Thursday, September 8, 2016

Good Eye on Hillary's Ear-Of-Pearl

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Good Eye on Hillary's Ear-of-Pearl

The idea might be Bill or Obama's 3rd Term carefully coaching the wife or Secretary of State on what to say, we can only guess, but the important thing to grasp is what this tells us.  The Fact Hillary, even with all her experience just can no longer be relied upon or left to her own bad judgement or even her choice of words. She's incapable of that, even in her own mind. If she can't stand her own mind, how are we as Voters supposed to?

This isn't security coordination, this is a Director coaching the Actor to recall her Lines. A carefully crafted Stage Play that is set up in real life to Fail on the set of unpredictability and changing circumstances.

Either she admits a health issue where her brain just can't recall as it used to, ( wholly understandanle with her age) she says she’s deaf produces medical records , or she admits to cheating. What's it going to be Dems?

James Woods Tweeted-
"She literally can’t help herself. She’s the kind of sociopath who will lie even if the truth were more beneficial,”

“NYPD sources involved with the NBC forum’s security detail confirm Clinton was wearing an ‘inductive earpiece,” the same technology employed by almost all lead Broadway actors to receive forgotten lines and stealth off-stage cues from directors.


Hillary Clinton wearing an earpiece in a Forum for Commander-In-Chief last night is akin to letting her smart-phone do the talking. It was definitely not part of equality or fairness to Donald Trump who had no outside help in answering questions and relied on his own strength. Hillary just told us all she's weak which emphasises Trump's assertions.

The answer is Yes. Her handlers are Coaching her in case she forgot her LINES. How many wonen have respect for a guy with weak lines? But are we to assume now she's not capable or competent enough to handle the job?

If you thought "Hillary's Performance" looked a little "Staged" last night, you were right. I had a friend post on Facebook "Is Hillary wearing an ear-piece?" I thought "no way she'd do that", but sure enough.

Who is the Director? She's admitting she's nothing more then a line recessitating  Actress being produced and directed maybe even by Hollywood. It's fun to go see a movie in the Theatre, but we all know it's not real. The demand here is to make the Office of President permanently a Fraud.

She appeared very angry and hostile last night in my opinion trying to sound tough and sturn. She just waisted millions of advertising dollars trying to reintroduce her as [not] a witch.

Hillary's biggest problem has always been over compensation and that's why Donald Trump was right when he said she was Trigger-happy and her judgement was way off, even in common sense.

Not only that, but she's out to prove she's got the advantage to take advantage of you. Voters watching are in a serious contemplation of who will be the next President and judging a Candidates capabilities on questions were seriously dealt a hard blow wit this revelation.

Most people understand its a Presidential Political Race, but what would we say if at the Miss USA or America Pageant we noticed one of the Final Contestants was wearing an ear-piece for the Final Question? We'd say she was cheating.

She was unprepared,  getting answers, and otherwise not relying on her own Merits.

Apparently Hillary is admitting to us all she's missing something that is very important for the job of President.

Questions of Hillary's Health were the subject of this Blog in yesterday's Post.

One of the biggest considerations of Hillary's boldness when it comes to crossing the line in foreign-fund raising for her Foundation in what many have called a Pay-to-Play, is indeed the "Justice Department" being held at abeyance based on her ability to blackmail Obama on the Birther Principle of Qualification for the Office of President.

That is why it has been, and still remains a critical constitutional issue and should be considered vital to our Republic.


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