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Why The Choice

 Many just haven't seen the Choice Trump would make for VP through the political eyes of a real future for the preservation of our U.S. Constitution that I have.

They, Trump included, are seeing it through the eyes of political personality but with a little bit of help from the view I've had consider this.

Trump became known Nationally as a consideration for President after his Birther Stand in 2011 he took pride in.

Trump often bleeted regarding his insistence on The View Obama ought to release his birth ceryificate, that he got Obama to release something.. what ever that was" , referring to Obama's long form birth certificate.

Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpiao (Who's also endorsed Trump) formed the Cold Case Possee to investigate the document following a petition signed by hundreds of his constituency and March 1st 2012 released findings they found the document did not hold up to criteria eventually calling it a fabricated document rather than a scan image as it was purported  by Obama April 30th, at his White House Press conference handing it out.

Because Hawaii Officials were involved, ( the only one to have witnessed the transaction Health Department Director Loretta Fuddy died in a weird drowning after a safe water landing of a plane), their testimony was sought under oath. She never got the chance to testify before her untimely death, but it's important to remember Trump was enduring a sever hail storm of racist stories in the Mainstream Media for his audacity remarking Obama should be qualified under the U.S. Constitution.

Trump never officially entered the 2012 Presidential Race which would have been a requirement for Standing and a Official complaint in the Judicial Branch recognized with jurisdiction as justiciable or able to be considered a legitimate complaint in the Judicial Branch by many Constitutional Scholars.

Trump never brought the issue up in 2008 against the Republican Nominee Sen. John McCain who was not born in the United States but maintains by his birth there a native Panamanian Citizenship. This provided the fodder for the media's basis of Trump as a racist
even if Obama was born in Kenya reported and advertised by Obama's own publicist and uncovered by Brietbart News.

Now why is this all important?

Well flash forward to 2015 and Trump did declare officially for Election 2016 and is now the presumptive nominee. He Publically challenged Ted Cruz for his birth in Canada but never filed an official complaint in Ballot Challenges although encouraged to do so. He would bring it up in debates.

Trump had absolutely no official record to stand against Obama's Constitutional lack of qualification or illegitmacy, but he had one (1) Choice left to bind his Candidacy with a Record that did. That is his choice for a Vice Presidential running mate simply because the President and Vice President have the exact same Constitutional Qualifications.

"So what?", you say.

The protection Trump may need in Court over dismantling Obamacare alone, remember that monster is 1/5 the entire U.S. Economy is proving or standing the ground Obama's Signature of Law is Invalid.

Now, where the truth is, in understanding this is those who would challenge it was legitimate Law would have to prove Obama was born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. Trump wouldn't have to.

It makes all the difference in the world who has to wear the shoe of proving qualification.  It is very difficult to prove when you do not have access to someone's private info. .but Obama has it all. He chose not to release his long form fabrication for 3 years! All you have to ask is why? It's a $10 document.

However, if Trump does not have the binding Record of standing, and only one American has a Bipartisan Record since 2008, Trump has no defense and most likely will be dragged into the mountains of quagmire or Legal Battles simply trying to undo what Obama has done as he has promised in his Campaign.

When the real axe of Obamacare hits businesses deferred by Obama till 2016 and Democrats want to make the pain excruciating for Trump as a disaster, Trump will have no defense.

Because of his own choices he will be framed as a failure and he will bear the bigger brunt of Obama's fiscal mess and the 10 Trillion spent- more than all Presidents combined! It's BIG!

Since 2008 only one (1) Presidential Candidate has the Bipartisan standing necessary to stand up and show Obama's Signature moot- Cody Robert Judy (CRJ).

If Trump doesn't choose CRJ he forefoots the high ground most certainly coming in a legal fight if Hillary Clinton loses the general election. It will be bitter and Democrats have never shied away from the Check and Balance of the Judicial Branch as Republicans have.

It's the recipe to totally wreck Trump even if he won. But this Choice Donald Trump gets only happens one time and most people are only looking at the Show Case for the Election rather than real success in government.

Of course Trump is well aware of this and was set to announce Indiana Governor Mike Pence to the delight of Democrats.

He not only has a Record of Religion against the LGBT Movement it is one that used Religion to get there. Something that will be totally exploited by Democrats just as radical as Islam throwing Gays off the roof as an appropriate mercy for the crime.

 [Mr. Pence won the governorship in 2012 by just 3.2 points, failing to get 50% of the vote. In that election, he shared a ballot with 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and underperformed Mr. Romney by nearly 5%. His 2016 race will be a rematch of the contest four years ago, featuring former Indiana House Speaker John Gregg as his Democratic challenger. Though Indiana usually is a Republican-leaning state, it is expected to be a competitive race.

Since the 2012 election, Mr. Pence has seen his approval ratings drop after he found himself in a national controversy when he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a bill that critics said allowed discrimination against gays and lesbians. He later signed an updated version that banned discrimination based on sexual orientation.]

Pence might be the weakest Governor Trump could have chosen and it will not help Trump's strength to have a weak running mate especially one who endorsed Ted Cruz in the Republican Primary. Indiana even voted against their own Governor's Vote for Ted Cruz giving Trump the top-over National Presumptive Nomination.

Pence secures the Democratic Party hope and security for HRC. You could say Trump's falling for the trap that's been set.

With CRJ Trump secures his defense to Govern and encourages a much bigger Democratic Party cross-over vote in November, but it's a Choice he alone can make.

Trump was set to make that decision Tomorrow Friday at 11AM, but Radical Islam intervened killing 73 in France, and Trump delayed his announcement.



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