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Pres2016 FEATURED Commercial - "INSPIRING" Featured U.S. Supreme Court Eligibility Case Judy v. Obama

Pres2016 FEATURED Commercial - "INSPIRING" Featured U.S. Supreme Court Eligibility Case Judy v. Obama

Also a FEATURE EDITORIAL - The Post and Email

We here at the 2016 CRJ for United States President Camp have just released a new commercial called "INSPIRING - I believe in You"- One of the best things I feel deep in my heart is that opportunity exist in America that is protected under our United States Constitution. Those who have capitalized on that opportunity need to appreciate what they have been given. At the very core of this is the Office of the President and the reins that are placed upon those who would be elected for that office.

You must be a natural born Citizen- a different and unique qualifications not exacted upon U.S. Representatives or U.S. Senators in the Constitution, that assures no foreign alienship or nationality compromises the highest post of our military because the President acts as the Commander-In-Chief.

[The truth is inspiring. Its' what is real. Honoring a commitment to serve. Loyalty in sticking with a cause that takes courage to serve. When we are inspired we reach higher. We refuse to be held back. We set our eye on something and refuse to give up- We refuse to settle for less. We use our best judgement because our better judgement just won't do. We Risk it all - We take our chances at failing - We get back up after being refused - Being denied - or told "You Can't" - Because "WE BELIEVE" in America that our Dreams are possible. I'm Cody Robert Judy and I'm running for President and I am inspired-The road less traveled is the road you travel because there is no one like You, and I believe in You.]

INSPIRING - I believe in You

One of the best things about America is the idea that Americans could govern themselves as Citizens and not Subjects. It was one of the chiefest reasons that our founders did not make 'being elected for another office' one of the Chief Qualifications for actual being President. One understands the Cabinet of a President is certainly there and filled with good people who are willing to help you and that Counsel is important.

Imagine the Faith in Americans that included anyone who was over 35 years of age, a natural born Citizens and a resident at least 14 years in the Country was all that was required. You didn't need to be a U.S. Senator, or U.S. Representative, or even a Governor or Mayor before being elected President.

At times a Country needs a voice from outside the beltway, especially when it becomes very obvious to the American Citizens that there is no one in Washington DC, or that has been elected, who has been willing and taken a stand for the Constitution as we are see happening today. Can you imagine not one elected official has stood up for the central national security feature of our Country that exacts at least the qualifications that our President be a natural born Citizen- Born in the United States to Citizen Parents-?

This is of paramount importance and not one has proven that test! I have taken a stand for that Principle because I recognized electing a President who was not eligible actually was a commitment to treason against the opportunity and blessings of God that has formed this Country. Its a little like doing 75 mph on the freeway with no wipers and just hoping you don't crash.

Really! People have said scoffingly, "Oh what difference does it make?" David Letterman offered a couple of days a collective of the top 10 things a Dumb Person asks the President. Asking to see his birth certificate ranked No. 6. You know what is so surprising about this is that there are so many smart, rich, and famous people who have been given an opportunity in America that they can not find anywhere else in the world. Its mind blowing they would'nt care to protect the Office key to their opportunity! Why has Hollywood become Hollywood?

Was it because it was censored or monitored by the Government that the motion picture industry came to rest in Hollywood California? No, in fact it was quite the opposite. The United States Constitution provided free speech and free expression that creativity demanded to flourish. America was the rose that the butterfly rested in, not afraid of captivity, but allowed to spread its wings and fly.

The same goes for all the professional athletes who salaries have not been capped at 45K because making over a million dollars to play a game was just ludicrous and the Government could not stand for that? Medicine has developed under the same wonderful principles that protected people with incentives for developments as well as Computers and Automobiles and all kinds of communications that have flourished, how many millionaires have been made, because People had a chance without Government coming in and confiscating, monitoring, or even forcing as subjects the people to do things they didn't want to do. That idea was around what we called our "military draft" at one time and it was all of this opportunity that has graced so many that was provided by those who fought for that idea. On the battle field of freedom and liberty where have you stood and who have you supported?

Imagine a God in Heaven and all those who have passed on who fought and died for this Cause seeing the Office of the President compromised by someone who was not qualified as I have asserted to the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 14-9396. Imagine their feelings of disappointment and sadness that they died for nothing that anyone seems to care about today accept one Candidate for President who has sued on a bi partisan stand for the highest office to be protected. I sued McCain and Obama for the Principle of the natural born Citizen Clause to be upheld. It wasn't because I didn't like them, it was because they were not qualified and were not honoring that principle which has come to us as opportunity so many of you have enjoyed.

Yet there is a great chorus for Republicans enthused about other unqualified candidates for President like Sen. Cruz and Sen Rubio. Glenn Beck, bless his heart and his little mob-squad just today were just adamant about Sen. Cruz or Sen Rubio being capable. The qualification demand of 'natural born Citizen' was more concerned with 'qualified by the grace of God, then it was about 'capable' as a man.

Hope you saw that car on the left!

The answer is you give up Vision.

So what do we give up in sacrificing 'qualified' and able to receive the grace of God's inspiration for this land and 'capable'? Well, if you haven't noticed there is a 'mandate' to force Americans to buy insurance that is called "Obamacare". There is another thing called "ObamaAmnesty" that has paraded by invitation tens of thousands across the border that didn't come through the front door but have snuck in the house through your window. There is also, just recently passed, a FCC net neutrality to regulate and monitor the web. If that doesn't grab you there is 10 Trillion dollars that has been handed to us during Obama's Administration. Of course you have a Congress that has gone along with it but it really amounts to generational theft or in other words selling the future generations to slavery based on this generations actions.

Are we leaving a better world or has debt all of a sudden become a good thing to pass on to your children? People may argue this is the precise recipe for World War III. That if one had to imagine what possibly could have gone wrong that our elected leaders got so wrong that the natural born Citizen clause was it because it enabled the executive pen to run a muck in ways never before imagined. Indeed, the wreck that Obama has created is not so obvious now because you can't see clearly. Its is in fact like being blind folded and claiming you can see just fine while wondering out on a freeway during rush hour traffic and hoping for that American Opportunity to present itself.

Being the President probably requires 'Good Judgement' more than anything and what kind of 'judgement' is demonstrated to you when you see 'elected officials' who have not said any thing regarding the greatest national security breach in America since Peal Harbor was bombed. Indeed, that was just Hawaii, this is all of America in what Obama calls 'his projects'.

Well Obama's projects have cost us more and given less in return then any other person in the White House. This is his record that is going to have to be paid for, but no one is going to want to admit needs to be paid for. That is the recipe for war and a much bigger one that will reach in and cost every American Family dearly and it will be a great loss of opportunity. That opportunity that has been taken for granted. That opportunity that has been so inspiring. That is the reason I am calling upon your reflection upon what inspired you about America in the first place. We need to dig down deep for that and then support with all of our hearts and minds that which defends our opportunity.

I AM AMERICAN - This first commercial related to the Vision that is enabled and given to us like a seed that grows and that is what I feel my three point platform represents for America. I sincerely feel America will understand this if they get the chance to.

I sure hope you will see that the eligibility of the person in the Office of the President is indeed a master key to your opportunity here in America and you should not be giving that key to anyone who has not stood up for and has no record of standing up for the Office of the President's 'natural born Citizen' qualification. Its that important!

Cody Robert Judy
D - Candidate for President 2016

Enjoy our newly March Released THREE MINUTE infomercial entitled The Birthers and please join us anyway you can in supporting the restoration of our U.S. Constitution along with our Nation and the opportunity we all want. Please understand that however benign you may attribute a Candidate who is not qualified by being 'Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents', the very process of dismissing and not honoring the Office of the President with its unique qualification is a process to destroy the umbrella with the Office that sits in the middle of the United States Constitution, as its most important key holder.
The compromise on the 'natural born Citizen' clause is a compromise on the Blessings of God our Nation has been protected by, and a witness that time and place included in describing the Birth of our Nation are of no value.

Join us in taking a stand for "this place" and "this time" honored tradition in the United States of America.]

Cody Robert Judy for President 2016 find us on Facebook, Twitter and the Web.

Please visit my web site and study the 3 point platform and 7 point platform.
Thanks You so much!
Cody Robert Judy

We need your help. Will you help us or are the outrageous lies your being told by your elected leaders okay for you and your children? Indeed, it is time to Restore America's Trust Today for a Better America Tomorrow.

We NEED YOUR HELP AMERICA now, to take the 10th Circuit Court's Decision not to hear Cody's Case to the U.S. Supreme Court. We are Taking a Stand for individual Civil Rights and against an unprecedented ASSAULT upon your Constitution and prior decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court! With your help we can make it happen. You are a very important key to this. So its up to you America to help Restore America Today for a Better America Tomorrow. Like, Share, and Help us in the Contribution Revolution.


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Thank you
Cody Robert Judy
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The Commercial is simply called "America"


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