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TED CRUZ -When National Figures Tread on National Principles

TED CRUZ -When National Figures Tread on National Principles
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Its 9:43 AM, Sen. Ted Cruz has just made a terrible blunder in announcing his Candidacy for U.S. President. Let me say that I agree with everyone that Sen. Ted Cruz is a very good speaker and his family is just adorable. At first glance the Cruz Family is just picture perfect of a beautiful American Family that has come from obscurity in a single generation which is really a remarkable inspiration for every immigrant family coming to America for a better life; for the unique American experience, opportunity, and freedom.

In the interest of Freedom and Liberty, There has to be some lines drawn for the U.S. Constitution, our Government and Courts of Law as well as our Government Elected Leaders to even function under the protections of our Nations Laws. If there are no lines their authority quickly is diminished and overtaken. Judges simply would not be Judges in a valid Court of Law if our Constitution is not honored. Elected leaders would not be authorized under any law and even their very positions defined under the U.S. Constitution would be invalid. This explains very quickly to everyone the importance of honoring our U.S. Constitution in the simplest terms.

Many people do not even understand the legal obligations considered when taking immigrants in to the United States and that includes both the mother and father as both very important figures in a child's life which is honored with U.S. Citizenship if either parent is a U.S. Citizen at the time of the birth of the child. There are only two positions in our whole Government which require a 'natural born Citizen' that requires a full two generations indicated by Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, and that is the President and Vice President positions in the Executive Branch.

In entering the U.S. Race for President of the United States Sen. Ted Cruz violates that simply because he is now taking contributions for a Office he affirms that should he win in the election he could qualify for. Many do not understand that people can be elected but fail to qualify. Our Constitution understands this in Amendment XX it states, " or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify ".

There are only a few qualifications in Government for every office that can be reasons people fail to qualify. If someone has not reached the age requirement of 35 years of age, they might be a U.S. Senator at age 32 but cannot run for President. If they are 25 years old they cannot run for U.S. Senator but could run for U.S. Representative. The 'natural born Citizen' clause unique for the Offices of the President and Vice President are as unique and understandable as the age requirements that we all seem to respect and understand. The qualification is a distinct American loyalty by birth and parental heritage that includes two generations at the time of the child's birth we call two generations of time.

If this qualification is not just as important as the age requirement why don't we see Mark Levine throwing a fit about someone who is 34 years of age not being able to run for President because of a single year as he diminishes the importance of a single border or a single foreign parent? The President functions as the Commander-In-Chief of the entire Defense of the United States of America. Its a rather important position and even though the qualifications have nothing to do with 'earned income', 'education', 'previous offices elected to', or 'family heritage or Genealogy', Americans are missing the significance in large part to even more fundamentally important aspects of the qualifications for the two offices that require a natural born Citizen. No foreign alienship or foreign national loyalty, shall occupy the Office of the President and Sen. Ted Cruz at the time of his birth which is the time we lawfully account the credit fails twice. He was not born under the Unites States of America's jurisdiction and his father was not a U.S. Citizen. Those allegiances are foreign in his person. Now his children would qualify when they come of age.

Ted Cruz himself has yet to call himself anything else but a 'Citizen' as if we would not notice or know the distinction and this simply requires a mass educational effort we cannot make without your help. We hoped you had learned it in the basics of grade school and that it had not been forgotten but apparently our education system is failing Americans big time.

I watched the live broadcast on C-Span's Road To the White House and made this short comment:

SHORT ON SEN. TED CRUZ Announcement:

Just finished watching Ted Cruz's declaration and announcement to officially run and all I could think about was a wobble from Left to Right by two unqualified people in the White House that finally made America fall down.
It's just heart breaking to me to understand so many Americans supporting what is so bad that they perceive is so good, and not supporting someone who looks so bad but is standing up for what is so good.

I haven't been elected but have stood firm across party lines as a Candidate for President for what I believe is the most important qualification in our Nation ..for our national security in the interest of the Office of the President but there has just been so little support for it because of this populist trend of national figures who have agreed amongst themselves to tread on the Constitution but say they support it and want to get back to it.

In addressing a comment that has been spread wide across my post on FB that a 'natural born Citizen' was someone who was born to Citizen Parents I have made the following remark which I feel is important and will help American's understand why the "Born in the United States", part of definition of the 'natural born Citizen' requirement for the Office of the President is just one part of Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents but no less significant.

@R.C. Jackman thank you for your comment. I respectfully would disagree only because you left out "Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents" Without the birth jurisdictional value or soil affirmation is lost. With jurisdictional claims of U.S. Constitution importance, territories, foreign bases, and foreign soil do not have the full weight and measure as do the States under the United States Constitution. Its the simple fact that our U.S. Constitution does not have jurisdiction over foreign territories as they are not "a State" of the Union in the United States whose umbrella is the United States of America's Constitution.

In helping Americans I have developed a free American 9 Point Defense Card for Article II Patriots who wish to educate in a help for a greater understanding. Its not everything but its enough to send whoever is questioning you back to the dog house for not knowing these things that are very obvious and require a little deductive reasoning to understand. We should all be able to understand these things.

Appreciate your help and support in this fight and as far as Sen. Ted Cruz is concerned and the near fifty times he called the Liberty University Students to attention with the word "IMAGINE" in reference to a better and secure United States of America, can you please with me imagine at least an American Son or Daughter who in fact is qualified under the United States Constitution for President.

If you would please do that for me, I dare say the lawful and civil battles I have fought over the last six years with McCain and Obama would be over and I might retire from politics still unelected but very happy to leave the Presidential Arena as a Candidate for 2016. Until such time as that, I am filled with such respect and honor for those who have bled and died on the battlefields for the United States of America with sworn oaths to support and defend the U.S. Constitution that I can't give up on them as they didn't give up on me.

Though my family has been separated by Divorces as near 50% of America has, I have never been elected to Office, and I am economical considered in a class as 'living in poverty', and I have spent 3018 days in the Prisons of America (now 1/5 Americans have experienced in some form) over protests under free speech, I have a vision for America that turns the elected offices of America from the top down back into serving America instead of being served so eloquently stated in the President Kennedy's words, "Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country".

Please visit my web site and study the 3 point platform and 7 point platform.
Thanks You so much!
Cody Robert Judy

We need your help. Will you help us or are the outrageous lies your being told by your elected leaders okay for you and your children? Indeed, it is time to Restore America's Trust Today for a Better America Tomorrow.

Cody Robert Judy

We NEED YOUR HELP AMERICA now, to take the 10th Circuit Court's Decision not to hear Cody's Case to the U.S. Supreme Court. We are Taking a Stand for individual Civil Rights and against an unprecedented ASSAULT upon your Constitution and prior decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court! With your help we can make it happen. You are a very important key to this. So its up to you America to help Restore America Today for a Better America Tomorrow. Like, Share, and Help us in the Contribution Revolution.


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  1. Cody, I appreciate your mentioning my definition that "a 'natural born citizen' is a person born of citizen parents." You go with a 'natural born citizen' is a person "born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents", which is the oft-quoted description adapted straight out of Vattel. Your description also corresponds to the precedent from Minor v. Happersett that a sufficient condition for being a natural born citizen is to be born in the U.S. to citizen parent.

    However, I am convinced that the phrase "in the U.S." should not be a part of the basic definition. [I usually avoid the debate because it unnecessarily distracts from most discussions.] Vattel says "born in the country of parents who are citizens". But he later goes on to further qualify that and to provide additional examples, so his 'saying' was a generally applicable description rather than a precise definition. What holds throughout is the idea of an inherited citizenship without the necessity of birth in country.

    Because our Framers used the phrase 'natural born citizen' simply and without qualification, our Framers could only have expected that we would read and understand that term in its most primitive form, e.g. without a confusion of supplemental conditions. Limiting the form in this way would allow for later legalized afterthoughts and yet would also ensure that the fundamental basis would remain intact. We should understand the 'natural born citizen' term in this way because an unambiguous definition is absolutely required and because no expanded definition can be decisively established.

    Regards, RCJ.