Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Shock! EXPECT Hillary Clinton to Go FULL BIRTHER!


 There's only one way now for Hillary to Win, and that's throw Obama under the Bus. She's losing now and it's becoming more and more obvious to the Media Moguls who are in a Full blown panic mode right now.

She's dis-enchanted the Millenials with a lack of change, 10 Trillion Obama Debt, and the Bill Clinton Sexual Baggage is just to heavy of a lift with the desperate October Surprise that has fizzled out and energized Trump Supporters more than ever especially given President Bill Clinton's sleazy breezy picadilos Trump brought out in the Parade and Surprise pre 2nd Debate Press Conference. These are real victims of physical sexual interference and assault which is like adding "aggravated" to the charge.

Hillary is desperate and she may have only this one more chance to distinguish herself as a real Champion for the People. I admit it would be risky,  daring, and take enormous courage.

Hillary Clinton took a very hard blow to the face in her 2008 Presidential Campaign. By all accounts she was assumed to win the Democratic Party's Nomination Election right up until George Soros preferred Barack Obama  while Hillary was some 15 points ahead and Obama was just coming on strong.

The Money of the Race chose Color over the Constitution in that choice for Obama and they reaped an almost unprecedented blank check on the national treasury for it. Call it rewarding to say the least! 10 Trillion on the National Credit Card is 70K per man, women, and child in the U.S.!

That's more on Obama's watch then the combination of Presidents from Washington to Bush, and those trafficking in debt made BIG MONEY on it. We know wealthy men like Trump was a benefactor going by his own account and words from 4Billion to 10Billion during Obama's 2 Terms. That's HUGE!

You could say Hillary Clinton took a very large loss for the Team and sometimes you have to do that, but it's not always fun and it is very difficult to shoulder. Hey, she made the most of it compromising the Secretary of State Office with Barack Obama's approval. That's also Huge, but it's coming up short for Democrats dream of a 3rd Term and a Triple Run on all three  Branches of Government for Republicans.

Everything, as Justice Ginsburg noticed poignantly, is on the Table in the very real Trump Blowing Wind and Hillary is like a changing Leaf destined to do what a Leaf does as the grip on the Tree is exasperated weakened with a lack of spring juice- Fall.

Democrats hoped the 'first' Female charge would get Hillary where she wanted to go, but the vagina-Diaries is far from the Heart stock- any women knows this is true. You damage the Heart and it over rules the sex very quickly.

Obama was just a smooth talking natural for Politics, but the [ natural born Citizen ] requirement did not come with his natural gifts. Obama fails the [ Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] tests inheriting from his father a Kenyan Citizenship. The other thing Hillary needs now more than Obama is more Republican Votes, but how?

She just can't do it with the Democrat Voters even though Obama's tried to register every Foreigner in the U.S. as a Citizen to Vote, there's actually more Highschool Graduates eligible to Vote then refugees Obama has imported. This is now not Obama's problem but Hillary's.

Hillary has acknowledged the Sheer Power and Force of Birthers that put Donald J. Trump as a Political Movement on the National Map. Isn't it amazing! Well, it's True, and Hillary in her broad view of the Political Landscape knows it and she's properly acknowledged it in stump speech after stump speech, but she's on the wrong side of it. She's on the "Chromosome" side instead of the "Constitution"s side" and it's losing her LAST CHANCE to bid for President at her age and health.

I really think she wants to Win, but she's facing the powerful wind of Birthers who know if Trump gets in the Office of President his line-up of Special Prosecutors will know no bounds and Prosecutors happy to do the job,  not only to include her Emails, Pay-to-Play Charities, but Obama's Ineligibility ANYWAYS!

Trump's success at Delivery on his Promises relies on wiping out Obama's Signiture from the chronicles of U.S. legitimacy. Why then would Hillary remain True to Obama's Cover-up?

Only if she wants to lose, does she not go Full Birther. She failed in 2008 because the Racist Label scared her, but it was always about the Constitution and she does not lose one Single Democratic Party Vote now by going Birther for the Truth. She actually picks up Respect, Courage, and most of all Trust, Forgiveness and Likability - the very things she's losing with now.

It's the only way she wins , but it's a magnificent win worthy of the First U.S. Women President. The only question is, "Does she have the Will?"

 Hillary Clinton took one on the chin for Obama, maybe it's time Democrats and Republicans recognized the Truth? This Democrat doubts it but then again I wrote the Post and it very well may depend on how much Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court is looking forward to a President Trump?

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