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FRONT ROW! FRONT ROW! FRONT ROW! May be a side show and a carnival but it's The Greatest Show on Earth!BREAKING NEWS: 10th Circuit Court News Obama's Eligibility Front Row Side-Show but are the Justices Carnival Barkers?


Obama regulated the Stand for the Constitution’s ‘natural born Citizen’ clause, held as a binding tie of honor among Americans from the Convention held September 17th 1787 to this day as a sideshow or carnival. That tie has been unchanged amid eight bombarding assaults within our modern history since 2003 and many more prior to that. Obama's contempt for it is rooted in his speeches as he's parlayed those seeking to uphold that tie were nothing more than “sideshows and carnival barkers”; a statement sprung to life in music on this blog September 30th,2012 with a song entitled “Obama’s Carnival Barker”. Its been featured in the New York Times April 27th,2011 a few days before Obama’s Mayday Mayday, Mayday kill announcement of Osama bin Laden. This was also a popular post in the TOP 10 at the CODE4PRES Channel. While a kernel of truth may be found in Obama's words American's soon will fight for a front row seat at the Greatest Show on Earth or at least in our modern day American Judicial History.

The theory is that the Judicial or Court Branch of our Government would act as a check and balance of our Legislative and Executive Branches in upholding the U.S. Constitution. The way in which the Judicial or Court Branch checks the Legislative Branch is by declaring any Acts of Congress passed by the Legislature unconstitutional; the same process can check the President’s Executive Branch. Sheriff Joe is challenging ObamaAmnesty right now and is embroiled in just that kind of a challenge. Such challenges come necessarily from The People or individuals and wind their way up the Court Ladder as infringements of rights that the Constitution was suppose to uphold for individuals.


Some popular challenges exist today. You might have heard of challenges to the Obamacare Law Mandate that’s forcing people to buy health insurance and subjecting the Citizenry to tax penalties and potentially prison this year while exempting many in a discretionary prosecution. So if your friendly to the President contribute heavily you may find yourself able to bribe your way to freedom. For those who don’t have the money to contribute to the Campaigns, well you and I know we’re screwed and are not going to get exemptions. That’s so friendly isn’t it- forcing people-confiscating- herding them up in the pen- incarcerating the population. The United States Supreme Court has heard some cases already and is hearing a case this Summer about that.

Another case that’s been featured in the news quite a bit is the legal right for same-sex marriages to be honored. The 10th Court actually made a ruling this last June 25,2014 that stated the State of Utah had no right not to honor a same-sex marriage performed in another state when it came to their tax laws. Now regardless of how that sounds to you the whole state of Utah and its population that had actually passed a Constitutional Amendment by 2/3rds of their legislature based on a referendum of the population in an election that passed, has been wiped out in the respect of the “individual”.

But what of the justice of those who have suffered- Too bad so sad? The appellate ruling in the 10th Circuit comes 42 years after the Supreme Court refused to hear a case of two men who were refused a marriage license in Minnesota and their individual right to marry. The conflict of the Courts’ seems to be in honoring the individual rights of a person and the rights of a whole population in what we esteem as our Constitution or Supreme Law of the Land. This is the biggest difference between a Republic where individuals are honored and a Democracy where you say ‘might is right’ in the bully terminology to mow individuals over without regard much like the stampeding crowd killing 22 people whose families will never find justice in their sons and daughters death from those kicking, stomping, and suffocating the death blow.

The beauty of the Courts is that whole legislatures with a campaign-incentive-treasure chest, mostly filled by the wealthy can be wrong, and can at least be stopped. A small little individual has great big rights when it comes under the United States Constitution but only if they are championed by Justices that somewhere along the road have decided to take courage in the United States Constitution over Political Party Affiliation.


When it comes to a population hell bent for water there is not much respecting of individual rights. While you might justify that as the correct way to run things, what if your the individual female being raped by the gang? Now do you want your individual rights to matter? Or what about the home-owners who have just been evicted out of their homestead because the bank changed, sold their mortgage to a different bank, and that bank changed the terms of the loan? Do you want your individual rights to matter now? How about the individual who just had their identity stolen and had their life savings stolen by thieves? Do they want their individual rights to matter now?

We could keep going all day long but the bottom line is everyone of you in this population wants your individual rights to matter when they have been stomped on. I am no different then you in this regard. I ran for President in 2008 and 2012 protesting Obama's 'natural born Citizen' qualifications stating what he released didn't amount to the prerequisite qualifications the U.S. Constitution outlined as a 'natural born Citizen' also upheld in Minor v. Happersett or case we call the precedent or U.S. Supreme Court case defining the natural born Citizen as born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

The 'natural born Citizen' requirement for a President was as distinct from those required by U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators as the age requirements and time requirement within the United States. The distinction came from the interest of our national security from 'foreign influence' derived from either birth or a parent especially in the interest of the Office of the President because that seat holds the Commander-In-Chief title or position of the Military, which of course U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators don't even come close to.

A two generation protection that is seen as a national security measure was upheld in the Congress's Judicial Committee as it held hearings on the differences and reason for natural affections to be carried over by birth place or by either parent. Painstaking deposition and testimony were had in those hearings that featured the difference between a two or second generation American and a first generation American revolving around the foreign influence of mother or father or birth place. To deny and defy these fundamental foreign influences on the individual is as absurd as saying your father and mother and place of birth have no influence on you whatsoever. You may have heard of being in denial, and we're not talking being in the Nile as in Egypt's river?


Brian Williams anchored the NBC News for 12 years in a fabrication of the story which has led to his temporary leave because of the embarrassment of an exaggeration his helicopter was hit. The NBC or 'natural born Citizen' clause of our Constitution has been hit by Obama the last 7 years acting as an RPG on my Campaign and person. Both of these stories wouldn't have amounted to anything unless witnesses come forward and challenged the assertions. Brian Williams at least had the courtesy at admitting he was wrong and has stepped aside for a few days while the NBC Executives decide wither his mis-remembering or lie has permanently hurt the public trust so much that the interest in the company is at stake in proceeding with him as the anchor.

If Obama really felt like all people under the Constitution of the United States should be treated fairly, as he defends differing faiths like Muslims on record many times, I wonder why he doesn't think I should have been treated fairly in the race for President in the dignity of respecting the constitution's outline of qualification for the Office of the President? That definition had always been Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. Just take a look at the eight challenges to change it since 2003 but it wasn't changed. This then becomes the duty of the Court to uphold as its duty to uphold the Constitution. If there is no Constitution then there certainly is no Court, no Offices' in the Legislature to uphold and certainly no President which is defined in the United States Constitution. Thus the peril of the Justices denying what they are suppose to uphold. They in so much vacate their own seats of authority.

Obama has not shown me the equal respect of the law in the race we ran together. He cheated and is ineligible.
Journalistic integrity needs to be earned - wouldn't it be great if Brian William's would ask him, "Do you think the qualification for the Office of the President should be uniform and equal for all candidates?" What irony- the NBC News Network anchor gets called out for fabricating a story, and Obama's Ineligibility revolves around the NBC (natural born Citizen) clause of the U.S. Constitution, shamefully the biggest fabrication in American History. Obama's belief in unfairness, inequality, and justice for a few is well documented. With guys like ‪#‎BrianWilliams‬ protecting Obama what chance do we have except to ask..whose next in the same fate the American People have suspended Brian Williams?

The Mainstream Media anyway has not covered Judy v. Obama, 14-4136 in any degree of journalistic integrity to the individual rights of a Presidential Candidate to run a fair and transparent race of at least the principles set up to outline the qualifications of the people in the race. They've been so busy in declaring any challenges 'racist' that they have not noticed, or in Brian Williams Case refused to own up to the truth that I have upheld in a bi-partisan platform requiring the challenge to be met by Sen. McCain first in U.S. Federal Court and Sen. Obama in their Campaigns and races for President the Article Two Patriot Platform represents, as a Candidate myself.

I challenge all those who have denigrated themselves as racist by accusations that are clearly unfounded in reality of the record in court, to come clean like Brian Williams did. You have thought of me as less than a human being qualified for the Office of the President as the Constitution we honor demands by the Will Of All The People we include in our History and our modern day! There is a way to change the U.S. Constitution it hasn't been done by the will of the People through their legislatures and the Court's agree in precedent. Therefore my stand is honorable and as transparent as the public record, something Obama for certain can not say about his fabrications according to criminal investigation reports by Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse who are a lot better than me in crime investigations. I respect their authority and experience as well their conclusions.


Chief Deputy Chris Wallberg of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has informed me today, Feb 9th, 2015 of the processes that will be carefully conducted by the Court two fold consisting simultaneously of the 'recusal issue' within the Court, and the Petition for Rehearing en banc.

1) In addressing the RECUSAL'S of two of the Justices in the panel handing out a Denial Feb.3rd,2015,
2) In addressing the Petition for Rehearing by the whole Court.

I did write as a mistake en blanc instead of en banc on my Rehearing petition (hahaha) which there might be a kernel of truth to in the fact that it be transparent, fair, equal or white and not draped in black, unfairness, inequality, and crooked corruption that I know any color of people don't appreciate as individuals when it comes to Justice. You know people think you do this full time like some kind of a job that you get paid for. I don't. I'm behind on just about every bill I have because of this, and my Mom in the hospital for a scary Friday and Saturday, but I think its very important to everyone and I know more then half of my time has been given to this effort for six years. Haven't really received any help yet, but if your so inclined I'd appreciate it. We have trials and tribulations like I know you all do and God willing we will fight for middle America, assist the poor when we can, and appeal to the rich who have been blessed this day with charity from God who holds all men in the balances and can ruin in one day just as Job was ruined and in such rescued from his tests.

Along that line, Did you all see Katy Perry bust out that song “By the Grace of God” at the Grammy Awards last night? Wow, that was good! Just had to throw that in here. Back to the Court now..

If you don't understand what a Poll is in a Court I'll briefly explain what Chief Deputy Wallberg made very clear to me in a very concise and polite manner. What is going to happen, (most likely in a couple of weeks is all, this is not a long drawn out decision that takes 60 days or anything), is that every one of the twelve Justices will receive a poll which includes the three questions I have written in the Rehearing Request en blanc that include:

You can read the ORDER and JUDGEMENT here and... you can read my RESPONSE or request for a REHEARING En Blanc here.

Update: Here are the three very important questions I posed to the Court to justify Rehearing if:

Question #1- Does Justice Gregory A. Phillips having ENTERED FOR THE COURT the ORDER AND JUDGEMENT on this case February 3rd,2015 having been considered to the U.S. Senate for Confirmation with the favor of the Appellee/Defendant in this case, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro in the nomination process and thus his very employment as a Justice in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals constitute an prejudiced dismissal summarily instigated upon the Plaintiff that would seem at best a compromise of judicial discipline in recusal decorum and at worst an impeachable offense?

Question#2- June 25th, 2014 this Court handed down a decision favorable to ‘individual rights’, considered standing and upheld marriage in Kitchen v. Herbert No. 13-4178 and considered the rights of an individual who is unpopular more important per the conflicting referendum of all the people in the entire State of Utah and it’s Constitutional Amendment in the State, which does not come on political easy street; isn’t the ORDER AND JUDGEMENT of this case dismissing it as frivolous a conflict of the Court’s own interest and judgment in that case in the interest of Individual Rights?

Question#3- The conflicting statements in the ORDER and JUDGEMENT asserted by the Court leave criminal mischief, fraud, forgery, and a declaration of the precedent case in Minor v. Happersett regarding a natural born Citizen being “Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents” by the U.S. Supreme Court undefended and a wreck; and fair elections on equal terms for all the Candidates, per race, per qualifications within the U.S. Constitution in total disarray and the Appellant/Plaintiff without recourse in the infringements of his Civil Rights to a fair race; Does this not deserve the attention of the full Court and the political corrections that might be made for the next general election where the entire U.S. population has a stake and claim for fairness, equal treatment under the law in the considerations of our Republic?

These three questions will no doubt be circulated to the twelve Justices. Now it can be granted in two different ways. The first way is that a individual Justice calls for a Poll to be taken and affirms. In other words if this goes out to every one of the twelve and one Judge calls for a Poll it is taken. The second way it can be granted is if any single Justice does call for a Poll and more then six of the Justices of the twelve agree to rehear it, then we will be given a rehearing. Remember this rehearing is not a win on the case, its just that the audience of the Court will be bigger. They could give me an ear and I could still lose once the whole court heard it.

This is pretty intense as it happens very quickly in relative Court performance, and also as a matter of Justice hanging in the balance on the issues of those three questions. Will the Court decide I am sub-human not worthy of a fair or equal race by the virtues of principles found in the Constitution? Will the whole Court choose not to even give me an ear and not see Obama and Clinton's appointment of the two Judges in question as a favor to their employment at the Tenth Circuit? And of course will they consider the legal investigation proceedings of Sheriff Joe's Cold case posse as evidence they must take into considerations due to the legality of my reporting those to them in the legal manner laid out by the Sherman and Clayton Acts of Congress?

In football parlance what just happened? Well, I found myself on the defense all of a sudden in the middle of the field, with the kick-off team running up the middle unstopped. I looked around and hadn't been called for a penalty so I attacked. I didn't just go for the tackle and went for the ball. The guy running down for his touchdown didn't want to give it up, but I forced a fumble, picked the ball up, and ran it the other way ... hopefully for a touchdown which would be my being given a rehearing- 7 points, but not the end of the game.

I'll keep you updated as things happen and discuss this more in detail so pass it on and keep checking back. Thanks so much for your help and support needed at this time more then ever. Remember every "like" and every "share" is very important America!

Part II

Yours Truly
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  1. Interesting. I hadn't heard about your case before, Cody. I applaud your efforts, under the rule of law in this country - to say, the Constitution.

    I am reminded of JFK's book 'Profiles of Courage'. Not only in relation to you. But in hopeful relation to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. It will be interesting to see if they are willing to hear a case of an Individual v. The Government of the United States. More power to you in your taking on of - in your willingness to take on - Goliath.

    For Truth to prevail. Or not.

  2. Much appreciated Stan - That's a great book and was a noble effort by JFK Jr., also in writing it at such a hard and trying time in his life.
    Thank you for your comment