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Running for U.S. President isn't the easiest thing to do in the world. It takes a lot of grueling work. While most Citizens consider their civil duty completed with a trip to their Polling Place, there are so many more things that go into even the Primary Balloting we are seeing happening in the Republican and Democratic Parties now in every State. 

Underscoring the difficulty at the bottom  of this Post is just for instance the difficulty the Democratic Party is having right now in hosting a Primary. They did not have the $100,000 worth funds to pay for a Primary, the National Party is not helping, and the GOP Controlled Senate didn't pass a bill that would fund the Primaries of every Party. 

Parties also seek help from the Candidates charging them upwards of $1,000 dollars to get on the Primary Ballot. Times that by every state and it would be $50,000 and some States also require a number of signatures (Utah just passed one requiring 28,000 for State Wide Races ) which then requires boots-on-the-ground in that State to collect those. Its very easy to see why FUND RAISING is so important and why Candidates get so angry when they either cannot tap into the National Political Party vehicle of emails and addresses to even do that.

Senator Bernie Sanders sued the DNC for $600,000 dollars per day weeks before the Iowa Caucus and I myself was noticed on Record at having sued the DNC in a Report for the combination or formation of a cartel of corporations that formed a cabal allowing Barack Obama into the Ballot Box in violation of the rules of the race requiring a Presidential Candidate to be a [natural born Citizen] in the 2008 and 2012 Campaigns to the tune of $40,000,000 (Million) Dollars. Judy v. Obama Utah Division.

30 Documents, 3 Courts, and nearly two years Later the matter in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 has been arbitrarily refused or denied to proceed by the denial of a forma pauperis Motion which is utterly corrupt and is surmised now in a Criminal Complaint to the Attorney General . The good news is the U.S. Supreme Court Clerks have not sent that Motion to Re-Open and Re-Consider the Motion for Forma Pauperis with new evidence. The Bad News is that they have not Docketed the Motion either leading to all sorts of conspiracies of corruption and this is a big problem in the Justice Department and calls for Justice Reform we are seeing today.

So neither the orchestration of getting on the State Ballots is cheap, nor is the implied duty of the Court in seeing to it that Candidates for the same race are the only ones who have Standing to challenge for damages other Candidates who are ineligible for the office. This places a great financial burden on Candidates the public really does not see when they walk in to the ballot box and vote for their Candidate.

That is not the only problem we face as Americans threatened by the corruption of our elections. The system we have of checks and balances is favorited when it works to STOP something we want stopped, oh say like Barack Obama's Executive Orders/Actions of the Executive Branch being challenged in the Civil Court or the Judicial Branch for constitutionality as the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear regarding 5 million immigrants for deportation and their questionable voting ability in the 2016 election which can swing a close election. 

It's easy to see that Obama through the guises of loving "immigrants" has greater sites on "winning elections" then sympathy for immigrants in his fundamental transformation promise to make America foreign to Americans by importation discretion of the Executive Branch and deferred prosecution of existing law that prohibits illegal immigration.  Of course this is what we would expect from an "illegal constitutionally unqualified person in the oval office".

The surprise is really the 'idea' that the voting processes in America are not being protected in the checks and balances of the Judicial Branch upon the Executive Branch through Trial of ineligibility as I have brought to the U.S. Supreme Court now in two instances. 12-5276 and 14-9396

The problems created by such have led to the creation of an insurgence not seen in American Politics that multi Billionaire Donald Trump is riding high on the Republican Side as well as Senator Bernie Sanders a more famous Independent then Democrat on the Democratic Party Side. The American People are angry and they are being pinned down, cornered, and corralled. 

The Establishment is paying a heavy price for the Public's anger, but they still have ineligible Candidates in the race in freshman Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who without Donald Trump's keen eye seeing an opening would be taking advantage of the situation going unopposed.
Ted Cruz Part I Ted Cruz Part II

There still remains the question on whether socialism is represented in a Presidential Campaign that is not privately funded and wither Mr. Trump should he win the Presidency would basically tell the People he bought the seat and now owns the seat and is not responsible to the Constitution any more than the Judicial Branch held Obama responsible to the qualifications of the Office of President.

There can be great danger in the ability of a very rich class of people oligarchy formed to high-jack a Republic with the amount of money created. On the Democratic Party side, there also lays great danger that Justice will exempt a class of rich elitism which in no way embodies the interest of minorities or Justice for all. 


GOT SOME LOVE Pleased to announce #SCOTUS 14-9396 retained the Motion to ReOpen & Reconsider Judy v. Obama @cnnbrk @FoxNews @thehill @TheView NOTICE is GIVEN: #Democrats #DemDebate March 4, 2016 at 2:46 am (Quote) #


I’m pleased to announce the 3 week test is complete in SCOTUS maintaining the Motion to Re Open and Reconsider the Motion for forma pauperis.
in Judy v. Obama 14-9396.

“CRJ CRIMINAL COMPLAINT/Ltr. Clerk following the February 11, 2016” on Scribd. 
Read more:
I’m reading “SCOTUS LTR from Clerk Feb 11,2016 Judy v. Obama 14-9396” on Scribd. 

FEATURED COMMENT-OF-THE-DAY CRJ March 6, 2016 at 11:22 am (Quote) # 

[bob: Judy can look forward to a lifetime of being ignored.]

CRJ response:

That idea is not that offensive to me in some ways. I don’t mind being left alone with the rights of our Constitution. Look, I do my best to express my feelings. I’m 😠 hurt and angry that the Judicial Branch as a whole has not acted in their capacity and duty of Checks and Balances.
For my part as a Plaintiff in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 and 14-9396 I’ve sited damages to my person and Campaign(s) and have not received even the courtesy of a Hearing of evidence.
While I understand completely there are tons of people who voted for an ineligible Candidate in Obama, that doesn’t simply make my represented interpretation of [natural born Citizen] wrong.
I have reasonably approached the Court for simple compensation of damages. In short stating, Listen you can keep Obama in Office, keep the responsibility of his impeachment or disability in the Legislative Branch, but still act in the courtesy of hearing my case for Damages based on a Standard Principle agreed to at the beginning of the Race.
By contrast the U.S. Supreme Court has conducted itself in a manner towards me it’s fair to say , that also clearly anyone can see as I’ve shown you with their letter, by lying deceptive utterances on official records.
These things hurt my feelings and make me angry as normally as that treatment would anyone also treated the same way. None of you would hope in your wildest dreams to be lied to and deceived with fraudulent intent by the U.S. Supreme Court and it’s happened by God multiple times.
In fact the behavior of the SCOTUS reminds me of the panel of 3 Judges seen in the movie Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise based on a True Story of failed attempts to dislodge Hitler. You can see a little of that at 2 minute 50 Second mark of this scene
The scene I recollect is of that panel of passive aggressive Judges saying ” Do you mean to say you know better than our Fuhrer “. It was just a classic line representing a departure from Law where everyone as individuals were held accountable to an elitism that is manufactured departing a Republic such as is based on a Standard.
Indeed, I have never ever heard anyone in this group state regarding the definition of [natural born Citizen ] that someone [ Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] was not a [ natural born Citizen].
To the others there have been disagreements and differences even as the SCOTUS Case Minor v. Happersett indicates. So, with statutes being articulated by Congress for the others in naturalization powers given in the Legislature , what does it say a legislative mandate honoring my definition is ignored and deceptively crafted with out right lies?
What it says to me, which is the source of my being hurt and angered, is they don’t care about my rights as an individual. They are comfortable with a Bully.. Maybe even like the two GOP Presidential Candidates leading in the delegate count?
One who is clearly Foreign Born with a Foreign Father and mother by standards of Canada and Cuba seen in Ted Cruz.
And, one who protest in public court in a Bully pulpit as vehemently as imminent domain suffers someone no compensation whatsoever for the take over of private property we are seeing in Donald Trump refusal to submit to the Judicial Branch in an ELIGIBILITY challenge towards Ted Cruz (or Marco Rubio). This is pure democracy that eventually bullys you out of private property at the desire of the public mob. Might is right mentality.
I suppose you can judge on which is the better Bully., but in my opinion the Justices of SCOTUS are just asking for the Bully to come in and remove them and the Standard of Law they were instituted for and given Life Tenure to defend.

[Rickey: Translation: It has been three weeks since CRJ was informed that SCOTUS is never, ever going to reopen his case.]

CRJ Response:
That is quite a long time considering they usually get back to me within a week.

CRJ Response:
Oh my gosh, that is funny! I love it when people look for the kernels of truth. It really is refreshing!…/republican-attorney-in-p…/…
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March 7, 2016 at 9:36 pm  (Quote) # 
Notorial Dissent: Actually, I rather suspect that the filing fees to get on the ballot are well outside of Judy’s pocket change these days, if they ever were attainable. IIRC some of those fees are pretty hefty.
And many also require actual boots on the ground to collect a number of signatures in addition to upwards of $1,000 times that by 50 States and you start seeing why being cut-out of the Democrats accessible Records steamed Sen. Bernie Sanders into Court against them when he was cut off.
2- Has A Candidate Sued The DNC Before? Bernie Sanders Isn’t The First, Technically – Cody Robert Judy
The Utah Democratic Party Primary has been changed into a Caucus because the Party lacked the $100,000 to pay for it in addition to the GOP Controlled Legislature denying the 3 Million which would have funded Primaries for all the Parties.


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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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