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The Month of June is forecast to be one that is quite challenging and perhaps even rocky for the psyche of Americans in many different arenas. Chief nauseate maybe the details of putting lipstick on a pig and deciding what label best suits reinventing the pork chop, which is still a pork chop. Of course on the eve of the Bel Monte Stakes Race with American Pharaoh scientifically prophesied to lose the last race of the Triple Crown, the premonitions of doom looms grandiose; "if it hasn't happened in modern history, it isn't going to happen!". Yet quietly our heart 'hopes' that indeed greater things can and will happen that defy the-egoes-of-intelligence. Take for instance the U.S. Supreme Court deciding to hear Judy v. Obama 14-9396 which lays before the Court on a silver platter as to the testing qualifications of the Office of the President that used to be considered elementary American intelligence, but also acts as a double edged sword upon the Achilles heel of any Presidential Candidate who is not a 'natural born Citizen' - Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

The whole Nation hopes against these 'prophets-of-doom' for a greater cause and a greater hope to be unleashed that defies their small mindedness packaged as Dark Vader's controllers of the universe. Snuff out 'hope' and what do you have? Control, it's not meant to be 'fair', it's not meant to be 'equal', and it most certainly is not meant to include 'Justice for all'. That notion is absolutely ridiculous to these malicious arbitrators who also harold the American Dream deceased; just as soon as their pockets are padded well enough of course. The protection of current elected Politicians is to put up with, endure, and to stamp out 'hope' of a Triple Crown winner that comes out of America's Justice system. Alas, where would we expect to find 'justice','truth', 'integrity', and 'wisdom' and the courage it takes to actually implement them?


The empty-handed and insolvent strategy 'dealing' with Obama's identification cover-up?

What else could it be called when your long form birth certificate has been proven a fabrication by law enforcement; you social security number can't even be put in the system to sign up for Obamacare because it comes up 'used'; your selective service registration just doesn't match up with the stamps used at the time; and you've made matters altogether un-transparent by your own executive order and unwillingness to open up other forms of identification like College Transcripts, marriage licences,divorce records, and professional licencing bureaus; like Obama has done? Obama has made transparency when it comes to his name a 'dirty word' by his own actions.

The excuses:
1."It's to late",- which translates- 'If it isn't instant, its not worth it to me, as long as my car, wallet, and identity haven't been stold'
2."Citizen" and "Natural Born Citizen" mean the same thing - which translates- the Founders were just idiots anyway and put the two terms in the same sentence as a repetitive word so we would all be so confused.
3."Credibility" of the Whistle Blower - which translates- Someone 'perfect' like Jesus Christ is the only one who could bring this action to Court and since he isn't an American natural born Citizen running for President, he has no 'standing' and is not within the 'jurisdiction' in our United States Courts.

Does that mean, not even Jesus Christ can help us in this domestic Mess?

Everything has been used and manipulated to avoid the issue in Court. The saddest prospect of Obama's empty promises of "hope and change" has been placed upon a crumbling foundation. The building is tall and a lot of material has been placed on the faulty foundation. Any engineer will tell you that no matter how much material you pile on a foundation, that will not help the quality of the foundation. In fact the more you pile on, the more obvious it becomes that it is faulty and will fail. Cosmetologist and Surgeons will tell you they can use make-up and surgery to dress a person but the laws of nature cannot be altered nor the gender of the baby changed which is the foundation of a person.

Of course the strategy of ALL of this was running and skirting through the years as quickly as possible for Obama, after he made the devilish deal with the Republicans in U.S. Senate Resolution 511 co-sponsored for McCain by H.Clinton and Obama. The HOPE then was no one was qualified with standing to challenge the devil in any of the details. If that sounds familiar to you your not alone.

Carly Fiorina , the former Hewlett-Packard CEO and 2016 Republican presidential candidate questioning the TPP said the 'devils in the details', but thus far seems to notice no problem at all with Obama's 'job-application' that spells out FRAUD. What does that tell you of her 'business experience'? Is she willing to hire illegal immigrants without work permits? That shouldn't surprise us if she's willing to let the Office of the President be usurped by someone who fails the Constitution's qualifications set as the Standard by WE THE PEOPLE, throughout a much greater period of time than our modern day.

Of course none of the other Republican Candidates making FOX Debate criteria of popularity in the Polls, has had the courage to tackle the foul play on America either. You'd think if they were going to be a Champion for the People they would check the foundation very closely upon which they build. Governor Rick Perry's grasping answer as he announced his 2016 Candidacy for President? "We'll make it through the Obama years", and, "The question of every candidate will be this: When have you led?" Perry said in a slightly-edited Cruz line. Then he turned it. "Leadership is not a speech on the Senate floor. It is not what you say. It is what you have done."

So, what has Governor Rick Perry said or done about Obama's ineligibility in the Office of the President? (crickets)

I challenge them, "What have any of the Republican Candidates for President said or done?" Donald Trump is predicted to enter the race June 16 and says he was proud of getting Obama to release his 'long form birth certificate' but with all Trump's money do you know he has not supported a Candidate for President who challenged Obama as ineligible in Civil Court with a single dollar bill of his? What does that tell you about the importance Mr. Trump places upon our U.S. Constitution and the Domestic Mess we are in? Those actions really seems to advocate a policy that 'rewards power and influence' while 'disposing calls of the poor and minorities' as garbage in the way of his road paving prosperity? Is that the kind of defender America wants preserving, protecting,and defending the Constitution?

Now Obama's mess has been piling up for years and years while my challenges in Court have been proceeding in a civil way. I had to exhaust State remedies first as process requires and moving continually upward until now it has finally arrived at the U.S. Supreme Court in a Federal Civil Rights Claim and a Congressional ACT Violating Claim. One third of what I hear is pedantic to say the least, "you mis-spelled a word" so your credibility is lost? Excuse Me? I'm not running a newspaper here, its a Blog. No other Presidential Candidate has taken the most serious problem that we face as a Crisis or Domestic Mess piling up since 2008 as I have on a bi-partisan stand. Its not going to move itself out or retire which is the 'hope' Gov. Perry expressed.

The dereliction of my grammatical syntax is that you are to darn lazy to print out my Blog Post, walk it down to YOUR local Reporter who is a polished professional writer and ask them to re-write the story. They make a living at it I don't. Ask them to type out a story that is, well, "professional". Why haven't you done that?! There's a lot of Reporters in this Nation in most every city, town, and corner. On top of that, you do not donate a single dollar to my Campaign so I can hire it done? Yeah, I'm not feeling sorry for your laziness and lack of support. I'm working my fingers to the bone and my time-crunch on the bridge that I have to work with? Imagine yourself, suddenly running for President and at the same time paying all your bills and maintaining your Campaign? That's me. Didn't even President Bill Clinton say, " I have to pay my bills" in affect defending his need to accept foreign money in the pay-to-play Clinton Foundation?

Domestic Mess! Believe me, I've cleaned the horse, cow, and pig pens out as a boy long enough to know that a tractor and manure spreader don't operate by themselves. You actually have to get on the tractor, hook up the spreader, get the pitch fork, pile it up, get the loader, load the spreader, and take it out where it belongs to help the wheat and barley pitch up. Its a messy stinky job. I believe what the other Presidential Candidates are proposing is that "the piles built up over the last few years just don't exist", which is delusional. WE ALL SEE IT! The fabricated identifications, the policies, the favors, and the arming of our enemies before they are converted to America's Freedom and Liberty as allies. That's the recipe of harm to America and I've always said, its a national security nightmare.

Asking for your help humbly doesn't come through frivolously motivation but with action you CAN SEE HAPPENING. So, if your able to help get your check book or card out and put your complaint to work in an honest way instead of riding my back and coat-tails in a hope for you and your family to live the American Dream. I do pray for your humble pardon and forgiveness for what I have done, or perhaps could not do under circumstances present, that you might have seen as a mistake that was 'preventable'.

Allowing your mind to 'excuse' me for all of the many reasons you have excused 'others', I would very much appreciate knowing my own weaknesses are many and my character yet rough on the edges while this task is monumental. My love for you in my actions are very strong and I pray you will let this work its way into your heart. This love which I express is as best as I can describe the Love of our Creator inspiring our Constitution through great men of our history and thus should not be taken lightly.

Now for some GOOD NEWS!
The REPORT on this Blog posted yesterday has exceeded really any expectations with nearing 6,000 views. It was the TRIPLE CROWN of this Blog won by American Pharaoh by five lengths! Wow! We thank you for passing it on which is the only way that happened. As a comparison in 2012 when we went to the U.S. Supreme Court we peaked at 10,000 for that 30 days/or month. So what does it say to see that double to over 20,000 on the announcement of the June 18th U.S. Supreme Court Case in 2015? Well, it tells us everyday Americans are seeing a much greater value in the qualifications of the Office of the President and perhaps more importantly the disaster created by not strictly adhering to the Constitution's Qualifications. That's good news that should be spread.
[We here at the Campaign would like to Celebrate and thank you for the over 225,000 Views!]

We just went over 225,000 total Views here and this is as grass roots as it gets. We haven't had a single National Story done on our Campaign. These are very big grass roots numbers and we need you to take courage and spread the word. We are being limited just like you on FB at times and Twitter, so we do need you to take an initiative and spread the word and our Post around to your own social media groups. We are very close to breaking the Quarter-Of-A-Million bench mark and with your help we're going to do just that. Informing and Education is Key, because when people know they can act upon the information. Perhaps they can send contributions where you can't, but you were the key of information for them. May you take Courage and Honor by the handlebars and ride for Freedom and Liberty on this Campaign vehicle.

This is at this time in our History the BEST WAY you can Help. Together, We are Restoring America Today for a Better America Tomorrow. We were very excited yesterday to receive the biggest contribution we have ever received. Of course we haven't reached the $5,000 dollar thresh-hold yet required by the FEC, but we are encouraged by this generous and heartfelt contribution by a pretty famous song writer. TVZ Records LLC (Townes Van Zandt) THANK YOU! Wow! Oh my gosh, Do you know who that is? Its Townes Van Zandt his hit song very cool.. "Pancho and Lefty" Here he is playing it. We accepted that contribution as a heartfelt understanding for the uphill battle we have faced and hope you will not spare yours today.

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