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What do you get when the Leading Obama Conspiracy Doctor, Reality Check Radio, a Former Cold Case Posse Investigator, and a Presidential Candidate with U.S. Supreme Court Cases under his belt get together on a ROUND TABLE Discussion? 

Well, "Shake N' Bake", THAT just happened!

I came on with a question for Doc Conspiracy (Kevin Davidson) at about the 90 Minute mark which was about the fourth quarter (30 minutes left) and the Show went two 15 Minute OVER TIMES!

The below link does allow you to skip to any particular time. I would like to transcribe the discussion but am limited to time right now, my comment below reflects my general feelings about the round table.

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The outrage of Political Punitive indifference the U.S. Supreme Court has demonstrated is over now three Presidential Election cycles, MILLIONS of Votes, BILLIONS OF Dollars regulating [natural born Citizen] to precedent cases of [Citizen] instead of giving an ear to a unique aspect of our Constitution between Presidential Candidates with Standing for the Office of the President. That's nothing to be remembered in U.S. History over.

The current SCOTUS Court has thus far refused to hear a Case on the merits between Presidential Candidates. I feel this is a huge dis-service to the General Public.

In the Round-Table Discussion I made clear that we should not expect Republicans or Democrats in Congress, for the most part, to entertain this discussion mostly because of the partnership that was formed between many Leaders in the Congress at the time, three of which constituted the Major Candidates for the last three election cycles in Sen. Obama, Sen. Clinton, and Sen. McCain.

As I wrote in my Certiorari included with the Link the tragedy of that is the U.S. Supreme Court is not supposed to be serving Republicans or Democrats per se by Party over Principle. The U.S. Supreme Court is suppose to be concerned more with political neutrality or very important independents from the political fray.

With that Principle in mind, we see that remaining 'silent' on the [natural born Citizen] for the Court is in essence abandoning that part of the Constitution in a 'destructive but controlled demolition' much more than respecting the 'political doctrine question' Doc referred to in the discussion.

The two Cases referred heavily to as [Precedent Cases] in the ROUND TABLE were for myself *1Minor v. Happersett and for Doc- Mr. Davidson
*2 United States v. Wong Kim Ark . Both of these cases were about establishing 'Citizenship" or about established 'Citizenship'. Neither of the Cases involved any Presidential Candidates or involved as a focus or cross-hair [natural born Citizenship] in regards specifically to the qualifications referred to the Offices of President and Vice President as distinct and unique from the Representatives and Senators.

*1The Minor v. Happersett ruling was based on an interpretation of the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The Supreme Court readily accepted that Minor was a citizen of the United States, but it held that the constitutionally protected privileges of citizenship did not include the right to vote.

*United States v. Wong Kim Ark169 U.S. 649 (1898), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled that a child born in the United States of Chinese citizens, who had at the time a permanent domicileand residence in the United States and who were carrying on business there other than for the Chinese government, automatically became a U.S. citizen.[1] This decision established an important precedent in its interpretation of the Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

To assimilate the discussion of relativity in those two cases as the 'closest thing we have to a 'Precedent Case' on a Candidate Qualification specific and unique for the two highest offices is about as disrespectful to the Constitution in my humble opinion as you could possible get. This should outrage America!

Adding further insult to injury, if you have read my last two Post here, and here,  you will know that the U.S. Supreme Court considers my case "Closed" due to insufficient funds. Its true, after millions of votes and billions of dollars in America's Presidential Election, we don't have the funds to get the
Court to administer Justice to us in our Presidential Elections.

My Motion to proceed in Forma Pauperis was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court. These Motions are generally filled out by litigants who do not have enough money to pay the Court Cost.

The Federal PDF Form is provided by the Court and generally include information an Applicant must provide for a Year.

That understood the U.S. Supreme Court received mine that has been GRANTED by the two lower Courts, including the Federal District Court (Utah Division) and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Upon the same review in basic certainty of income, the U.S. Supreme Court granted the exact same Motion in 2012 also. It is therefore seen as a 'punitive measure' upon the poor for the U.S. Supreme Court not to grant my MOTION TO PROCEED, upheld in three Courts before. It is not a jump to conclusion to state that this was a trick up the sleeve of the Court that really should enrage Americans in the interest of JUSTICE FOR ALL.

It is also not a far gone conclusion to state that when you are 'very close' to success the door slams shut for erratic, nefarious, and radically extreme reasons. Of course the SCOTUS can do what the want under the guidelines of 'Good Behavior'. Outside of those measures an "Impeachment" process exist for 'Bad Behavior' and that is orchestrated through the U.S. House of Representatives as has been indicated in the proposed RESOLUTION sent to the House of Representatives, including Trey Gowdy conducting the Benghazi Hearings now in Congress, by hundreds of Citizens.

  Another point was brought up in the discussion in which I deferred I had not thoroughly read. That was the Tribe Olsen Opinion. I referred to Gabriel J. Chin's argument which I had used in Judy v. McCain, and this rebuttal was in fact correct. The Tribe-Olsen Opinion stands on the ground of 'citizen' grounds of the Wong Kim Ark decision referred to above. It rest on the laurels that the jurisdiction of the United States Constitution exist outside of the States regardless of apposing jurisdictional claims which in my opinion is grotesque and prevalent of foreign disrespect.

If you look closely at motive for these pretended Constitutional Scholars you come up with a constant theme of character rather and over principle. The summary is that it robs Principle, and is instructional of a bear Constitutional Cupboard. The Tribe Olsen opinion was written by 1 Republican for McCain and 1 Democrat for Barack Obama. There you go.., those are the 'characters' twitching like devils to escape the 'Principle' of 'natural born Citizen' ie. born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

The exact same thing happened when the 2016 Year Presidential Cycle begin with U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and two former Solicitor Generals of different administrations advocating 'character' over 'principle'. ON THE MEANING OF NATURAL BORN CITIZEN was created ,authored and featured as a Harvard Review by Neil Katyal and Paul Clement, and essentially further tears the Constitutional Qualifications for the Office of the President down to include only the exclusion of someone born outside the United States to foreign parents. U.S. Senator Ted Cruz's name is even mentioned specifically in what they term a 'unbiased opinion'.

Motivation Motivation Motivation.. my Legal Actions in Civil Court have demonstrated an integrity to the 'motivation' in the first place ascertaining that [natural born Citizen] was included as a protection in the interest of our national security regardless of [character], and predicated upon [principle]. If that rubs someones nose wrong, so be it.

The entire purpose in my scholarly opinion and standing as a Presidential Candidate in now three general elections for the Office of President is that the term [natural born Citizen] used in the Constitution's Article II, Section I, Clause 5 was predicated upon as a key that could not be unlocked for a period of time that consisted of two generations.

This completely eliminates first generation Americans in either direction. Meaning, you can earn it and you can lose it. First Generation Americans such as those legally immigrating to the United States after becoming U.S. Citizens could have children who were then considered [natural born Citizen] eligible for the Office of President.  In reverse, a [natural born Citizen] could marry a foreigner and their child would not be a [natural born Citizen] based on the dual citizenship earned from both the father and the mother. Those born in the U.S. known as anchor babies were indeed [citizens] but and their children would then be the second generation considered to be [natural born Citizens] eligible for the Office of President or Vice President.

What this does is eliminate any possibility of a foreigner assimilating to the Office of the President that has any allegiance by a Parent or by a Place of non-jurisdiction considered outside of the U.S. Constitution or the States. In the ROUND TABLE discussion you heard that Hawaii was a territory until 1958 and if Obama would have been born in that year rather then after Hawaii became a State in 1959 he would not have been eligible. I agreed with this., but Brian the author of the comment refuted his own Tribe Olsen representation as scholarly with the example.

Doc and RC kind of ganged up on me regarding the "Foreign Influence" remark I made regarding John Jay's letter to General George Washington. John Jay was to become the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and of course General Washington became our First U.S. President.

There is a constant barrage against those serving as our first presidents from either not being born in the U.S. or for having a foreign Parent. The Constitution itself left leeway for that in what we commonly refer to as the grandfather clause. Many people strongly disagree with the exemption of those who were the Revolutionist, but logic would have that those fighting for what would be the U.S. Constitution could not possible have been born in the United States under the authority and jurisdiction of the U.S. Constitution.

Thus, firmly, our Founders agreed a necessary authority was needed to grant those fighting in the Revolution a path towards the Office of the President including everyone at the time. They articulated it very well in stating in Article II, Section I, Clause 5, that "Citizen" was the necessary  requirement for those at the time of the adoption of the Constitution. This is made very clear in the Constitutional Reckoning 2 Minute Video.

Finally, as I entertain the honor and dignity of those who have sacrificed their egos, reputations, time, talent,families, even their blood, and body parts for our National Security in the United States of America, I cannot consider if I was not 'Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents' advocating by some kind of envious, jealous, or prideful remark that constituted those upholding the opportunity for our children as doing so on the basis of racism, bigotry, or unethical standards contrary to the Supreme Law of the Land.

Our U.S. History is a Final Notice- and of our 43 U.S. Presidents thus far Chester Arthur remains along with Barack Obama the only one's characterized outside the bounds of the U.S. Constitutions requirements for the designated times of which they lived. Meaning the requirement for those serving after the Revolution was[Citizen], those after [natural born Citizen] ie. born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

Chester Arthur 1881-1885 never was elected as President, but he was next in line as President Garfield was assassinated.

Arthur warded off offense to his not being qualified by lying about his family origins. Recent revelations of a 2008 investigation indicate his father did not naturalize as a U.S. Citizen until Arthur was 14 years old.

Barack Obama is the only other person allowed to occupy the Office of the President without merit of the established criteria of [natural born Citizen] ie born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. Obama's very public release of his own long form birth Certificate bears out that his father was not a U.S. Citizen at the time of Barack Obama's birth. This certainly is not a reflection of the 'Citizen' status Obama may have, but that status for the Office of the President has long since expired as Obama was not a U.S. Citizen at the time of the Adoption of the U.S. Constitution.

The threat of course to our National Security for this security breach is not simply a cover-up of Obama about his own identification, but wholly will be looked upon in the anal of history in the big picture of U.S. Debt skyrocketing 10 Trillion under Obama's watch, U.S. Healthcare skyrocketing consuming 1/5 of GDP, and of course the U.S. foreign invasion of uncommitted illegal aliens which may ultimately cost America a Civil War and many thousands even millions of lives lost.

 As my U.S. Supreme Court Case 14-9396 will be reflected upon in Historical Records and Archived, the fraud was known and the deeds such as Rep. Nancy Pelosi dictating two separate certification records one to the 49 States and one to Hawaii were just simple steps that were very evident to cover up the understood perpetuation of fraud upon the American Public. Let me go on record as saying "I told you so" is the poorest commentary of being right I could possible conceive of, and one which I do not care for.

The Future will not hold me absent its revelations of death and destruction and I shall not find one twitch of satisfaction. It was announced today that Obamacare was increasing its cost by 17 to 42 %, that's just the beginning. IT IS the job of the Future to convince most Americans of this, I have done all I could at every step of the way and pray daily that our U.S. Constitution might be upheld and that God might forgive us our trespasses and somehow, someway, make things right with the least amount of punitive action possible we have brought upon ourselves. I just cannot bring myself to think about this any other way being involved with as I have.

Thank You! May God Bless You America, forgive what so many could not have known, and focus upon those who were Responsible. May God punish the wicked and hold guiltless the innocent in remembrance of Psalms 58 and the righteous will say, "There is indeed a God that Judges the World".

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Cody Robert Judy


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@RC [Thanks again Doc. Also thanks to Brian Reilly and CRJ who called. We went past the two hour streaming limit but the discussion should be in the archive version. We had a discussion with CRJ and about his case and the definition of NBC.]

It was a real pleasure to be in that Round Table Discussion agreeing to disagree.
As I thought about it this morning I appreciated you letting me come on the show. Things like that ROUND TABLE are EPIC and the Discussion Healthy.
Kevin Davidson AKA Doctor Conspiracy (episode in case you missed it)

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Like Doc said about his experience in WOBC ( there was one point I regretted not saying as we disagreed on “Precedent Case”

And that would have been to emphasize more the reality that the SCOTUS has not had a Discussion on “natural born Citizen” where it Counts – Between TWO PRESIDENTIAL Candidates.

Thus our Campaigns are regulated by Cases considering “Citizen” and not “natural born Citizen”
I do wish the SCOTUS had enough respect for the Constitution to understand the slight. (smile)

You, Doc,Brian, and myself really engaged in a conversation that should be had in the U.S. Supreme Court and broadcast on Prime Time. . if you just for one minute thought about the hundreds of millions of Votes and Billions of dollars that have gone into the ’08. ’12., and now ’16 Presidential Elections. . that’s an easy up.

If the SCOTUS could not be juiced up by THAT I’d have to say they are in the same condition as the majority of Certs that hit their desk .. D.O.A or Deadlisted.

On a side note:

You and Doc are so talented with your voices. I mean REALLY good! Your both amazingly articulate, distinct, and unique and PRIME TIME is missing out.

Doc’s Voice could sell Beef to Cows. Sam Elliot better watch out , because he could lose his dinner over that voice.

You RC really should be MC’n Bloomberg TV or some other high profile show , with your quick wit, intelligence, and all around savvy.

REALLY was my honor in the Discussion with you guys and with Brian Reilly (who worked on the CCP). . whose sincere desire to look for truth I took as genuine.

You know I thought this morning “America’s Got Great Talent”
Wouldn’t it be something if the best of the best in forensics, in Congress, in Court, in Politics, got together in Principle for the Truth?

Then I thought .., “Well, that was what the great experience and experiment the USA was all about in the first place with the Freedom and Liberty to do it. ”

You know TODAY that Round Table Discussion at Prime Time would cost millions of dollars. . and the Value would be exponentially higher.

I guess we missed the Pro Salary Cap, but it was a great Scrimmage.


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  1. Yes, I agree the fix was in by both major political parties in the 2008 election cycle to politically weaken and/or ignore the "natural born Citizen" presidential eligibility requirement in Article II of the U.S. Constitution. See: As to the facts about Article II "natural born Citizen" see: and In fact prior to 1961 Ted Cruz and others in his status would not have even been a Citizen of the U.S., let alone be considered a "natural born Citizen". See: Man-made, positive law can change who is a "Citizen" of the United States but only the Laws of Nature and Natural Law and the facts in hand at the instant of birth of the child determines if a child is a "natural born Citizen" of the country. Vattel was the most widely read by the founders and framers on Natural Law and the Laws of Nature. Vattel clearly defines who is a "Citizen: of a nation and who is a "natural born Citizen" of a nation. Adjectives before a noun mean something. See: