Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Why is Hillary the Birther Princess?

Clinton Email divulges She was sending Classified Material even After being Released as Secretary of State

Great Effort is underway to "PROVE" Hillary Clinton was not every a 'Birther', even to extending the Biblical edifices of reaping what you sew as in "what goes around comes around.

Thank You! I hope so. Reaping what you Sew… what goes around comes around.

Wow! It’s interesting to see PUMA’s debunking here WHEN many PUMA’s state they are all in for Clinton… * again and referred to as her most loyal. It’s kind of hard to imagine Hillary Clinton really not liking those who support her, like the ** Communist Party USA?

Ref 1 *

Ref 2 **:

That’s not really the part that is the burr under the blanket. That part has to do with people wanting Trump to take responsibility as a ‘racist’ for his not disavowing the KKK support fast enough, and the Media’s understanding when the KKK reversed his support for Donald and endorsed Hillary Clinton because they liked her ‘underhandedness’ and creative dictatorial prowess as an embodiment of Hitler.

You know when Trump gets endorsed by the KKK it’s accepted, but when Hillary gets endorsed it’s conspiracy with many, and the same applies to Hillary being endorsed by PUMA.

Just on the oft chance anyone here ‘thinks’ that qualification for the Office of President as sited in the U.S. Constitution is a ‘bad thing’ and all those who understand the parameters established for the Office of the President as Law, why is it Birthers is a pejorative around here?

It’s actually the very FIRST LINE of a sound attack on a political opponent and should be expected rather than disparaged.

The TIME frame of being an American qualified for the Office of Representative, Senator, or President is also elaborated as ‘discriminating’ to those ‘younger’ Americans many of you obviously do not have any ire against, so what’s the difference between the TIME it takes to be Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents ie. to meet the [natural born Citizen] requirement.

The point being the outrage against Birthers is a false negative in the first place. Obviously, if someone is 25 and runs for President we all agree they are not qualified by a decade, and someone running whose 34 years old isn’t either.

The point is also illustrated somewhat in the pompous outrage of what ever the narrative outline or ‘agenda’ is as Trump as a racist, the same one who employs thousands of Americans of mixed ethical backgrounds. Would a true racist really do that?

Well, in the ‘agenda’ driven madness, of course Hillary wasn’t referring to black Americans when she was talking about bringing to Heel those who broke the law, nor did it have anything to do with those who were illegal aliens she would never speak to undocumented workers in the context of obeying the law to that same agenda driven madness.

But Trump, now the reins are completely thrown away and you can run away with any balance you might have had. He’s undercover racist by hiring brown Mexican Americans or black African Americans? He’s definitely racist by being endorsed by the KKK?

Hillary is excused and her disavowing the KKK”s 20K is solid, while Trump’s is tepid? It doesn’t make any sense and is in the very least expositive.

What did McCain have to do with Hillary? or Democrats?

1 McCain/Feingold
2 McCain / Libermann
3 McCain / Kennedy
4 Co sponsor Obama H.Clinton of U.S. Sen. Res 511 for McCain


Rickey: I doubt most of the pumas were even Clinton supporters to begin with.So many of the PUMAs claimed they would vote for McCain who supported none of Clinton’s positions.I suspect these are some of the same types who claimed they were Bernie supporters but then claimed they would be voting trump.

It’s a well known fact that Democrats really cannot win without Republican cross overs and visa versa, so it’s pretty dog-gone American to rally together and to do your best as a Politician to find common ground.

Look at the Republican support for Obama in the House Passed Budgets? And in the grand cover-up of his not being a [natural born Citizen]?

In truth, Democrats in support of Obama owe quite an allegiance to Republicans for this cover-up.

The following Video illustrates why exactly Hillary's Health Hazard should be considered by the Democratic Party in residing the Democratic Party Nomination from Hillary Clinton that cover a wide range of very unstable assertions and wild conspiracies from blaming Russia for a Hack without any proof in a communist red-scare, to her total lack of memory in front of the FBI depositions regarding her Private Server-Email practices as well as in the Congressional Benghazi Hearings that seriously deserve incompetence or disability considerations of Amendment 14, Sect. 3 that would prohibit her from office every again. 

The truth is if Hillary Clinton is using her Health Considerations of Intellectual Capacity as an excuse for responsibility, the definition of incompetence is easily reached, but she certainly can not have it both ways. One for excusing her conduct, and one for it on her resume as a Candidate for even a higher office.

One of the biggest considerations of Hillary's boldness when it comes to crossing the line in foreign-fund raising for her Foundation in what many have called a Pay-to-Play, is indeed the "Justice Department" being held at abeyance based on her ability to blackmail Obama on the Birther Principle of Qualification for the Office of President.

That is why it has been, and still remains a critical constitutional issue and should be considered vital to our Republic.


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