grave mistake’ has taken place that is going to haunt us for a very long time? Is it safe to say, not one of the politicians even yet considering running for President has remotely come close to admitting a mistake was made?

Mistakes are not something politicians really want to take ownership of and burying the Constitution is something they would rather do in private because saying they stand for it is part of the presumption of applying for a job that actually requires an oath to the Constitution, which I would remind everyone once again, is the will of the people. The Constitution can indeed be changed if the ‘WILL OF THE PEOPLE’ desires it to be. The Constitution of the United States is a flexible document, but you can’t ignore what is in place now. If you do, you’re in violation of the Constitution and construction laws prohibiting unlawful construction upon it. That is also in the realms of common sense.

I hear all these obots with their chatter, ‘the will of the people’, ‘the will of the people’, like it’s some kind of song that hasn’t been sung before by Marilyn Manson- Oh wait, that was ‘The Beautiful People”? The point being the U.S. Constitution is now the will of the people. It existed before Obama was in diapers, before he was a teenager looking at the women/men in the Sears catalogue, and certainly existed before he lied on his candidate’s oath stating that if he was elected he met the qualifications for the Office in which he sought. I’ve taken that oath several times, I know it.
There is only one problem with burying someone and that really is if they are still alive, it’s wrong? They are actually alive and your burying them for God’s sake! I am actually alive, and can you imagine my feelings at their tossing dirt upon me in the burying process? How would you feel? The better question is how do you feel, because it’s happening right now?

The heart of justice would advice that when burying someone you had better make sure they are dead before you bury them because if they are not dead what you have coming out of the grave is not going to be all that kind upon your respect. The damages upon which their silence is responsibly reprehensible is not merely their winning or losing of an election or particular office, but rather is factored in a toll upon whole generations of our future.

To say their apology was necessary on the ground in the dust with no air between their fronts and the ground, meaning they don’t need to get on their knees to ask forgiveness where there is a little air between the ground and their face, they need to get on their bellies and crawl away into the swamps where their tongues never again pronounce any words. Let them live there for 6 years and come out and let’s see how many of them then take a stand for the Constitution and specifically the qualifications for the Office of the President.

Americans, I have taken this stand for you, my children, as well as myself because of the inspiration from God I have received, as well the appreciation and gratitude I have for my freedom and liberty. I just… I just don’t feel it from any of the candidates running for President or presuming to run for President if they have missed or failed to speak out using their pulpits on the fraud and forgery of Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro which has insulted every voting American in our Republic. How can anybody say running for Office that the qualifications for the Office of the President are something that they give their permission to fabricate and forge without it being an insult upon the voting rights of every American as well as the U.S. Federal criminal code?

How can we presume anyone of them carrying the mantle of the President would fight for it, preserve it, and protect it with all of their might if they cannot take a stand for it now before their election? If they are unwilling to happily announce they feel Obama’s fraud and forged documentation ought to be considered in Congress seriously as well the fact he is not qualified for the Office according to the Constitution as a natural born Citizen, how much more illegal construction are they saying they are willing to undertake?

My hope is they will change and see themselves as we are seeing them.
Cody Robert Judy

As a matter of housekeeping, I want to thank everyone who participated in a wonderful celebration of my 49th CRJ Birthday Bash which was held yesterday. There are so many to thank but I certainly want to express my appreciation for everyone who came and danced their Christmas stuffings’ off. We had a ball!

Speaking of which I made a little video of our Christmas as a simple gift from our family to yours in a heartfelt appreciation of you as part of our American Family that we treasure and work so hard for. Thank you so much.

For those wishing to read the court action I have filed in Judy v. Obama filed in the Tenth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, Denver, CO. I invite you to here. I also would like to make an appeal to you for contributions which you can send to the address listed on the Court document to me if you'd like or you can now do that online at the web site now.

This 2016 Commercial was the first one in the 2016 Race for President with over 1500 views already. The commercial emphasize why Republicans and Democrats are not fit or really in a position to lead America at this time. Please watch it and share this with your friends.

These times are hard times in the trenches. It seems to be the nature of contributions and donations to follow winners, rather then those who are maintaining the high ground. Campaigns are not cheap and if you sacrifice your principles you'll find its only a very expensive war that could take your whole life that is necessary to get them back. THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON - ITS DARK BEFORE THE DAWN

We need your help. Will you help us or are the outrageous lies your being told by your elected leaders okay for you and your children? If you won't defend your children and their future who will you defend?

The 2016 Campaign begins now. Please send your contributions and help with the ABC (American Birther Campaign) today and my election for President in 2016 and Join the 252 of us now on my Facebook Cody Robert Judy for U.S. President 2016 site.

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