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The Greatest Crisis to hit the American Political Arena in American History

As more and more people find out and start discerning what is happening right in front of them,I must say I can hardly keep up with the attacks upon me personally ad hominem, as well surrounding and not to be soon forgotten, my action in the United States Supreme Court entitled Judy v. Obama 14-9396 in the cognitive dissonance that the simple truth causes.In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values. If that doesn't explain the plight of Americans for what is the truth about prohibiting aliens and foreign nationals from the highest office of the land, I don't know what does.

The ad hominem attacks, which in layman's terms are methods used to shoot the messenger or attack the person's character rather than have to address the truth of the arguments on the facts to the national security crisis we face. That Crisis is that a 'natural born Citizen' is a distinct qualifications for the Office of the President and Vice President (who could if the President was harmed be forced to step up in that position),as a separate and distinct qualifications from the U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators qualification stated within the U.S. Constitution as "Citizen".

Indeed "Citizen" is used in the qualification clause for the Office of the President, but in a limited way upon which there was an expiration date of its use. That expiration date was set upon the death of anyone living at the time of the adoption or ratification of the Constitution. You see, how could a new Constitution demand 'natural born Citizens' upon an office when it first became law? There was no way those living at the time could be born again to Citizen Parents. They were the Country's first children. This is a perplexity that no one has yet seemed to figure out that offers the wisdom for which the terms were progressively adopted as the new Citizens of the United States bore the burdens of the jurisdiction of the United States of America and their children became the first 'natural born Citizens' under the laws of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Constitution itself tells us what a natural born Citizen is by telling us that there is a progressive enhancement of trust that is required for the Office of the President. It's all there in one sentence. Far from prohibiting people of new American citizenship from voting our laws today allow a citizen whose adopted into our society even one day the right to vote but the percentage of people believing a citizen of one day is qualified to be President is said to be infirm at best and crazy at worst.

In an April 16th 2015 article by JB Williams entitled "Ignorant American Voters Now Greatest Threat to America?", JB asserts a recent on-line survey that was posted to more than a dozen 'conservative' Facebook (FB) groups that asked:

"Do you believe that 14th Amendment "anchor babies" and "undocumented citizens" are "natural born Citizens" eligible for the Oval Office?"

Within hours JB reports 166 members in those FB Groups shared the post and approximately 100 members voted in the survey within hours of the post. Given the options of "No", "Yes", and "I don't know" 100% were reported as answering "NO". That sounds like good news and that conservatives at least have some diligence in protecting and defending the Office of the President defined in the U.S. Constitution from foreign entities.

JB cites the American Voter as the danger to ending American Sovereignty from just two factors:
1) The human tendency to follow that which we want to be true, despite knowing what is true
2)The tendency to ignore reality in favor of a political fantasy

JB goes on in the devastating article, to the Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio candidacies for President, to skewer those supporting 'conservative values' who when the dots are connected and they find out that Sen. Ted Cruz is a 'undocumented resident alien' born in Canada to one Cuban and one U.S. Citizen parent both who may have become Canadian Citizens for work purposes and neither who did the proper paper work on their son which is why Texas elected a Canadian Citizen for a U.S. Senator as attested by Sen Cruz's denouncing that citizenship just a year ago now, and Sen. Marco Rubio is in fact an "anchor baby" who was born to Cuban Parents who did not become U.S. Citizens until years after Marco's birth.

As soon as the facts are understood that neither of these Candidates qualify to be the President of the United States, a cognitive dissonance takes place away from the truth that is known, and towards a pacification. Indeed at the heart of the question in the mind of supporters is 'How am I different then any democrat who leans so far left as to have the will to dismiss the entire Constitution, the Congress, and the United States Supreme Court in favor of making Obama a life long King, because they really can't stand the idea of Hillary becoming President?"

Yes, Obama may have had an outer layer of epidermis working on that pacification upon Democrats that justified with dissonance his not being a natural born Citizen qualified for the Office of the President also, with his own representation of his long form birth certificate that he passed out and hung in the White House declaring his father was a Kenyan at the time of his birth.


"Global Governance only works in America once anyone from anywhere in the world can be Commander-in-chief" recited JB
Now, you really need to know the history of friends before you conclude JB is mine even though I'm quoting him. You know I objected to McCain's Candidacy in U.S. District Court as a Candidate for President in 2008 and JB had no problem letting me have it because he wanted to 'justify' McCain who essentially was in the same position as Cruz being born in Panama, on foreign soil, but having a claim to being a Citizen by an Act of Congress, you might say was kind of like the 14th Amendment accept especially for those foreign babies born abroad to U.S. Citizens in Panama, whose first breath their parents at least might recall, was not that under the jurisdiction of any "State" in the Union of the United States.

JB fiercely apposed me and my Candidacy in 2008 as well as my Democratic Party Candidacy against Obama in 2012 and as far as my Candidacy in 2016 he's not written a word about it or the facts that Judy v. Obama 14-9396 is in the U.S. Supreme Court and if heard could really nail down the definition for both Republicans and Democrats. The good news is I really haven't heard anyone state emphatically they hope the Court doesn't hear the case.

Isn't it strange to you that you haven't seen any Tea Party Groups thus far anyway celebrating or supporting my Candidacy as I've come out against as of late the Candidacies of Sen. Cruz and Sen. Rubio the same consistent way I fought against McCain and strangely Obama whose case is just ripe enough to actually be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court as they have an understanding that the "States" are not upholding the Constitution of the United States in the qualifications enumerated for the Office of the President. This certainly may have been there hope as the Ballot Challenges came to them from me in 2012 from New Hampshire and Georgia State Supreme Courts.

This in fact was an exhaustion of State's Rights in the Appeal Format from the earliest point of the 2012 primaries Democrats all hated my guts for. Now, with all the Republicans for Cruz and Rubio,I'm sure if Glenn Beck had a Gestapo
I'd end up in some dark ally. It really cannot be denied Mr. Beck is a fan of the Constitution by his words, but when you're attacking the nucleus of the Constitution with a fervor while protecting the parameters of it, can you really be considered a friend of the Constitution?

This is at the heart of the Greatest Crisis to hit America in the Political Arena in our History. Has Glenn Beck, along with the Tea Party and Republicans eroded the word "conservative" to the point of a calibrated fascism? Fascism is an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. It nearly fits like a glove to want the authority in an authoritarian tyranny rather then supporting authentic qualifications in the check and balance system designed in our three co equal branches of Government.

The question purposed is what check and balance if any does the United States Supreme Court have on the Executive Branch or Office of the President if the Court refuses to hear and thus makes a tacit implication that the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch are more permissible in defining the Constitution in the demands of qualification for the Office of the President?

I purpose with my Writ of Certiorari that the Courts very existence is in jeopardy with its refusal of my case. If the Court refuses my Case sooner or later, a dictator will rise up and dismiss the entire Court as a hindrance to his important projects and agenda. The vengeance of a person coming out of the Legislature who has had a piece of his work dismissed as unconstitutional by the Court is all the motive that would be needed and should be all the motive needed for the Court to uphold the qualifications of the President defined in the U.S. Constitution.

Don't you see the devil coming out of the Legislature? "I worked so many hours, cutting so many deals to get this piece of legislation passed at the risk of my office which has cost millions, and you Justices 'think' that a hammer down on a piece of legislation deemed unconstitutional is not going to be remembered?" Oh how silly that notion is!

Oh how silly is the notion that in working with colleagues in the Legislature one who gives you at the time a needed vote or two or three would not develop into a 'good ole boys' club that in many ways protect and defend one another. We saw that in 2008 with Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama sponsoring so kindly for and with Sen. John McCain U.S. Sen. Resolution 511 that kindly was a Congressional Act trying to usurp nature calling Sen. McCain a 'natural born Citizen'. Hey get a clue, if you have a need for a ACT of Congress your not a natural born Citizen which needs no ACT of Congress to be defined for nature has defined it in her own dictionary that has been recognized since nations were formed.

Ohhh how happy the Main Stream Media was to see the two children walking hand in hand loving one another. But wait! What is that? President Cruz? President Rubio? Ohhhh my Democrats, now you have a powerful force wanting to break the children up seeing Hillary not so youthful and our Cuban Brothers coming on shore, maybe they will change parties and vote in the Primaries for them because in theory they are stamping Obama's work as OK. And this really gets to my point of exposing the 'political parties' willingness to part with principle based on fads of popularity.

The United States Supreme Court was made for something like this. I really don't think the Legislature, given their history of trying to change the Constitution's qualifications for President eight times since 2003, is up to policing the qualifications of President. Those failures should remind the Court that the People have spoken through their Elected Officials and if it had changed there is no doubt, the Court would be expected to uphold the Change if it was an Amendment to the Constitution which they are supposed to in theory uphold.

People frown on what's called legislating from the Bench, but its the Constitution that forms the wall the Justices find themselves standing behind when ever their decision is deemed unpopular. In Judy v. Obama 14-9396 the Legislature has been given 6 years to control themselves and we've seen that hasn't happened. No hearings have been called with the revelations that everyone in Congress pretty well freely admits shows the Office of the President compromised or in fact usurped. What do you call it "Lazy" or "Complicit"? Neither one works for me because I'm in the trenches doing the work they were elected to do and have not done!

It is a fair assessment to say that without the Judicial Branch's willingness to ACT its part in the three legged chair we call our Government under the Constitution that chair falls and with it we all tumble down sacrificing our crowns as citizens to the chains of servitude. I don't think their is any greater part in the check and balance system of our Government then for the Judicial Branch to check the qualifications of a person as a natural born Citizen for the Office of the President. If I had to pick one of the three qualifications to be skipped by the public's popularity contest in political parties, I'd have them skip the age requirement of 35 and the residency requirement of at least 14 years. So of the three strict requirements in my opinion those you have elected have and are ignoring the most important one. The fate of our Nation the Legislature has turned their backs on and in such a grave situation the Supreme Court of the United States is the only place short of war and revolution that we have hope to secure our liberty.

You know for all those people who blow hard wind on the Eligibility Issue of the Office of the President? You know who I'm talking about don't you?
Don't you remember the cash machine that whipped out thousands of dollars for the Bill Boards all across America? Can you think of a good reason for them to sweep this story under the table?

WND has covered nearly every case of eligibility on Court Record if there was an attorney representing it. I had an honorable mention by them for my Case in Georgia if you recall by Bob Unruh "Judge whacks Obama in Eligibility Case" , but has there been a peep from them regarding this United States Supreme Court Case since it was docketed or has a more sinister recognition of reality come to us with WND tacit consent of Senator Cruz and Senator Rubio's candidacies? They did cover Texas Rep who was decidedly overwhelmed with cognitive dissonance about embracing Obama and Cruz in his statement regarding Cruz, "He's as eligible as Obama". So has the wish of Obama that WND would change come true?

You know there comes a time when you say, "If you can't beat them join them", but its devastating when joining them means bowing as subjects without the rights you once had as citizens. A new modern slavery is well within the grasp of the decision on Judy v. Obama 14-9396 and that might be one of the reasons that we are witnessing what is an unprecedented docketing for Amicus Curiae's at the United States Supreme Court for this case.

Have you ever seen that on the Court's Docket in an Eligibility Case? I haven't, but if you have please make a note in the comments for me of which case that is. I just saw this today on my Case even though I reported it April 27th on a post here, its now May 7th and just showed up.

A sweeping breath of fresh air came over me actually and I had a little bit of hope creep into me thinking, "Ok, Obots and CruzBots and RubioBots now is your chance to actually get what you think a 'natural born Citien' is on RECORD in the United States Supreme Court. You can quit castigating those of us who have brought it to the Court as in some kind of a derision or diluted state of mind and put up with pride what you've been defending for years on Court Record! Hey Doctor, Doctor what's his bucket Conspiracy, call your Obots to pitch in a little pool and get a qualified Lawyer whose got a licence to practice in the United States Supreme Court and write a Brief as a friend of the Court. My work could be your opportunity today because as the Docket says, your BRIEF, it doesn't have to be long, can be "for one or the other or neither party". If there was ever a call to defend Obama in the Office of the President what would hold those warriors of mysteries cloaked in anonymity and creative jargon back?! This is your chance to actually be heard and be legit with real names and real lawyers!

Enjoy our New Commercial!
INSPIRING - I believe in You

Cody Robert Judy

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  1. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are both qualified to run for President. There are only two kinds of citizens in this country. Natural born and naturalized. There is no other kind. Ted Cruz's mother was a US citizen at the time of his birth. That makes him a natural born citizen 'jus sanguine' so where he was born and his father's citizenship are both irrelevant. He gets his citizenship through his mother at the time of his birth so he does not have to be naturalized. Marco Rubio's parents were both here in the US LEGALLY at the time he was born that makes him "natural born" under the doctrine of "jus soli", in accordance with the 14th Amendment because his parents were "under the jurisdiction" of the US government as per the Wong Kim Ark decision.Rubio is NOT an anchor baby because his parents were not here illegally. Again, there are only two types of citizen. Natural born and naturalized. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are both citizens and they are not naturalized so that makes them natural born by default, the only other option available.

  2. @Unknown
    I published your comment as an example of just how "manipulation" of the terms is used by people who either have no respect for the Constitution, or simply are ignorant of the separate and distinct qualifications between a U.S. Senator and the Office of the President. "Citizen" is of course the term your using for qualification for President but the qualification is for a 'natural born Citizen" which is not found in the Constitution under the qualifications for U.S. Senator. This is a blatant disregard or respect for the Constitution's terms of qualifications for the Offices. Your example is a perfect example of ignorance or an attempt to combine the terms to qualify your favorite candidate in a politically driven motive rather than recognize the distinctions clear and affirmed. Your attempt to merge the terms is like saying the Constitution is wrong, and those founder drafting it "mistaken", neither of which is correct.

  3. Dear Cody, I'd love to file an amicus curiae brief, except I'm an ordinary person with neither representation nor money. However, I have studied the history and understand the intent of the Framers with regard to the 'natural born citizen' clause.
    >>>>> A 'natural born citizen' is a person born of citizen parents.
    "If a child is born of parents, mother and father both citizens of country XYZ, then the 'natural' thing is that the child would inherit his citizenship from his parents and would be a 'natural-BORN' citizen of country XYZ. Alternatively if anyone else (child or adult) would become a citizen, then he would become a citizen by virtue of law. He would become a 'natural-IZED' citizen. Thus there are two paths to citizenship, natural-BORN and natural-IZED."
    ..... 1st para. from "NOT 'Born of Citizen Parents' is NOT 'Eligible'"