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Schieffer's Take on the Fourth Estate - Nasty Business of "Dirty-Trick Politics" To Report or Not to Report 14-9396?

Schieffer's Take on the Fourth Estate - Nasty Business of "Dirty-Trick Politics" To Report or Not to Report?

This week Bob Schieffer admitted The Media had not been diligent in vetting Obama. In a stunningly candid format Schieffer painfully minimized the damage soft padding and coddling Obama had caused by placing the burden where he thought it should go. The answer not surprisingly deflected responsibility shifting it to "The Other Candidates". This of course goes in line with the responsibility placed upon "Candidates" running for Office in managing their Campaigns to under 'fair and equal protections' challenge unqualified candidates as well as character of opposing candidates. Mr. Sheiffer's comments were lit up by Glenn Beck on The Blaze Radio broadcast this morning and here is quick 1 min:30 second highlight reel from The Birther Report:

CBS News Bob Schieffer's Take on Candidates Responsibility

The most compelling evidence from a senior news Reporter now unfolds upon his retirement announcement? Its on the Candidates? Well, let's thank Bob for his candid revelation and statutory endorsement of my own Candidacy that has flailed in the mud slinging thrown upon it as a "Birther Candidate" from the Fourth Estate Media, while attempting to honorably do the job of vetting opposing Candidates in 2008 with Sen. John McCain who received 'citizenship' by statute, and some alien form of 'natural born Citizenship' also by statute, and Sen. Obama as well in 2012 that stands in the U.S. Supreme Court now as Judy v. Obama Case No. 14-9396.

The Media seemed all to willing to report to the public on the Birther Law Suits headed in the U.S. Supreme Court 2008 and 2012 that reached the U.S. Supreme Court as long as they did not have a Presidential Candidate involved, especially one who couldn't be accused of 'racism' based upon equal treatment under the principle of the law. It shouldn't be forgotten that the Media's willingness to publicly rehearse the dirt Obama's Campaign dug for in his 2004 U.S. Senate Campaign, was in fact how Obama won the incumbent Republican he faced Jack Ryan.

Through the upheaval and standing there remains only one Candidate for President who has consistently stood for the principle of the Constitution's qualifications for the Office of the President regardless of party, and that was myself, Cody Robert Judy. I think it was an excellent statement that Bob Schieffer made because it is true. As a Candidate for President you do have a responsibility to first size up your opponent's qualifications for the office that your both running for. Why would anyone need to say anything about someone's character if his whole Identity was a violation of the qualifications of the Office he sought? It seemed very simply Obama is not qualified by the Constitutions different qualifications for Representatives and Senators as "Citizens" and the Office of the President's requirement of natural born Citizen. That requirement was not included for Representatives and Senators.

At the trunk of the tree is the eligibility of a Candidate for any Office and the requirements for that office in the Constitution. Those are the parameters of the Trust of that Office given to we Candidates as principles afforded by "WE THE PEOPLE". The Courts should respect that power and parameter so it should not be any surprise they have complaints come to them on any violations of that TRUST.

Now I think it is saying much more about a Candidates honest character to go after that if another Candidate doesn't measure up to the TRUST first,, before you go after anything else. I did not particularly agree with the line of thinking that other Candidates brought up as a way to go after Obama as Sarah Palin mentioned in this video , as she states "an attempt was made to destroy those who were telling the truth in bringing up the name of Jeremy Wright the pastor of Obama's church, and Bill Ayers Obama's friend and candidate for ghost writing for Obama's Dreams of my Fathers.

Yes, the attempts to destroy those telling the truth was made, but in 2008 I think Reverend Wright's "America's Chickens are coming home to roost" video had gone viral and I didn't see any shortage of Bill Ayers's name mentioned. What was particularly noticeable was the silence on Obama's Eligibility, and Sarah would have been dropping anchor on her own V.P. selection to go after Obama on that because McCain's was just as vulnerable. That explained the quid pro quo good ole boys agreement made in U.S. Sen. Res. 511 as plain as day which was for McCain but co-sponsored by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama making a nice tryst. Sarah Palin was just as culpable as a cherry on top. Did she have a choice? Yes, as a Governor she could have used her Bully Pulpit to influence a public outcry on the devastation. I'd have been screaming at the top of my lungs about McCain if I were her at the Republican convention and I did in Federal Court days before he was even made the nominee.

You can be an anchor baby and serve in the military. Just serving in the military doesn't make you eligible for the Office of the President. That's just really stupid to think about if you just imagine Putin crossing the border with his wife, dropping a kid in Texas, and financing him to the Presidency in 35 years as a qualified Candidate. Are you really that stupid to think that if that was an option to ascend to America's highest post it would not be implemented?

There was just one thing wrong with U.S. Senate Resolution 511, it failed to inform America that the United States Constitution had been breached in an unlawful manner in the TRUST the People had given politicians. If Americans could not depend on Republicans and Democrats to stand up for the 'natural born Citizen' qualification for the Office of the President because of this unholy or unconstitutional alliance had been struck between three Candidates, and Mitt Romney's mouth was gagged shut because every Republican Senator had signed on, who was left? Only Candidates like myself even come close to having Standing demanded by the Courts. If the Courts' hear my case your dang right the Media is going to tell THAT story!

Nixon said in his discussion that he believed "If the President does it that means that it is not illegal", so is the will of one Hall of Congress all that is needed to Amend the Constitution, or does it require both Halls and a President's signature?

It is a fact that the Constitution can only be amended with 2/3rds of Congress including both the House and the Senate and it must be signed by a qualified President. Why would the 'natural born Citizen' requirement even need to be considered by The U.S. Senate if in fact there was even a question. I am a natural born Citizen, born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents and Congress has not had to consider whether I'm qualified with a resolution. McCain had two! That tells us something was not right in the first place and these elected officials were up to something.

In fact over the last two Presidential Elections haven't those three Candidates been considered the major party Candidates? So, does Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain think they can destroy the TRUST America has given to politicians by breaching the U.S. Constitution's qualifications for the Office of the President?

Here is a stunning tail-to-tell everyone including the Fourth Estate Branch - Media. If the U.S. Supreme Court in their soon to be scheduled conference fails to hear Judy v. Obama 14-9396 than that's exactly what happened! American's had their basic qualifications for the office of the President changed illegally simply because the U.S. Supreme Court fails to hear a Candidate for President who was not "in on the deal", "in on the illegal cartel" that formed a monopoly against the public TRUST.

If any other Candidate for a major party were to stand up and challenge this my Case, Judy v. Obama 14-9396 would be brought up as the Court having already decided that issue in the negative, and what say you that the Court becomes irrelevant upon any Actions the Legislature takes that are unconstitutional? The gates open and hell marches in! The entire reason the Third Estate or Judicial Branch was formed to check and balance the other two is made null and void, and what's worse is my case becomes the precedent case to prove that for incoming Presidents.

People think my question to the U.S. Supreme Court's existence was too strong of language in questions for the Court to consider, but it is not and this reasoning forms the very real and logical conclusion, but would any of the Main Stream Media consider that a report of a Campaign to Report to the Public? We are not seeing it yet that's for sure.

We here at the Campaign would certainly wish to extend a GENUINE HAT-TIP to The Drudge Report for saying in so many words with 4 Favorites of CRJ2016 Tweets "I don't have a HEADLINE to put on The Drudge Report about this!". We were quite excited Drudge shared that pain with us. At least someone in the Major Political Arena of Reporting recognizes the dedicated hard work Cody has gone through over the last six years unsung and unwritten in the pursuit of Justice for our Republic in really what is an unparalleled story of taking a stand for principle that holds the keys to the United States of America's national security. The fact it was as reported 'the most influential man in the American Media' is simply and undeniably an honor to Cody Robert Judy's 2016 Campaign for United States President and his fight for Principle over Political Party.

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