Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Special Report:Lynch Flinch Cast Shadow on Justice in America

Special Report

The Shadows of Injustice Grows.

 Testifying before the House Judicial Committee the Nation's top law enforcement Official gave a sterling performance for any accused criminal on how to Duck and Dodge Questions to avoid Justice and responsibility.

One Congressman noticed the abscondsion had totaled over 75 Questions that A.G. Loretta Lynch had made to questions posed by Congressman.

What came out of the hearing was essentially that the Attorney General wanted to have it both ways.

She wanted to acknowledge very strongly she simply took the FBI's recommendation and had no part in formulation of any opinion, (with her unprecedented acknowledgement she would do so right after her meeting with Pres. Bill Clinton on the Tarmac in Arizona), while at the same time she refused to recuse herself and would have us believe she had reviewed the information thoroughly in a couple of hours the day after SOS Clinton's unrecorded and unoathed Saturday deposition with the FBI.

What was clear after 30 Million dollars of an FBI's 50 man team, 1 year Long investigation is the American People did not have an Attorney General fighting for Justice.

Rep. Steve King did an excellant job in his 5 min deposition of A.G Loretta Lynch. Rep. Trent Hanks had great thoughts and exposed the Attorney General's testimony as truly disappointing of Justice.

The overview was the A.G. basically admitted she was in gross negligence of overseeing any oversight of the Investigation. The extremely careless recollection of statute was evident by the Attorney general as to the actions of Hillary Clinton considering the investigation.

She made no reference to the avoidance of FOIA being considered a crime on the list.
18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

Rep. Louie Gohmert  made it a point to point out the A.G.'s job under oath was to the Constitution and the Law over and above the FBI's recommendation, but it was clear the Justice Department had a lot of input in drafting FBI Director's Statement per Justice Department considerations made by a seasoned and career panel assisting the FBI.

Rep. Jim Jordan corralled the A.G. in to in as much admitting the Justice Department through her had "no impact" on any Hillary Clinton decision- she had no roll but that she had contributed in her own unprecedented way in a prosecutorial discretion of a high official.

In a discussion of prosecutorial discretion the type of threat and violent backgrounds were considered in factors to prosecute. No mention that National Security of Top Secret Intel weighed heavy in type of threat or Hillary Clinton's domestic abuse upon Pres. Bill Clinton while First Lady in scratching him so bad he required covering bandages and minced he cut himself shaving., or, the abuse of hassling women who made accusations of sexual harassment in the domestic violence category.

Rep. Trey Gowdy made the point that the A.G's own email practises requires she use two different government systems to communicate via email. One for general business and a more secure one for any classified info., setting the double standard of practise and conclusion wide open to the understanding on main-street.

He trashed her on the issue of prosecuting cases with damages even that had no intention to do harm, but caused it.,like manslaughter or vehicular homicide. This showed "intent" was not necessary under more minor violations of gross negligence.

Several Congressmen asked the top law enforcement officer what her opinion was in the difference between gross negligence and extreme carelessness was, but she refused to give a coherent explanation.

Rep. Ron DeSantis stated the A.G's actions were unprecedented in stating she would abide the FBI's recommendation days before it came in.,but she refused to categorically reject that she would accept the job of A.G. under a Hillary Clinton Administration if she won the Election casting a big shadow on Justice.

Representative Mimi Walter's and Rep. John Ratcliff's time was well used, the latter stating with skepticism that the A.G. had come to the conclusion of the Facts of a year Long investigation very quickly over a cup of coffee and a few hours.

The one question that I didn't feel was hammered home was this one: Did the State Departments own involvement in not objecting to HRC's unsecured server and participating in HRC's own brand of delinquent stupidity have anything to do with not bringing charges or an indictment under the fear of a Rico Charges, where Obama's whole State Department would be seen also warranting charges?

It kind of reminds me under Sharia Law practised by Islamic Countries, the rape victim must have four witnesses stating she got raped. So, rape is difficult to prosecute. Similarly the perpetrator by involving others in the rape is able to get more witnesses against the victim.

So,  by so many participating in Hillary Clinton's crime, she in affect secured many witnesses for her and the collaboration to avoid FOIA was systemic and involved hundreds of people.

The hearing also involved many Democrats in the questioning, but they spent their time asserting the "guns" involved in San Bernardino,Orlando, Dallas, Minnesota and others stated were responsible for deaths rather than discussing the motives in the People pulling the triggers of the guns such as " Islam Religious Tenants of Supramacy " in California and Florida's, or Black Supremacy in Dallas which miserably failed in considering and identifying the roots of the problem rather than the toppings of the Tree.

Republican's also failed to identify this clarity.


It was also revealed today Wiki LEAKS released 23,035 confidential emails on Hillary Clinton's Server making U.Show. Congress, The FBI, and Justice Department under A.Giant. Lynch look like fools.

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