Wednesday, July 29, 2015

State Democrat Leaders PROTECT OUR CHOICE - Democrats Let's Go Caucus/&/ Primary!

The 2016 Cody Robert Judy for U.S. President Gearing Up for You

Your State Democratic Party Leadership is receiving this Email and we hope to hear from you in an effort to make our Caucus/&/Primary Season and fair and equal voting experience. If you haven't received an Email like this soon, we hope you will remind your Party Leadership of your interest in being informed with all the Registered Candidates. We have a Caucus and a Primary Season for a reason and that is 'Choice'. Let's make it a competitive one so an informed choice can actually made. Please hold your Local/and/State Leaders to a responsible and fair Choice of information on all the Candidates so that your Choice is indeed protected.

               Dear State Democratic Party Leadership:                      July 29th, 2015

                                  Thank you for your service as Leaders in the Democratic Party. As a newly declared Candidate for President I am really excited about coming to your State, Campaigning and participating in your Primary/Caucus! 

Please see:

To best serve Your State Voters with an intelligent choice I think it is imperative that I at least be able to contact  Democratic Party Voters in your State, and will look to you to provide that information, or at least a verification that you will send out a fair and equal distribution of Email(s) about my Candidacy that is afforded with the other Presidential Candidates. If there is a status quo about this will you please let me know what you are doing for Mrs. Clinton Mr. Sanders and Mr. O'Malley? 

Email List delivered to me on a bulk file would work, but I also wonder if there is a State Directer who might be in charge of perhaps approving a Draft email that I send to you and then sending that out in a bulk email to Your State Democrats? 

I've prepared just a little Email for such as this occasion that I would love for you to send out!

 Getting Familiar with the 2016 Presidential Candidates! 

Dear  Democrats: 
                 Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with our Newest Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy (CRJ) who will be taking part in the Iowa Caucus and following Primaries!
CRJ's Declaration Speech here briefly outlining his Platform-

Cody Robert Judy Web site: 
Cody Robert Judy Blog:
Cody Robert Judy Contribution Page:

Latest Videos!
  • Video 1- 60 Seconds -Reporter Friendly- States Only Facts- Shows Leverage in Court. 400+views SCOTUS MATRIX

  • Video 2- Inspiring 60 Second More Motive affect/meant or directed to G.P./NewYork type crowd. Not necessarily political tech crowd 800+ Views. 

  • Video 3- Why do People like CRJ meant to show Nation Wide Support rather then 'focused state interest'. 33 Views 5 min 

  • Video 4- Campaign Official Declaration Speech- meant to legitimize Campaign Contributions and Reset STANDING on SCOTUS case. 8 Min. 12 Views 

  • Video 5- Time & Place Meant to Constitutional Birthers - show a softer more fair equal and balanced Case. 3 min- 200 Views 

  • Video 6 - You didn't know him- Meant to be a Wake-Up Call to Reporters. 3 min/250 Views

  • Video 7- A Constitutional Reckoning 3 min/1,200 views Meant to Illustrate Understanding of Natural Born Citizen by what Constitution reads. Effective Justice of the Case.

  • Video 8- I am American- 1 min - Meant to illustrate the need to Court I's, R's and D's to come together inclusively under Constitution Banner. 2,000 Views. Independents are the fastest growing demographic of voters especially with young people.
Thank You so much for your forthright attention to my Campaign. It is said all politics is local and I would very much like to visit and Campaign in your State. That takes Dollars and my Campaign as much of a running start as we'd hope,and the ton of work already done, our Campaign needs your Help and Support Today. Please consider making a Contribution to the CRJ Today for Better America Tomorrow Campaign because together we can provide a more central and balanced choice in our Democratic Party.

Candidate for U.S. President 2016
Cody Robert Judy

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