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There was great commotion in what was known as The Great Hall as The Assembly that had been called was gathering. The Hall in brief consisted of some sixty rows of seats in height in an ‘L’ shape facing the speaking podium. When speaking to the hall the speakers back faced the near three stories of glass that rose behind him. Interest and speculations were being discussed as to the details of such. As odd as it was, even the great ones who were honored in the Hall from many different generations did not know. This “little known” only heightened the enthusiastic atmosphere. What was known by all, was the “Who” that was scheduled for the address. Every Christians eyes turned when The Lord and King Jesus Christ spoke.

His advocacy was like a deadly two edged sword and those who challenged him did so with their soul and utter existence on the line for he gave nothing less then what was expected. You could not presume him to put his soul on the line and then in challenging him expect to put half of yours up. His wisdom and understanding had surpassed everyone’s and time and time again he had proven to know what was best. All of the honored knew, for the United States, the Supreme Law of the Land was the U.S. Constitution; divinely inspired.

How could anyone forget the time David had been chosen out of his seven brothers? Samuel the Prophet sent by the Lord to find which of all the sons of Jesse the Lord had chosen. Even the Prophet was puzzled when none of the seven were chosen that were before them. He was utterly bewildered as was Jesse when the Lord submitted: “Look not on his countenance or on his height of his stature; because I have refused him; for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.”, long before David slew Goliath with a stone from his sling while all the armies of Saul had trembled at the site of the Giant. One might have wondered why the Lord just didn’t tell Samuel, “Hey this guy’s name is David and he’s the little one out herding the goats.”

Had something changed in 2500 years? Sometimes it’s not exactly easy to figure things as a student of the Lord. Why should the Lord deny Samuel the opportunity to learn a lesson at the same time? The story simply illustrates a point I would like to make. Often and so many times the world does not see as the Lord sees even though the world is actually taking part in the production. Like being in a play or a movie you don’t know you’re in. Of course you know your part and what you’ve done, but you don’t often see how that fits in to the big picture or story. And this is the challenge for you.

How does what you “do” and the part you’re playing fit into the big picture? How do you feel about that? And is there anything you’d like to do better? There is nothing insignificant about your achievements. They are to be honored as your life story. We for the most part know our story best, and while it might be seen as insignificant by others, the Lord looketh on the heart and considers things that the world does not take into account. So what are the things you are doing that the world doesn’t see that the Lord might be seeing more clearly and how big of a shock is that to the world?


It’s a wonderful life. You only get one that we actually understand now; one body plus one spirit equals one soul. Yesterday I wrote a note to Greta Van Susteren, American commentator and television personality on the Fox News Channel. Many might not know she’s a former criminal defense and civil trial lawyer. The occasion was actually a post I received of her’s from a friend to post on my FB Wall that basically was politically advocating in a type of campaign a transparency from the Obama Administration regarding Iran’s nuclear stage.

The reason for the campaign was so American’s could just be informed on the matter. With intelligence comes ability for Americans to influence their own Representatives and Senators. The results are accountability to the people. I understood her point very well. If our U.S. Government is in the mode of “We know Best” all the time and won’t inform us, and Iran decides to strap a nuke to an intercontinental ballistic missile and fire away at say New York City you got eight million American Citizens who are going to be wiped out one morning that didn’t really have a say in the matter as it was developing.

Who knows what could have been done different? Generally speaking Americans are pretty hot about Benghazi going down the way it did as our Government Officials sat on their hands, watched, and blamed a YouTube Video for weeks afterwards. Americans find it hard to believe that they can’t make a good decision when they are presented with all the facts. The problem is when all the facts are not understood or in the unknown factor when something very important is on the line.

To be fair here’s Greta’s entire post so they are not my words they are hers and my post comment posted to her post:

[If you agree with me -- please SHARE this post and ask people to LIKE my Facebook page so that we can continue to have this dialogue.
As a citizen, I want the straight story -- enough of this nod and wink, leaks stuff etc. fueling endless wild discussion by all. I want the straight story so we citizens can have a straight talk and make smart decisions. We can't do that without facts. I am talking about Iran and nuclear weapons. I just don't trust our government to make these decisions alone - I want to be brought into the discussion but I need to know the facts. I bet you feel the same way.
The American people should be told exactly what the US govt knows about the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Why should that be classified? What is the big secret? The US Govt can protect sources and still disclose the facts to the American people. And if there is a solid reason not to give us the complete straight story and now -- our leaders should be frank and tell us that and back that up with a convincing argument. We are not getting the facts (the nitty gritty) nor are we getting a convincing argument why we should not have them.

And why do I care? Because the issue of Iran and nuclear weapons is very important to the world and to the United States. For many, this is about survival and for all, it is about changing the world as we know it.
Without facts, we are all flying blind talking about it and that makes it impossible, in our role as good citizens, to encourage our leaders to do or not do something on behalf of us. Some leaders are even dismissive of us and what we want and hope because we citizens are not in the know. The "we know better" attitude.

Enough of the government's "trust us" mantra - I don't buy that anymore. We need to know ourselves so that we citizens can participate in the stewardship of our government.

I want the straight story now - whatever it is. I can handle it. You can, too. What we can't handle is being played by our government. Enough of the "trust us" -- I want the "tell us."]
A MESSAGE TO Greta-, Thanks for the post.(Referring to her request to post Alarm of U.S. Gov't knowledge about Iran in “they know best” mentality)

I would like to say more and more the press is seeing the harvest of not vetting Obama, and not standing for the common knowledge that the Office of the President not be vested in any foreign alienship for two generations- natural born Citizen ( Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents). This should be looked at simply as an age qualification that includes two foreign free generations by birth and parents.

Wise qualifications have protected generations of Americans and FOX has dropped the ball as much as any of the others and allowed Obama a pass.

It wasn't a pass of principle but a pass of division as the race card has been continually played. What's not fair about that and Why is it proved a Discrimination?

Well, as a Candidate for Pres in '08 and '12 I sued McCain first and then Obama - Records in U.S. Fed. Court. I have standing. I have a Civil Right to expect and demand candidates in the race are fairly and equally qualified according to the Constitution. It’s simple.

While I have continually had this in front of Courts requiring a monumental effort, the Media through not reporting it has kept and encouraged the Government's position in "We know Best" , now seen as a (the) problem to you as Press.

You are politically, through this post trying to get a story on what the Government knows through public support, but at the same time allowing them the right to hide it by not holding them accountable to what we even now know. What sense does that make?

Please, there a BIGGER STORY here Greta than Iran, and telling that story might spark the fire that protects Americans from the secrecy of which you now are so alarmed by in Nukes to Iran.

Cody Robert Judy

I further “commented” on my own Post to a few Groups this:

[ Having others pass my letter on to her also helps her know you know. This shows a demand for the story too.
A lot of people don't realize this, but my main purpose is sharing this is for others to share it right back to her. It shows her you know these facts. It creates accountability.]
One comment I remember from someone was “She’s a paid actress”. I thought that was a rough one for Greta to digest coming from her background in criminal defense as civil trial lawyer and George Town University Law Center schooling JD. I actually defended Greta when I saw that comment.
[True Alice, but you know that even Actresses and Actors are people underneath every role they've played in right and wrong.]

Who can deny Obama has been given a pass by the Media, including the FOX News Network Greta works for? It’s very hard to see Greta pine for transparency from an administration she’s left covered in secrecy and ineligibility. I mean isn’t that story big enough Greta, or, are you like the reporter that only wants the BIG story she can’t have, rather than the BIG one she’s been given?

Why Greta would you even expect accountability towards transparency in and from a person in the Office of the President who did not win and was never elected by the demanding statutes afforded in our U.S. Constitution’s Art. II, Sect. I, Clause 5? Obama is not a natural born Citizen. You know it, he knows it, and we all know it. This is the BIGGEST STORY or elephant in the room. Reporters in history only dare to dream of such a big story to report.

Greta has had experience in defending people in criminal proceedings she didn’t necessarily agree with. That’s the job of a Defense Lawyer in many instances. Defending someone you know is guilty because you’re given or assigned that job. She knows and understands that side of law. Greta defended Kelvin D. Smith (No. 86-393) in a murder case in which he and others caused the death of Catherine Fuller by inserting a metal pipe eleven inches into her rectum in the course of a kidnapping and Robbery. You might think being a journalist was a little different than being in the Court room though and the ability to tell both sides of a story was given more latitude.

This hasn’t been the case when it comes to Barack Obama’s ineligibility no Court in the Judicial Branch or Legislative Branch has even heard. Of course I’m very familiar with those battles in Court having my name on not less than ten of them. So many people scoff at the ‘loss’ of all these cases and I have to think are they cases that represent a good cause?

Many a soldier has died on the battlefield fighting a battle he was just a small part of. He wonders at who wins and who loses and hopes he at least was fighting for good. He hopes his sacrifices were not in vein. He deliberates on being wounded in battles that were lost. Do those losses on the battlefield and the wounds received in those battles receive no honor? Do we only honor men with medals in battles that were won? Of course not; many heroic deeds and actions occur in losing battles the same as battles that are won. We honor the soldiers who report the actions on the field of battle.

Our national interest and vital protection requires a standing army and we honor those men and women serving our military and decorate them according to circumstances and deeds. How many military men and women would you say would fight to save the President of the United States life if he were on the battlefield himself if they were put in that situation and circumstance?

The honor of the Office of the Presidency is defined in terms within our U.S. Constitution as heading the Executive Branch, being Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. Military, carrying out the duties of the President, and preserving, defending, and protecting the U.S. Constitution. Many don’t know the important differences between enlisted men and the President’s Oath in regards to the U.S. Constitution.

For enlisted men that part reads and by the way is the same for U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators:
“I _________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..”

For the President that part reads: “…and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The differences are in the words, “Support and Defend” and “Preserve, Protect, and Defend”. The obligation is much heavier for those in the Office of the President to ‘protect’ and ‘preserve’ the U.S. Constitution. It’s a very difficult job and what’s worse is when someone’s in the office that actually represents subversion and a perversion of the actual qualifications for the Office in the Constitution.

That fight and battle is not even being valued by the Main Stream Media or MSM. In fact, they are on the opposite side of the battle with a degrading term for those who fight that battle called “Birthers”. U.S. Senator Rand Paul runs from the term declaring “I’m not a Birther”. The interesting part of the protections the U.S. Constitution has inherently written in it which has served many generations well is that age particular to American service requirement in the ‘natural born Citizen’- Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

This does not represent a discrimination of any kind. It represents a time honored qualification of American loyalty. I often look at it as a two generation time requirement. Let’s say your parents are Citizens when you’re born and they each 25 years old then it takes you another 35 years to run for President. That’s a combined total of 85 years and really represents kind of a minimum. We’ve never had a President who was 35 years old. Looks look at Ronald Reagan’s age requirement as a natural born Citizen across two generations.

He was born in 1911 his mother was 28 years old a U.S. Citizen at his birth. His father was the same age 28 years old, for a combined age represented in 28+28=56. President Ronald Reagan became president at 69 and his age at plus the combined age of his parents represented 69+56 = 125 years of American loyalty after his birth in the United States. This is how you figure a two generation buffer from any kind of alienship or foreign influence especially considering the Office of the President which is the only office to have such a qualification. No foreign Depot lives 125 years so it’s a natural protector from first generation Americans that could very possibly hold foreign sympathies.

Obama seems to me the epitomic of foreign sympathies and the six years he’s been in office has been a great test for Americans half of which voted for him either not understanding or not knowing he was not a ‘natural born Citizen’. With an assault on the Office of the President only Presidential Candidates had standing to take this to Court hoping the Judicial Branch would at least hear the case. I also took McCain before Obama to Court who also was not ‘Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents’ holding both Republicans and Democrats accountable in the national security defense of the Office.

If you translated and honored ever battle I’ve lost in Court with medals like you would an enlisted man in uniform in the military, my uniform and decoration might look something like this, but the world doesn’t see this. They look differently at these things much like Samuel did looking at size and stature rather than heart.

The most vulnerable position in our Government is that of the Office of the President. The reason is because of all the power one man has. In the House of Representatives power is split into 435 positions. The U.S. Senate is split into 100 positions. Those positions encapsulate whole bodies that have to act in a majority within the Legislative Body. The Judicial Branch is split in many more Courts and Judges then even the Legislative Body. Appellant Courts like U.S. Circuit Courts and the U.S. Supreme Court have more than one Judge or a panel of Judges encapsulating their movements. The President’s position has no such restrictions and that was necessary especially in the absolute formation and readiness of a defense when a body of men cannot begin to come together in time to make a defense. One man's Orders are much appreciated in such times.

Paint the picture that God is seeing in you. Deliver it for others to see. In a reflection of Matt. 5:16 Let your Light so Shine that others might see your good works and glorify your Father which is heaven. I may have lost ten court battles but it is a fool’s errand to say that those battles haven’t been fought on the right or sound side of our national security interest or the U.S. Constitution’s provision and I am the only Candidate for President in America bringing the issue to U.S. Federal Court for both Parties. The honor is mine, in the service of my Country so help me God.

Cody Robert Judy


As PROMISED: ,I said I would keep you updated as things happen and discuss my case in more detail as we find out what the Court's decision is. I received this ORDER from the Court last night about 6pm. The results of the Poll taken by the Court on a rehearing consideration was negative America. The same Court that has honored individual rights for each American to 'marry' has rejected the petition for every American to have the same applications of qualifications applied when it comes to the qualifications for the Office of the President in this Rehearing En Banc.

This is a deeply upsetting and nefarious discrimination and outrage America upon all of our rights. Today, the Court handed down a poll that said they were not interested in equal rights under the law. A decision that said Obama is an exception and Cody's rights do not count. This is a decision that we would equate to turning back the clock and seeing the Court adopt acceptable forms of slavery based on color. Its a day when we see the Court rolling the rights back that so many Civil Rights Leaders have fought and bled and born the stripes. A sad day for those celebrating in Selma and a reminder of the fight that still needs to be fought.

A day has come to the Court Steps that the full Court has adopted 'elite' babies and rejected those 'poor' ones in an economical and judicial hypocritical nazi eugenics outrage! The Court practice of engaging 'Individual rights' in the same behavior or activity to proceed in marriage but that deny to me the same practices in which to run a fair race for the Office of the Presidency for which they have criticized me in their adoption of hypocrisy is staggering to the Civil Mind.

The Court has repelled the advise of the United States Supreme Court that a 'natural born Citizen' was 'born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents' so advised in Minor v. Happersett and invited the reinstitution of slavery upon the heads of every minority person standing in the welfare line with such sullied discrimination. It truly is a sad day for Equal Justice in America and I just don't know if America sees what is happening or gets it? Evan those opposed to me as a Candidate for President ought to be concerned and at the very least sustaining the Constitutional Qualifications for the Office of the President be applied equally to all Americans according to the Constitutions obvious and acknowledged responsibilities to that office.

The Order admits that the Rehearing En Banc was transmitted to all of the judges of the court who are in regular active service. In other words, appointed and dependent upon their jobs from either Obama himself or Hillary Clinton's husband.

Today we see the Court refuse to do that and dishonor the Office of the President. The Court refused to honor the tradition of "Justice For All" in America, burned the pledge of allegiance of all Americans, and blew the ashes in our eyes America.

We NEED YOUR HELP AMERICA now, to take this and report this ASSAULT upon your Constitution to the U.S. Supreme Court!

We need your help. Will you help us or are the outrageous lies your being told by your elected leaders okay for you and your children? If you won't defend your children and their future who will you defend?

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